Month: January 2015

Finally, some words

Welcome to 2015.

A few days ago, I had a few minutes to sit, and I thought I’d write a bit about what’s been going on. Several days later, after many blank blinks at the screen, I had written about four sentences, of which I kept only one: “Welcome to 2015.”

I don’t even know where to start. Or if I should. What’s been going on? “Work and kids” is the short answer; “life” is the really short answer.

I could go back through the sampling of pictures splattered across the last few posts, and probably write quite a bit about each gallery. Instead, I’ll just start blabbering whatever comes to mind regarding close family members.

KrisDi? I don’t know what she’d consider significant. We’re usually too busy to talk about things other than immediate or impending emergencies. Some of the potential topics for her: Planning for Chilkat’s 4th birthday party (My Little Pony themed). Many new recipes, increasing her range and knowledge of food, being recognized as an awesome employee, remaining a great mom, not getting many presents for Christmas because she has a lame husband.

Chilkat is almost four; 37 days away. She has about a thousand things on her list. Still dramatic, still adorable. Today, she is super pumped about astronomy. They talked about the solar system at school. She’s also super pumped about her bounce-house birthday party, which we’ll be having for all her schoolmates (and she insists her teachers, too). She just got off antibiotics yesterday for acute paronychia, gained after chomping her finger to mimic her brother’s bad teething habit. Lancing it was traumatic.

Chilkoot is almost one and a half; 2 days away. He’s talking, smirking, running, stealing, and chewing through his fingernail. He’s showing all the signs of being just as smart as his too-smart sister. Friday is his 18 month doctor appointment. He hit the terrible twos about 7 months early, starting with constant “NO!” Especially in response to the delivery of a specifically requested item, like a banana or a toy. He loves Ring Around the Rosy. He loves to dance. He’s still a charming little monster. He recently moved up to the next age group at day care; he’s the youngest in the group by a couple months (this is quite significant for kids their age), and he’s more verbal and coordinated than any of the other kids I’ve seen in his room.

There’s not really a nice way to break the news, so I’ll stick with the matter of fact: Grandma died last week Wednesday, peacefully in her sleep (thankfully). Mom’s been pretty busy dealing with all the aftereffects of this event. I’m very happy that Northwood visited her fairly recently, we visited her fairly recently, and Mom’s last visit with her on Tuesday was relatively good. Mom is now the matriarch of her branch of the family.

Me? Work, kids, and beer.

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