Month: March 2015

Quick Thoughts

Chilkoot is stringing more than one word together now. Usually just two, like “No, Chilkat!” and “Away, Daddy!” He’s the youngest kid (by a significant margin) in his room at day care, and we’ve heard multiple times from multiple teachers that he’s the most advanced in that room. He has a nice, simple, solid bed time routine that now allows the parent to depart while he’s still awake. He’s pooped on the potty twice (though he’s in no danger of losing his diapers any time soon). He’s still a social butterfly. He still gains fans by charming random strangers when we’re out and about. He’s also still huge — combined with being advanced, most people are surprised to find out he’s only 20 months old.

Chilkat is of course four. She had two birthday parties — one for friends and family at our house, the other for classmates and their families at Pump It Up. She’s sounding words out, and she’s really really excited about it. She’s motherly to Chilkoot (when she’s not being jealous of toys). She likes to help with cooking, laundry, diaper changes (but not clean up). She’s learned the phrase, “That’s not fair!” but isn’t aware of the difference between “fair” and “what she wants.”

KrisDi applied for her boss’s job. She got brought in for an interview (government hiring process is weird, though). The government hiring process is seriously, disturbingly broken. It’s nearly impossible to hire competent people. When they do, it’s sheer, blind luck. I’m surprised this actually makes me a little angry. Obviously she’s still cooking. And of course she’s still good at it.

I’ve just been busy. Work and kids. Also, hitting my “gettin’ old” medical problems. A combination of shoulder and lower back episodes brought me to the doctor, who found a neck issue which he thought might explain the shoulder (but the shoulder’s a separate problem). Shoulder issue is resulting in no push-ups, which is resulting in the resumption of my old and familiar lower back aches after a five year hiatus.

Right now, I have a Japanese guest in town for work. He’s here over the weekend. Today, I’m going to play host, pick him up for lunch and a Boeing tour, then take him downtown for sight seeing, shopping, and dinner. Personally, I like this guy a lot (I’ve been working extensively with him remotely for years), so I’m excited to show him around a little.

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Delicious February!

Food in February 2015

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And February is here!

Of course, Chilkat’s birthday happened in here. Happy fourth birthday, Chilkat!

February 2015

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Delicious January 2015 Food!

January 2015 food!

It from the future (in the not too distant past)!

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