Month: June 2015


A conversation between KrisDi and Chilkat at bedtime tonight…

Chilkat: “Mom, there’s some stuff that makes people go to sleep right away. You should get me some of that stuff sometime so I don’t bother people.

KrisDi: “What is this stuff? Where did you see it?”

Chilkat: “I saw it on a commercial. And if you have heavy breathing, you can put a strip on your nose!”

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Last weekend, Chilkoot hit the “Why?” phase. Yesterday, this resulted in one of my favorite “Why” sequences.

Chilkoot noticed I didn’t have my sunglasses in KrisDi’s car, and he said something along the lines of, “Why Daddy have no sunglasses?”

KrisDi responded, “Because he forgot them.”

Chilkoot: “Why?”

KrisDi: “Because he’s old.”

Chilkoot: “Why?”

KrisDi: “Because he was born a long time ago.”

Chilkoot: “Why?”

KrisDi: “Because that’s when Grandma had a baby.”

Chilkoot thought for a little bit. “Grandma has Daddy’s sunglasses?”

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