Aug 072015

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but despite my subconscious expectation that Chilkoot would be a lovable but dimwitted and/or gullible brute, I think this little turd is one smart cookie (as well as a brute).

He’s two. Remember this. He’s two, and I’m quoting him directly, not paraphrasing. He actually uses prepositions and articles correctly…a lot. Wrong pronoun forms, though, and poor pronunciation.

“Are you picking your nose?”
“Yeah, but me not eating boogers. Me rubbing boogers off my fingers!” (followed by Big Cheesy Grin)

“Why Daddy make mess?”
“Because I wasn’t paying attention, I guess.”
“I guess because I’m a bad person.”
“No! Daddy not bad. Daddy good!”

Chilkoot still doesn’t understand that when he’s in the back seat and pointing, I can’t see the target.
“Daddy, that yours?”
“Is what mine?”
“What? I can’t see where you’re pointing!” <I apparently was being slow here>
“Is it in the car?”
“Is it in the front, or the back?”
“On my side, or the other side?”
“Other side!”
“Is it my lunch box?”

“Time for bed, Chilkoot.”
“No! Me not going to bed. Me waking up!”
“Come on, buddy.”
“No! Me waking up now!”
…and a variation today, while Grandma’s in town…
“No! Grandma’s having a party today!”
“Who’s going to be there? Grandma?”
“No, Daddy and Chilkoot!”