Month: September 2015

Memories (or lack thereof) and Games

On memories…

At work, we have a few contractors jackhammering at a roughly 10’x8′ rectangle of asphalt in our parking lot, in preparation for pouring a cement foundation for a small bicycle parking structure. It looks really hard, tiring, uncomfortable. Peering out the window at the activity, someone said to me, “Be thankful your parents sent you to college.”

That made me think about it — I don’t really remember my parents “sending” me to college. I don’t really remember them even encouraging me to go to college. I don’t even remember not going to college being a consideration. My recollection is that I always assumed I would go to college. Perhaps my parents set that expectation early enough that I don’t remember the setting of the expectation.

On games…

The kids recently started playing a game together, spontaneously, and apparently both immediately knew the rules of the game. It went something like this (if I remember KrisDi’s description correctly):

Chilkat yells, “Hey! Let’s play CarrotChilkoot!”

Chilkoot responds, “Yeah!” and immediately runs downstairs and begins to orbit the island in the kitchen.

Chilkat starts chasing him, hollering, “Sit down, CarrotChilkoot! Hey! Sit down, little carrot!” and similar, while Chilkoot carries¬†merrily and stompily on.

Eventually, CarrotChilkoot sits down violently, and Chilkat falls upon him, and feasts on his carroty flesh. “I’m eating you! Om nom nom nom!”

CarrotChilkoot’s mortal screams sounded an awful lot like gleeful giggling.


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I’m getting old

Aside from just being diagnosed with arthritis and a herniated disk in my lower back…

A few weeks ago at work, we were having a small work social event. I ended up sitting with several relatively new-hire¬†software developers. One of them was wearing a Pokemon shirt. My emotional response was, “What kind of a grown-ass man wears a Pokemon shirt?”

I asked him about it, and I don’t remember exactly where the conversation went from there, and eventually I came to this conclusion:

Pokemon came out in Japan in 1995. It came to the US around 1998, I think. I graduated from high school in 1998. Pokemon was for 7 or 8 year old kids in 1998. Definitely not for high school junior/seniors.

Now it’s 2015. Kids that were 7 or 8 in 1998 are 24 or 25 now. Many kids that were into Pokemon when they were 7 or 8 stayed into it, all through high school and into college. From which they’ve graduated. And then they got jobs. With my company.

Those are the kids I was sitting with.

I’m old. I don’t understand kids these days.

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End of August!

The rest of our pictures from last month. We took a short trip to Portland, had an excellent visit to the Cascade Barrel House, and stopped at Wild Waves so the kids could ride roller coasters for the first time.

We got an AirBnB place to stay for the weekend. I was having a lower back episode, which dampened my joy a little bit (and made me a very grumpy father). We ate a lot and drank a lot. It’s what we do.

The kids loved Wild Waves, although Chilkoot was very strange — he wanted to ride the fast rides, but he complained they were too fast and he would cower during the ride. And then he’d want to go back, insisting that they were slow.

End of August

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And on to August!

Some words, then some pictures.

So, since I last posted, Chilkoot has moved out of his crib into a big boy bed (after falling out of bed every night for the first week or so, he got the hang of staying in the middle of the god damn bed). Shortly after that, we moved him out of diapers. We did the three day potty training boot camp with him. He figured it out by noon the first day, I think. Then he was just getting better at it. Overall, I think he was quicker than Chilkat. He’s still not perfect. He’s very reluctant to poop, and after several days of not pooping, he claims he needs to pee way more often than he really needs to pee. He also has a tendency to not completely empty his bladder. His first week at day care was a little rough, but, he’s had only two accidents since.

August 2015: Part I


August 2015: Part II

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