Month: January 2016

December Part II

December Part II

So…Christmas happened. I’m sure you’re shocked. The kids got shit-tons of gifts (another shocker). I got four bottles of liquor. Chilkoot got a balance bike. Movies, toys, etc. All the sorts of things kids like. Overall, it was pretty nice. We went up to Mom’s for her own Christmas celebration, too, about which Chilkat was a terrible bitch. Mom gave her a thoughtful gift: A portfolio, into which Chilkat can insert her best and favorite artworks to share with people. Chilkat’s response was something along the lines of, “I don’t like this Christmas at all.” Once we actually started inserting artwork into the portfolio, she suddenly became very fond of showing it off.

Chilkoot finally got his hair cut. It was overdue. It also upset KrisDi very much immediately after the fact. She was concerned that the curls were gone forever. As soon as his hair got wet again, back they came.

One of my Christmas presents was a ticket to a minor league hockey game with KrisDi, P-Dubs, and T-Dubs. It was fun. We drank at Airways beforehand, and I drank Hamm’s while we were there. I was more than a little surprised to discover that Hamm’s is the perfect beer to drink during a minor league hockey game.

Some of KrisDi’s internet friends came up from Shelton for New Year’s Eve. They have a daughter whose age is in between our kids’. KrisDi made a hearty (and enormous) Sunday Ragu, which is delicious and awesome. Unfortunately, the father figure in our friendly family fell ill and slept through about five hours of the evening. Then we stayed up until the wee hours of the morning playing Cards Against Humanity. It was fun.

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December Part I

December 1-19

Let’s see…since I don’t remember anything specific even a month back, the photos trigger the following recollections:

One of Chilkat’s classmates had a birthday party at a Pump It Up. This is apparently a very popular birthday option, since kids love it and it’s relatively easy.

We had a series of parent-child events. I had a Daddy Daughter dance with Chilkat; Pope and Popita also went. It was fun, except for Chilkat’s melodramatic “injuries,” of which there were three (knee, head, and maybe elbow). We also had Daddy Daughter Day the next day, in which I took Chilkat to see a theater production of Beauty and the Beast. This was fun. During the same time, of course Chilkoot got to go out with KrisDi for Mommy Son Day.

The kids built gingerbread houses. I think they had fun, but I wasn’t really paying much attention to them.

Chilkat had her ballet recital. Not much to say about that — she seemed like she was starting to lose interest in ballet, or at least in that class.

We went on a Polar Express ride. Down in Chehalis, they have an old steam powered train that they charge folks to ride. They dress it up like the Polar Express and they hire a Santa to come talk to the kids. It was a bit of a chore to get there and back, and a bit of a chore to put up with it, but the kids loved it. Chilkat started to break down a little bit, because Santa forgot to talk to her on his stroll through the train car. But, all was well in the end.

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