Month: March 2016

March Part I


I had my shortest trip to Japan ever. I worked two days, which means I spent more time on planes than in the office. My flight home departed near midnight the second day. It was a brutal trip; I realized when I was going to bed at home on Wednesday night that I’d gotten a total of about 10 hours of sleep since the day I left, on Sunday.

The kids desperately needed to have a picnic, so we let them take their quesadillas into the driveway to eat. It’s not often that it’s dry this time of year. Then, one of the kids tracked dog shit from the grass (thanks, neighbors!) into the driveway, and we had to get out the hose to spray it down. This of course led to kids spraying each other with a hose and then eating soggy quesadillas.

KrisDi painted our bedroom. Now all four walls are a lighter color.

We took the kids to see Zootopia. Chilkoot got bored of it about 20 minutes from the end, so we wandered around the lobby area. He found some discarded 3D glasses frames and donned them nonchalantly while pretend-driving in a racing arcade game.

I turned 35. Beer, cards, shirt, and over a pound of hops. This last was a mystery to me. I thought Northwood and Dad had lost their minds a little bit — what the hell am I going to do with a pound of cascade hops (for the record, 5oz is enough for 5 gallons of IPA). I’m not going to start brewing any time soon in my current situation. I tried making tea (it was OK), I tried dry hopping a beer with a coffee filter (flavor wasn’t bad, but beer was flat), I tried dry hopping a chardonnay (meh). Now I have a Randall (apparently a slightly delayed present, which drastically alleviated my confusion about the hops), which I’ll try this weekend.


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Moar February

The rest of our February pictures

Almost nothing in here except Chilkat’s home birthday party — we took SO MANY PICTURES. The theme was Minions. KrisDi went as over-the-top as you would expect and then some. The purple guy (pictured above) was a last minute, “Hey, I have this stuff” extra, which probably turned out to be the best (of I think three) cakes. Chilkat got loads of presents, and despite KrisDi and Chilkat both promising to do so, no loads of toys have left our home since this new influx. But, Chilkat now gets some more interesting things, like a book of experiments for kids and a Snap Circuits thing.

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February Part I

February Part I

Not really a whole lot to say for the month. One of the highlights was Valentine’s Day. As usual, we made lasagna. But, KrisDi went a little more overboard than usual. She made ricotta (unusual, but not a first), she made the sauce (pretty normal), she made the noodles (first time, and fucking AWESOME), and she made mozzarella (did you even know you can make mozzarella at home?), she made sausage (at least from plain ground pork, anyway — also unusual, and very good). This lasagna turned out excellent. You can tell, because I’ve dedicated so many words to it.

Chilkat also had her first 5th birthday party (two parties, one birthday). We’ve been holding one party for school friends, and one party for family friends. The school friends one was at Pump It Up. I think it’s the first time we’ve been to a party at Pump It Up where neither of our kids cried. Well, maybe Chilkat cried when we made her actually eat something. I’m not sure.

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January is gone


M (of the False Alarm family) had her fifth birthday party at a Pump It Up followed by some extended festivities at their house. We had fun, but didn’t take a lot of pictures.

KrisDi started to prepare for Chilkat’s birthday — seems early, I know, until you remember how over-the-top KrisDi gets for her kids’ birthday parties.

KrisDi took the kids out to see Norm of the North. This seems to have left no impression on anyone. I vaguely remember hearing something about polar bears when I saw the kids afterwards.

We had a parents’ day. We didn’t do a whole lot — we went out for food, wandered around, met up with Theresa for beer and lunch, etc. Oh yeah, we also shipped out a bunch of old stuff from when KrisDi was pregnant or when the kids were infantile. That was nice.

Chilkat is drawing more recognizable things spontaneously now (like this picture of Grandma). It’s fun.

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