Month: June 2016

May 2016

Busy month

May 2016

It was a busy month.

KrisDi had a training class in Chicago. She extended the trip for family visitation, and I took some vacation time to bring the kids out there and visit, too. We went to the Chicago Beer Classic the Saturday after we arrived, which was a lot of fun. We were given a card with 60 marks for 2oz samples of beer. Our time slot was something like 11am to 2:30pm. Many vendors were not marking when they gave samples, so it was pretty much all you could drink for 3.5 hours. We had lots of fun. KrisDi might have had too much fun.

While we were out there, KrisDi’s internet friend Brij brought her little girl over to visit. It was nice.

KrisDi got to celebrate Mother’s Day with her mom. A bunch of her relatives came over to visit, partially to visit us, partially to visit KrisDi’s grandma for Mother’s Day and her birthday.

On one of the days where she was in training, KrisDi’s parents and I took the kids to 3 Floyds. I shopped for and bought lots of beer. I brought home 75 pounds of beer, after spending ~1.5 hours packaging the beer safely in cardboard boxes that were checked as Chilkat’s and Chilkoot’s. I flew home with the kids without KrisDi, which was an adventure. It was an early flight, and Chilkoot started to nod off in his seat, but never fully went to sleep. He was doing that funny thing where his head lolls around, and the lolling wakes him up, but he’s too tired to hold his head up, and he falls back asleep until his lolls around again. The kids were generally pretty good. And all of my bottles survived intact.

The next day, Mom came down and watched the kids while I stayed late at work for our 30th anniversary event. They hired the Raspyni Brothers and did it at Chateau Ste Michelle. It was pretty nice. It would have been nice if KrisDi could have been there.

We got the kids haircuts. Chilkoot was amazingly patient. He sat perfectly still and did exactly as he was told. He behaved better than I would have. How do we get him to behave like that for us?

Chilkat got interested in using our little point and shoot camera. She took it to day care one day for show and tell. I think she took 600 pictures or so.

We had our seventh anniversary. We celebrated by taking the kids to day care and going to Sour Fest at Brouwer’s. We had breakfast at Morsel as well. Killed some time in a coffee shop in between. The we picked up the kids and went to a park and had a picnic for dinner. We happened to run into one of Chilkat’s classmates while we were there.

We then had a parent/child weekend: Saturday was Daddy Daughter Day and Mommy Son Day; Sunday was Daddy Son Day and Mommy Daughter Day. I took Chilkat out for donuts, then Target to buy a toy, then a movie, then lunch at the mall, then play time at Wiggle Works, and then met up with KrisDi and Chilkoot for dinner at Schooner Exact. I took Chilkoot to Elliott Bay Brewery for breakfast, then the Zoo. Chilkoot actually told me when he got hungry, which was weird — I convinced him we should leave the zoo to eat (because I didn’t want to pay zoo prices for zoo food), but he didn’t want to drive. We picked Naked City Brewery, which is ~1.8 mile walk. I made him promise to walk the whole way, and he did very well. He stopped after about 1.5 miles and sat on a bench under a tree and said, “I don’t want to walk any more.” But, I reminded him of his promised, and that we were almost there, and he finished it off. We ate (and I drank), and we started to walk back. I carried him probably half the way back. We stopped for gelato, and to play at a park. Then we met Chilkat and KrisDi at the Issaquah Brewhouse for dinner.

We went to Folklife for the first time, mostly because it was a nice enough day and we didn’t have any other plans and T-Bone was planning on going and it was his birthday. We wandered around with the kids and marveled at the unusually rich array of hippies. We listened to bluegrass, and played on park equipment. Then we walked out to Toulouse Petit for T-Bone’s birthday lunch, which is not really a restaurant for kids.

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April 2016

April 2016

I took the kids down to Bumfuck, WA (aka Matlock) for a friend’s birthday party. KrisDi stayed home(ish) and hung out with the Weesh. The kids were pretty good, the birthday party was good. They painted stuff, and got a lot of attention for being cute, etc, etc, etc. It was nice.

The Weesh visited KrisDi. They went out and looked at tulips, and went to a winery, and generally caroused while I was dutifully caring for our children in Bumfuck, WA. This seems like a super long time ago. While she was here, we also went to the Seattle area and drank beer and walked around and ate stuff. Overall, fun. It’s nice to see Weesh sometimes.

I ripped up all our old mulch and weed paper, and put new stuff down. It was a lot of work, but probably less than the original work of ripping out weeds and putting down everything the first time.

Around my birthday, we went down to Marymoor Park to meet T-Bone for a picnic lunch. We (illegally) drank beer, and shivered a little, and grilled some stuff, and watched the kids (ineptly) play hide and seek. At one point, Chilkoot “hid behind a tree”, except that he was facing the tree, and his back was facing us.

I went to Japan for my regular spring meeting. I took an employee (his first trip to Japan). Due to high winds, we couldn’t land at Narita. We circled for several hours, and then landed at Haneda (another international airport that is very significantly closer to my hotel than Narita). They wouldn’t let us off the plane. We sat there for a couple hours, refueled, and flew in a 787 from one Tokyo airport to the other (see thumbnail above).  Six extra hours on the plane — ~16.5 total. By the time we landed, many other international flights were also landing at the same time, leading to a 2.5+ hour wait in immigration (about 5x normal). We got through around 12:30ish AM, but buses and trains had already stopped running. After much confusion, we realized that the line for taxis was many hours long, so we settled in at the airport for the night. We had dinner at a convenience store. We got to our hotel at 9:30 AM (after a true Tokyo rush-hour train ride, include unintentional ejection of my employee by the flow of people at a stop). Changed, cleaned up, and met our colleagues for lunch and finished the day of meetings (scheduled to start at 9 AM). By the time I went to bed, I had gotten about two hours of broken sleep on airplanes and airport floors over the course of 48 hours. I never slept so well on my first night in Japan.

After I got back, weather was nice enough to justify hanging out in the back yard. We actually lit our fire pit, maybe the second time ever, and the kids roasted marshmallows. It was nice.


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