Month: August 2016

August Part I

So, we survived the two weeks. On her way home, KrisDi managed to successfully stand by on an earlier flight, which brought her into the airport just barely before the kids’ bed time. I tricked the kids. They’re still young enough to be awfully gullible. I told them we were just going to do something different for bed time, and go for a little drive, and then go home and go to bed.

“Where are we going, Dad?”
“Just for a drive, sweetie.”
“But where?”
“Oh, I don’t know, we’ll go out a little ways and then come back. You can watch videos.”

…later, “Hey, we’re at the airport!”
“Really? Wow, I think you’re right!”
“Maybe we’ll see Mommy!”
“Mommy’s supposed to get in later than your bedtime, isn’t she? Are you in bed yet?”

They thought it was pretty silly I accidentally drove to the airport.

We went to B. False Alarm’s third birthday party at Old McDebbie’s farm. Same place as last year, but the freaky safety hazard has been transformed into a pirate ship. Kids played and ran and yelled and rode ponies. They also ate lots of sugar, and reluctantly, some pizza.

Afterward, we went to Olympia and let the kids play around at the children’s museum there. Then we went to 3 Magnets brewing so the grown ups could play. They had pretty good beer and a surprisingly interesting menu. Service was a little flaky.

Chilkat’s been working on “sight words” — words that aren’t necessarily easy to sound out, but are very common (think, “are” “that” “they”…). With a moderate ability to sound stuff out and a moderate collection of sight words under her belt, KrisDi encouraged Chilkat to read a book, Put Me In The Zoo. She of course needed a little help, but she did remarkably well. I’m very proud of her.

We took the kids on their very first camping trip. We wanted to take them out away from near horizons and light pollution. Sort of spur of the moment — we ordered things like tents and sleeping bags a couple days before we left, assuming Amazon Prime would get it to us in two days. It worked. Most of our stuff arrived Friday, when we left on Saturday.

We went to my co-worker’s kids’ birthday party at a pool, and then we drove three hours out to Sun Lakes. We stopped at Whipsaw brewing on the way out (decent beer, nice place), and filled a growler at Iron Horse brewery. KrisDi and the kids helped me build our gigantic tent for the first time. I miss the privacy of camping in North Dakota. There was like a thousand people at that camp site. Anyway, the kids got to cook Little Smokies for dinner and s’mores for dessert, and then we set out a blanket and watched the sky for meteors. KrisDi saw one, and I saw one, and that was all. I think we (or I) misread some article and thought the peak was Saturday night, when it was actually on Thursday. The kids loved it — campfire, tents, sleeping bags, staying up late. Everything. Monday after, Chilkoot said something like, “…when we go camping in four days!” and then he burst out crying when KrisDi told him we’re not going camping again in four days.

On our way home, we visited Ten Pin brewing (weird divy casino vibe but good beer). Chilkoot then fell asleep in the truck, and continued to sleep while I pulled him out, had dinner and beer at Dru Bru (cool vibe and very good beer), and put him back in the truck. Then he slept on the couch for a little while while we unpacked. And then he went right to sleep at bed time, like 45 minutes after we got home. I think he was a little tired from staying late.

August 1-14

August 1-14

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July Part II

After Chilkoot’s birthday, we headed out to Snoqualmie for the Thomas the Train ride, just like last year. Kids of course loved it. We then had lunch at the Snoqualmie brewery.

The next day, I took Dad to the airport so he could fly home and I could fly to Arizona for my yearly night in the desert. Dad got to meet my company’s president, which is weird, but that’s what happened. Dad and I had a really expensive breakfast at the airport.¬†KrisDi stayed in Washington and took the kids blueberry picking with her parents and the Dubses.

Right after I got back, we all went out to the baseball game, lunching and drinking at Elysian Fields beforehand.

Chilkat had his three year checkup. No shots, no problems. He’s a big, healthy, smart boy.

Shortly thereafter, KrisDi embarked on a two week trip to Oxnard for work. That left me as solo dad for two weeks. Zack got sick literally minutes before KrisDi left. He threw up all over himself and the carseat about five minutes away from the airport. KrisDi stayed and we hopelessly pawed at the mounds and puddles of vomit for a few minutes while Zack stayed miserably silent. Then I realized, there’s nothing we can do here that is worth the effort, and sent KrisDi off on her trip, and then I drove the kids home with all the windows down. Then I spent three hours bouncing between things covered in barf that needed my attention and children who also needed my attention (one of whom was occasionally covered in barf or producing more). It’s a bittersweet joy to be regurgitated upon and to feel relief that it only got on you, not the couch or the carpet. And thus began my two week parenting odyssey.

Chilkat was actually pretty understanding and helpful, especially on the first day. I asked her to watch Chilkoot and come get me if he needed anything while I was outside hosing down the carseat or vacuuming vomit out of the upholstery. She was a little too anxious to tell me she was doing a good job, and wasn’t spending a great deal of time actually watching Chilkoot, but she was running back and forth, so I think it was beneficial¬†for everyone.

I took two days off work to take care of Chilkoot. On Monday after he went to bed, his fever actually hit 104, which is well into the scary zone for me. I woke him, dosed him with ibuprofen, and removed covers and blankets and turned on his fan. Shortly thereafter, he was back down into my OK zone, around 101-102. I have never seen him so listless as that Monday. He just sat on the couch, wanting to cuddle. He barely ate (a bite of a cracker and part of a popsicle). He wouldn’t talk, except to whine that he wanted to be held. Mostly, he’d just answer yes/no questions by nodding or shaking his head.

Tuesday, his behavior was fairly normal and he was willing to eat a little (at least pho). His temp was still high. Wednesday was back to work. Generally, the rest of the time was fairly calm. Saturday I took the kids to visit the False Alarms and Sunday we went to visit my Mom; we had an adventure removing her old TV (32″ CRT!), then a picnic, then a walk on the beach, then The Secret Life of Pets, then watching the kids run around in the grass, then pancakes and beer for dinner.

July 17-31

July 17-31

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July, Part I

We had a garage sale. We have a bunch of baby stuff to get rid of. We made about $300 on stuff we sold there, but we didn’t sell much of the big stuff that I really wanted out of my house. KrisDi’s continued selling stuff through Craigslist, and overall, we’ve made about $600, I think. I’m quite happy with this situation. Plus, no Craigslist murderers killed any of us. Bonus!

We also celebrated Independence Day, of course. Not a whole lot to say there. KrisDi and Chilkat wore a matching American Flag shirt.

Dad went out to visit Northwood, and then flew up here to visit us and attend Chilkoot’s birthday party. It was excellent to see him again. I think he had fun with the kids. The kids really enjoyed having him around, too.

The party was a typical KrisDi production — vast quantities of food and thematic elements of striking quality. We had solo cup margaritas, which I thought was pretty cool. Aside from that, it was a big crowd of cool people celebrating a birthday party for an awesome little boy (well, he’s “a little bit little” if you ask him).

July 1-16!

July 1-16!

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June 2016, Part II

Chilkat and her mom got to go out to an organized and fancy looking Mommy/Daughter tea party (which of course was part of a Mommy Daughter Day). If they want to say anything about it, I’ll let KrisDi do it.

Our friends the Popes’ little girl Sharky had a nice birthday party, wherein our kids did not wreak too much havoc and generally managed to consume a reasonable amount of non-candy items and not steal presents from the little girl.

Chilkoot had his first dentist appointment and Chilkat had her 3rd[?], simultaneously. I was solo dad for this little adventure. I was proud the kids and I survived peacefully.

Chilkat’s preschool class (at her day care) had their graduation ceremony. It’s very difficult to understand that she’s going to start actual school soon. KrisDi just took her supply shopping today. During the ceremony, each of the kids gave a short “speech” (two sentences about themselves). I felt bad for the one kid, whose neighbor piped in with, “He’s the one who pooped his pants!” immediately after his speech. I felt especially bad that the “adults” in the audience (of whom a large proportion belonged to the child in question) did not have the restraint to withhold their laughter.

KrisDi took both the kids out for a Mommy Kids day. Again, if she wants to say anything about it, I’ll let her.

We had our annual Washington Brewer’s festival this year. KrisDi and I joined WABL, giving us more and larger samples for the same entry fee. It was a lot of fun.


June 2016 Part II

June 2016 Part II

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