Month: November 2016


Chilkat reached a new developmental stage this week: She ran away from home.

She and Chilkoot were playing. Chilkoot had a toy, and he was pretending it was from a different TV show. This was clearly unacceptable in the mind of Chilkat, and she grew quite angry. She started to yell at him, as she often does to exert superiority and get Her Way. KrisDi and I stepped in to defend his individuality and assert that yes, in fact, Chilkoot is allowed to imagine things independently, even if Chilkat doesn’t like those imagined things.

Chilkat then proclaimed things like, “I wish you weren’t my brother!” and “I wish I didn’t have a family and I lived alone!” She started edging towards the door, saying she’s going to run away and she’s never coming back. Each little half-step toward the door, she exclaimed a little more, a little longer, a little louder.

KrisDi and I of course saw this as a form of tantrum that could mostly be ignored, and should not be indulged with any kind of a serious response. We tried halfheartedly (and bemusedly) to calm her down.

Chilkoot, on the other hand, is three years old and he thought his sister was leaving for real forever, and he was devastated. He was sobbing that he didn’t want her to leave, and that he loved her. I picked him up and tried to explain that Chilkat was not really leaving, just that she was angry and saying things she didn’t mean. He trusted Chilkat’s strident, angry voice over my calm, rational one, and remained very upset.

Chilkat made it to the door after about two minutes of approaching it, continued hollering about how horrible her life was with us, then opened the door and stepped outside. And continued complaining, standing outside on the patio in her socks as it rained a few feet farther out. Then she closed the door, and peered through the window, to see if anyone was doing anything about it.

After a minute or two, she knocked on the door and came back in to tell us how horrible her life was, before going to the end of the patio (but leaving the door open).

I asked her, “Where are you going to sleep tonight?”

She came back inside, closed the door, and sat in the corner next to the door. “This is my whole life — right here! I’m never leaving here again, and I want you to leave me alone forever!”

Chilkoot then asked her where she was going to sleep tonight. Rather than answering verbally, she just laid her head down on the boots next to her.

I asked, “How are you going to get dinner?”

“You have to bring it to me right here, but I’m going to eat it here and I’m going to eat it alone because this is where I’m going to be forever!”

“What are you going to do when you need to go to the bathroom?”

She thought a moment. “I’m going to go over there [pointing at the bathroom], but then I’m going to come right back here!”

“What about school? Your mom and I are legally obligated to make sure you go to school.”

“What does ‘legally obligated’ mean?”

“It means that if we don’t do it, we might go to jail. Do you want us to go to jail?”

“FINE, I’ll go to school, but when I’m not at school, I’m going to stay right here!”

I think around then, I lost interest. About 20 minutes later, she and Chilkoot were playing like nothing had happened.

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November Part I

November Part I

November Part I

November hasn’t been quite as hectic. That’s probably why I’ve been able to post so many things.

Chilkat had her first school picture. KrisDi said it wasn’t good enough and asked for a retake, so expect a new one some time.

I started taking pictures of Chilkoot sleeping in the mornings, after I turn on his lights but before he’s actually awake. He gets himself into some unexpected positions on his bed, and he’s surprisingly unpredictable.

We went to Disney On Ice. This was for Mom’s birthday, and for the kids. I tolerated it. I read some on my phone, and tried to take a short nap. KrisDi of course made Mom a cake. It was overall a nice weekend.

The kids know about the wacky filters on Snapchat, and every once in a while remember them and ask to take Snapchat photos. Chilkoot brought it up this time.


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October Part II

This is a heavier than usual picture dump. We take a lot of pictures at weddings.

October Part II

October Part II

It was a busy half-month.

Photos start with KrisDi’s cousin’s wedding, which is why we in Chicago. Chilkat got to hang out with KrisDi’s cousin’s daughter, B. B is about a year older than Chilkat. They had a lot of fun together. They met at KrisDi’s aunt’s house (B’s grandma’s house) the night before the wedding, so they were already warmed up to each other at the wedding. B’s a good kid — maybe less good at listening than Chilkat, definitely a little wilder, but generally pretty sweet.

The wedding was nice. The food was surprisingly good (I have very low expectations for wedding food). The bar was sad. I drank a couple White Russians and got tired of it, and then drank water the rest of the night. Overall, we had a good time, and I think KrisDi really enjoyed seeing her relatives and friends from the area.

I flew directly to Japan the day after the wedding. KrisDi, the kids, and her dad went to the airport, too, but they were flying standby and wasted the entire day. Then they bought tickets to Portland and rented a car to drive home for the next day. Have I mentioned that I have only very specific conditions under which I’m OK with flying standby? (I’m travelling alone and I don’t actually care if I get where I’m going).

Japan was a pretty standard trip. It’s probably the most time I’ve spent with my boss this year, though, which is nice.

The day after I got back from Japan, we went to the Pope’s birthday party, which was a costume/character murder mystery dinner. I played a deadbeat looking for a job to get out of my mother’s basement. I gave everyone copies of my resume and asked them for jobs.

Then we went to Bob’s Pumpkin Farm and Corn Maze to buy pumpkins and do other farmy activities. Face painting, cow rides, mud, misery, pumpkin and apple donuts…

Halloween…Chilkat basically dictated a family theme for costumes this year. She wanted to be an astronaut; KrisDi found an awesome astronaut costume on Amazon. Then, Chilkoot wanted to be an alien. Then, they wanted me and KrisDi to be the moon and the Earth, respectively. I decided to go for the simplest costume I could conceive of: A large cardboard disc, covered in printer paper, with pencil-drawn craters. The kids helped with the craters. The cardboard came from Chilkat’s new carseat’s box — which is challenging, because they’re weird shaped with lots of strange cutouts. Building the disc for KrisDi’s Earth was more challenging, because I wanted it to be bigger than the moon. I was able to do it by filling some of the weird cutouts with more cardboard, so it took a little extra effort. The kids seemed happy with the results.

Then we had G False Alarm’s birthday. He turned forty, and essentially wanted to go on a bender for his birthday. The Pope met us out at the Pine Box (a former mortuary) for beer and lunch. Then, a brewery with horrible, dated sci fi, then the Garage for pool. G’s friend RC showed up at that point (he became our DD), we continued to drink and shoot pool, and then another brewery. It was a good night.

The next day, I took my Japanese colleague out to a couple breweries. He doesn’t have the drinking stamina of an ex-marine. We had fun.

Somewhere in the midst of this, we got a nice video of Chilkoot breakdancing:

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October Food

October Food

October Food

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October Part I

October Part I

October Part I

Zwanze Day! Mom watched the kids so KrisDi could go out and drink sour beer at the Slow Boat. It was excellent. We drank a lot of sour beer, and most of it was delicious. Met some of the same guys I waited in line with — in fact, one of them (Elmer) bought me a beer. Nice guy!

Salmon Days — Mom was still in town, we met the Popes, the kids actually ate some stuff. They had a good time, and I survived.

We actually got a chance to see the moon through the big ol’ telescope that’s been lying around in our house.

We visited Chicago. The kids spent some more time on SnapChat. KrisDi and her friend Amber took the kids to a local tourist-farm thing.

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