Month: December 2016

December Part I

December, Part I

Unsurprisingly, we spent a fair amount of this month getting ready for Christmas, and taking cute pictures of our kids and whatnot.

I also got a chance to visit my little brother. I was $126 dollars short of United’s new thresholds (50,000 miles + $5,000) for Gold status. I wouldn’t have bothered doing anything for the sole purpose of getting gold status, but KrisDi pushed me a little bit and it wasn’t hard to convince me to visit Northwood. We drank, hung out with his friends, visited a $1.8 million dollar house listed in his neighborhood, beer shopped, and toured a porn studio. It was very nice. While I was gone, KrisDi kept the kids occupied and alive. She does it more gracefully than I do. There were no freezing picnics.

I took both kids to the dentist; generally, nothing exciting. They were good. To keep them occupied during waiting times, the hygienists provided puppets with dentures and oversized prop toothbrushes, with which the kids pretended to be dentists with frightening zeal.

The Popes and the False Alarms and I tried to take our oldest daughters out for Daddies Daughters Day. It was fun, but things didn’t work out terribly well for us. We couldn’t go to the restaurant we wanted (Cheesecake Factory) because there was a 1+ hour wait, there was still a 30 minute wait at our backup option (Red Robin), they were out of fruit punch, we couldn’t see the Bellevue Christmas parade, etc.

We had a two hour delay that I couldn’t understand. There wasn’t even snow on the road. Just slush. That was a bit of a logistics problem; KrisDi ended up taking the day off to take care of the kids.

Finally, last but not least, we took the kids up to Bellingham for “Grandma Christmas.” We gave Grandma a little stuff, she gave the kids some stuff, they built decorations together, and decorated Mom’s homemade fake Christmas tree. I think generally everyone had fun. Brothers and I are still planning to give Ma an oven, but she needs to jump through some hoops to make sure it’s OK.

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November Part II

November, Part II

The normal Thanksgiving shindig occurred again this year. Mom came down, KrisDi’s brothers came to our place, and as a change of pace, my Japanese friend I-san joined us while he’s here for his six month visit at my office. KrisDi cooked her butt off, I-san brought a Japanese soup called “oden“. Generally, a good time was had by all. I-san Ubered home drunk and overfed, after being smothered by children.

The next day, we went tree hunting. Ma came with us, we killed a tree, we brought it home, we cleaned and skinned it, roasted it over an open fire, and devoured it. Wait, wait, something about that doesn’t seem right.

Then we went to the Polar Express train ride, like we did last year. The kids loved it, and I was better prepared this time (with a flask of bourbon).

KrisDi had a very short trip to Phoenix, which was stupid. They flew her out for a four hour class in a hotel and then flew her back. It gave her a couple nights away from the kids and a chance to eat deep dish pizza and drink heavily with an internet friend. It also left me as solo parent. We already had the carseats in the truck, and the kids had been bugging me to drive them in the truck and take them through a carwash, so I planned to do so and to up the ante by buying them McDonalds for dinner and asking if they wanted to have a ‘picnic’ in the back of the truck. They took me up on the offer (surprise!), and then shivered through their meal. It was like 35 degrees.

Chilkat is reading and writing more and more. We can leave her little notes in her lunch, and she’ll figure them out. Sometimes she can write notes on her own. It’s pretty exciting to see, and I think she’s pretty excited about it, too.

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November Food


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