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January Part II

January Part II

M False Alarm birthday party at Pump It Up. We went down to Tacoma. Generally, nothing too unexpected. Kids jumped and ran, lots of noise was made. You’ll see some pictures of the agility course. All the kids got better at it than they were last year. M had a first loose tooth, which was super loose, but which apparently she wouldn’t pull out and she wouldn’t let her parents pull out (or they weren’t willing to pull out). So, KrisDi offered, and M was all like, “Yeah, sure, whatevs.” Plunk! Gone. I think the parents were more shocked than she was.

Chilkat was signed up for a Computer Science class. I don’t know much about what hse did or did not learn in it, but it was one hour before school for three Tuesdays in a row. She told me one day that it was “The best day ever” because she got to wear her astronaut clothes (not costume, just astronomy themed stuff), because she got to eat ham and cheese for lunch (or something equally banal), and because she got to go to her CS class. She said she likes using computers when it’s easy.

Disney started a new show called the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Racers or something like that. We took the kids to the premier at the theater. They loved it. I endured it.

Lots of random stuff:

  • We had pizza with Popes. We drank a little of my interesting new whiskey. The Pope brought some Polish beer from Poland. Some of it was OK.
  • Chilkat taught Chilkoot how to write a letter D with chalk on the driveway, and then he wrote D after D after D.
  • Chilkoot dressed up as Chilkat. I don’t really know why. I just showed up when Chilkoot was strutting around with her coat and hat and backpack.
  • I took the kids for donut breakfasts — once together, once just Chilkoot.
  • Chilkoot got a sliver in his hand, and only let one of the Day Care teachers take it out (the lunch lady). He said she’s the only one who is ever allowed to take out slivers for him. So, she better stay in our life.
  • We took a day and visited a brewery, and a Cuban restaurant. Both were good.

Chilkoot is reckless and doesn’t listen. He’s such a smart kid, but he just doesn’t pay attention we tell him to do something or not to do something. I have to yell and scream at him for him to get anything out of it, which results in crying on his part and anger on mine. Not great. He’s also starting to get angry without knowing how to deal with it, so we’re trying to teach him to breathe and think when he gets upset.

Chilkat, in comparison, is cautious, usually listens well, but she is so fucking bossy and dramatic. Plus, she gives up easily when she doesn’t get her way.

So, they’re both interesting and cool, and frustrating in their own ways. Fifteen years…

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January Part I

January Part I

New Year’s Day with a light dusting of snow. Kids made a tiny snow man. Paco got a cute little blanket of snow that slipped halfway off him as he slept.

KrisDi started exercising again (and she’s been really good about it). Kids exercise with her sometimes. She’s been making lots of Skinny Taste recipes.

We had Daddy Son Day and Mommy Daughter Day. Chilkoot and I had donuts for breakfast, went bowling, went for lunch, and then we were going to go see if we could find a movie to watch at the theater, but he fell asleep in the car. So, I parked in the parking structure and tried to nap while he napped. Someone backed into my car and drove off while I was drowsing. KrisDi and Chilkat played at the arcade, and went for donuts and pedicures, Ivar’s, and a LuLaRoe thing.

KrisDi started to prepare for Chilkat’s Trolls birthday party, ordering stuff for decorations and gift bags, and preparing water bottles, etc. It will be another KrisDi Production.

I had my kickoff week, which means the chairman of our board and some colleagues from Japan visit us and I spend an entire fucking week in meetings. They’re very tiring, although they’re also very useful (usually) and can be fun. I had to remove the carseats every morning so I could go pick up colleagues from their hotel (this is why I shook out an entire box worth of Kix in my work parking lot). We set my spring meeting dates — I’ll be in Japan for about 10 days in April. Chilkat’s school was delayed by two hours due to a tiny amount of snow. KrisDi decided to stay home with Chilkoot and send Chilkat to school via school bus. Chilkoot got a haircut (much needed, IMHO). I was proud of KrisDi for letting Chilkoot get his hair cut as short as he wanted, instead of as short as she wanted. KrisDi also thoroughly cleaned the house.

In December, our garage fridge stopped keeping food cold; the freezer stopped keeping frozen things frozen. Even after I turned the temperature dial all the way to “Cold.” Not wanting to fuck around with fixing it with holiday food plans coming up, we very quickly went to the Sears outlet’s damaged/scratched section and bought a new fridge, brought it home, and precariously lowered it from Paco to the ground through a stroke of engineering genius. We moved the old, warm fridge off to the side, and started parking my car outside because there’s not enough room for my car and two fridges in the garage. A while later, KrisDi noticed that when you moved the dial to the opposite side (labeled “Colder“), the fridge got awfully cold. Then she spent a shitload of time scraping kids’ stickers off it, and I tried to sell it on Craigslist for a while, before we realized it was in better shape and slightly bigger than Mom’s. So, following the reverse-order steps of our aforementioned Engineering Genius, we dropped the fridge face first on Paco’s tailgate, shattering the freezer’s handle and leaving a sizable dent in the freezer door. Then we delivered the newly damaged fridge to my bemused mother.

You’ll notice the freezer handle is missing.

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Food in December!


January Food!

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December Part II

December Part II

It feels like it’s been such a long time. The kids remained goofy and cute.

We had our little Christmas/gift exchange with the False Alarm Family. At one point, KrisDi patiently endured all the kids sharing a tiny couch with her while they watched videos on a device and ignored each other and her. The kids got and gave more toys.

Chilkat wrote a book and read it to her classmates’ parents. I got to go to her school and listen to her story, and lend moral support as she braved the other kids. Unsurprisingly, her story was about something that made her sad: The time that it snowed at school, but the teachers wouldn’t let them play in the snow at recess. Her story was also much more linear and coherent than anyone else’s, at least of the ones I witnessed. One of the neighbor kids read me his, and I have no fucking clue what it was about or what happened. I was proud of Chilkat for being brave enough to read it to people. I think she was excited about sharing her work.

We had our regular Christmas Eve shindig with the Dubses. The kids got and gave more toys. We drank, we yammered, we ate lots of stuff.

Then of course we had Christmas day at home. The kids got and gave more toys. We drank, we yammered, we ate lots of stuff. My Japanese colleague came down. I gave him a bottle of Washington bourbon. He gave us a big bag of Japanese snacks.

We had Hockey Night again — I think it was the same teams. This time, I think I drank Pilsner Urquell. It was fun and nice.

New Year’s Eve — our friends came up from Oregon to stay with us over the weekend. I made giardiniera. We drank, we yammered, we ate lots of stuff.

I’m sure I’m missing lots of stuff. Maybe KrisDi will add something to this, I don’t know.

Overall, I think we convinced the kids to get rid of old toys at about a rate of 50% by volume versus new toys coming in. Even now, about a month and a half later, I think they opened a Christmas present and played with it for the first time. The season that keeps on giving!

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