Month: March 2017

Disneyland! (and Oxnard)


This was KrisDi’s plan, not mine. I think she’s more focused on the kids having an enjoyable childhood than I am; my focus is on what kind of adults they’ll be, so I tend to forget that they’re kids right now.

Chilkat was so excited for this trip she packed five weeks in advance.

So, on Chilkat’s actual birthday, we woke the kids up early and flew to Ontario, CA, rented a van, picked up L & D at Orange County, and went to In-n-Out for lunch (which is fantastic). Then we went to Anaheim and checked into our hotel, walking distance from the Disney parks. We spent a little time at the hotel pool, then went out for a barbecue dinner at Blake’s Place (it was OK). Then we went for beer samplers at the Bruery Terreux (it was great). Then bed.

Next morning, we had a “character breakfast” at Goofy’s Kitchen. Breakfast was fine, and the kids loved seeing characters. I ran into another dude with a Lebowski shirt on who took a shine to me. We took a picture together. The kids rode rides, we had a $9.75 corn dog (for $3.50 we could have upgraded from Lays to Cheetos). I endured. The kids enjoyed.

The next day was America Adventureland or whatever the hell it’s called. Rides. I endured. Kids enjoyed.

The next day, back to Disneyland. More of the same. KrisDi tripped over a curb while carrying Chilkoot, went down to knee, then wrist, then back of Chilkoot’s head. We took a crying Chilkoot to the nurse, who checked him out and prescribed ice packs. He was fine, but it was scary for a few minutes. KrisDi’s knee took the worst of it, though. As I write this, 8 days later, her knee is still very sensitive.

Then back to America Adventureland for a short day. We had to leave early enough to drop off L & D at LAX and drive to Oxnard.

Fastpass is important. We didn’t figure out it was free until day three, and didn’t really figure out how to use it effectively until day four. I found decent beer at America Adventureland (at $10/bottle). Everything is expensive. The lines are long, and most of the rides are lame. And all the rides are short. But the kids had a great time.

Then, finally, we did something I wanted to do. We went to Oxnard and visited our old friends. We stayed with Jerry and Amy and their two kids. Saturday, I went and spent a bunch of money on beer that I can’t buy in Washington. We had a barbecue, grilled tri tip. Drank a lot. Went to bed late. Had to get up early. I suffered acutely all the next morning. We got home around lunch time on Sunday.

I think Chilkat will remember this trip. I’m not sure whether Chilkoot will. I hope he does.

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Chilkat’s 6th Birthday Party

Chilkat’s 6th Birthday Party

Krisdi went over the top for Chilkat’s birthday again, as expected. But, at least she was able to keep it down to only one party this year. Previous years, we’ve had a “friends” party at Pump It Up that includes classmates and other people who we know who aren’t super close, and a “friends and family” party at our house just for people who are super close. This year, we didn’t really have time to do two, so we just had one big one at Pump It Up. A lot of Chilkat’s schoolmates went (I think we had ~23 kids RSVP yes) — many of them were not familiar with the place, since it’s really close to her old day care but not very close to her school. It went over really well with the kids, and a lot of the caretakers were impressed. And the employees were awed by KrisDi’s cake.

Miss K, Chilkat’s favorite teacher from day care, totally effed up and thought the party was three hours later than it was. To be fair, Mom did too — but Mom still made it to the party, and Miss K did not. We invited a couple of Chilkat’s friends from back in the Day Care era, and one of them made it.

We had a little more snow. Chilkat had a two hour late start, and KrisDi stayed home with her; Chilkoot and I had a mostly regular schedule (except it took ~4x longer than usual to get home — 2 hours).

Afterwards, some close friends and family came over to our house to open presents and hang out. We ordered delivery sushi for dinner. It was nice, and relatively relaxing.

Overall, I think everyone had a pretty good time.

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February Part II

February Part II

Not a whole lot here…most of the second half was Disneyland, in a following post. But there were so many other pictures I couldn’t justify putting these in one of the other albums, so I justified creating a completely separate album. 😛

The picture above was interesting — I had a random visit to a company called Intellectual Ventures. They had that machine set up, and I said, “Hey, that’s familiar! It’s a difference engine. I saw one like that in Mountain View, CA, at the Computer History museum.” And my guide said, “That was this one. We moved it up here a few months ago.”

Aside from that, I don’t think there’s a whole lot to write about. Next two posts will be about Chilkat’s birthday and our CA trip to Disneyland and Oxnard.

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February Part I

February Part I

Busy, busy month! Starting, apparently, with a dance party.

KrisDi found a Father Daughter dance at a local school. Chilkat and I signed up for it, and made a Daddy-Daughter Day out of it. We went for donuts for breakfast, drove all the way up to Snohomish, and had a nice beer+lunch at the Trail’s End. Then we went to Snohomish’s aquatic center — basically, a public pool with some extra stuff like a big slide and a parkish area and a lazy river, etc. We had a really good time, and Chilkat didn’t whine and cry too much about the water hitting her face. Then we drove back home and got dressed in fancy duds for the dance.

The dance itself was an interesting experience. Chilkat was excited about it, but then we sat in a corner the whole time. I don’t think we danced at all. There was a “cakewalk” thing, where the winner got a cupcake — but we lost, which launched Chilkat into her self-pity cycle (“This is the worst daddy daughter dance ever“). We doodled on the paper on the table we sat at, and ignored everyone else there. Chilkat used my fountain pen, strangely enough. She thought it was cool (probably just because it’s a “grown up” thing).

At the same time, KrisDi and Chilkoot went out for Mommy Son Day. They also went for donuts (different place). They went bowling, played some video games at the alley. Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch, then the boy wanted to come home. So they did. And cuddled on the couch and watched movies, I think.

We had “epic snow” for the area. Our neighborhood got about 7″. Krisdi went to work, Chilkat’s school was closed, and I kept both kids home. The kids got to really and truly play in the snow for the first time in their lives. They loved it. I learned that parents in snowy states are saints — bundling kids for snow and unbundling on the way back inside while they whine and bitch and dawdle and distract and fuck around is infuriating. So, if this is you and you survived (like me), thank your parents for not throwing you out the door in your underwear and locking you there to turn into a kidcicle. The next day, we had another snow day, and KrisDi stayed home with the kids.

The kids got to learn about yellow snow, snow men, snow balls, shoveling, getting snow down your neck and down your boots, building “bricks” with forms, putting your wet snowy clothes in front of a fireplace and warming up with hot cocoa. I got to learn a bit, too — seeing the ducks in the local pond break paths in the slush/ice was interesting, and then also follow the paths they broke. Also, heavily wooded areas are very pretty when its still and snowy — and a bit dangerous, with breaking and falling branches. I think a kid was actually killed by a falling branch or tree in Seattle.

We had our standard Valentine’s activity again this year: Make lasagna. KrisDi didn’t make the mozzarella this time, but she made the ricotta; I made the noodles by hand (under direct supervision). KrisDi made Italian bread loaves. She also made the sausage (by seasoning ground pork). I had recently made giardiniera. It was fantastic.

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February Food

February Food


Lots of food in February. KrisDi made breakfasts, which is a little unusual. Also includes Valentine’s Day lasagna (pictured above, for which I made the noodles by hand), and Chilkat’s birthday cake (Poppy).

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