Where am I?

My finger’s better…I lost interest in taking pictures of it. When I post this, I’ll try to remember to update this gallery with the last pictures I took, and one from the day I’m posting, so you can see how terrific it looks. I remembered! For the most part, it doesn’t bother me at all, but it still doesn’t like being used to turn keys.

We went to Feierabend, a German pub in Seattle. It was incredibly crowded, and I can’t believe they didn’t have Paulaner Hefe Weizen on tap. What kind of a German pub doesn’t have Paulaner Hef? But, we had jaeger schnitzel and spaetzle and part of a soft pretzel and I don’t remember what I drank. All was well with the world. KrisDi had the Hacker Pschorr hef. It’s very clovey.

We went to the Palisade restaurant for KrisDi’s birthday dinner, which was very tasty and very enjoyable. We had a window table overlooking the harbor and looking towards downtown Seattle. Service and food were both just great. We took a couple pictures, see?

We went and saw dueling pianos at The 88 Keys in downtown Seattle, too, which was also fun. It’s always good to see piano players try to cover Nirvana.

We also took the ferry out to Bainbridge Island to have breakfast at Cafe Nola. It was tasty, but that’s just because I had french toast with caramel and pecans. How can you screw that up? Service wasn’t that good, we waited a long time for our reservation, and then we waited longer so they’d give us something that wasn’t directly in the path of the entrance.

KrisDi’s going home for the weekend of the 4th of July. Apparently there is a lot of stuff going on in Chicago (White Sox double header, graduations and birthday parties) so since she can fly cheap and she has a lot more vacation time to burn than I do, she’s leaving me to fend for myself. Luckily, I’ll be kept busy by the large amounts of computer hardware I’ve ordered.

Basically two complete computers, both dual core 64 bit AMD Athlon processors, and of course all the supporting components. I’m finally building KrisDi’s Brighter-Than-a-Blue-Super-Nova computer, and my new computer, and turning my current computer into a media center of one sort or another. That should be nice. I’ll get to use it as a file server and everything else, just as I had planned. I’ll get to try out Windows Vista on my new computer, and probably decide that it’s a piece of crap and I don’t want to deal with it. I’ll get to try out Windows Media Center Edition on my current desktop.

LaFawnDuck came back for a visit; her brood was conspicuously absent. She came along and waddled around the ground below our deck (as ducks are wont to do), quacking for pitas. So, eventually we threw some at her, and she brought a male friend over. A few days later, they both came back, quacking away. They’re very aggressive eaters; another pair of ducks came over to share in our bounty, but they got viciously chased away.

—– Stuff I read or watched or whatever —–

Buffalo ’66 is a strange, strange movie. It was like watching a moderately serious traffic accident — I couldn’t take my eyes away, but I was vaguely horrified.

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World was ridiculous, which is the point. I liked it, too. I liked the incredibly strong furniture delivery man (Lennie Pike, played by Jonathon Winters) who kept running through walls, and of course I wanted to strangle the mother-in-law (Mrs. Marcus, played by Ethel Merman). It was fun.

Ratatouille was surprisingly good. It actually seemed fairly original, for new Hollywood movies. But I guess it’s not exactly Hollywood, it’s Pixar.

Sports Night, the short-lived TV series about a third-place sports show. Created by Aaron Sorkin. KrisDi and I watched a lot of this, because a guy at work lent it to me. In fact, we watched all of it. I probably ought to give the DVDs back. It’s funny. I liked it. The dialogue gets a little tiresome, as does the frustrated not-quite-a-relationship between Dana (Felicity Huffman) and Casey (Peter Krause). But it can really crack me up.

Hocus Pocus by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. I like Vonnegut books. He’s hilarious, and he has an even dimmer opinion of man than I have. Hocus Pocus is no exception.

Zodiac: An Eco-Thriller, by Neal Stephenson. At least the main character’s name wasn’t Hiro Protagonist. This book is four years older than the last one I read by him (Snow Crash), and it definitely seemed like his stuff wasn’t as polished. For one thing, his editor was somewhat inept. If I’d had a pencil on me, I would have marked in twenty or thirty typos, misspellings, and misused words, even ignoring dialogue. That just annoys me. Anyway, the main character is a maverick near-genius misunderstood counter-culture chemist (instead of a maverick near-genius misunderstood counter-culture computer programmer, like Hiro in Snow Crash), and he’s trying to save the world (or at least Boston) from pollution. Complete with Satanists and evil yuppies. Not one of my very favorite books, but relatively readable. I got it for three bucks, so I don’t feel too bad. I still intend to read more of his books.

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Have fun all alone in… the Emerald City? whatever it is… So are you going to turn that computer into a DVR as well? I just saw Transformers it was a good movie. I too enjoyed all 22 episodes of Sports Night, however I never bought the DVD’s.

I read Zodiac. Really didn’t like it much, but Provolt assures me that the stuff he is loaning me is worth reading, so I’m going to give Stephenson another shot.
You two look very cute, all dressed up and beautiful. 😀

Yummmm all those descriptions of fooood. John and I got into a Sports Night period where we watched all the episodes. It is pretty good. We thought about doing it again soon. Too bad that a lot of Aaron Sorkin’s shows get cancelled. He is pretty damn awesome.

Good luck with the super nova computer. Don’t tell John, it will just make him yearn for a better computer…poor guy.

You know, I find this affinity for German food vaguely disturbing… but you guys look so cute at The Palisades!

So does using the spare computer as a file server mean you can start hosting family Web sites for all of us? Hmm? And what will you do in 10 years, when you have another 20 old computer sitting around?

I think I remember reading Zodiac, but don’t remember anything about it. It must not have been too terribly impressive.

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