June Part I

June 2017: Part I

KrisDi got a whole bunch of hair chopped off. Probably 16 inches or so. It looks nice short!

Chilkoot wore a tie for his school picture, and then went through a short phase where he wanted to wear a tie every day.

During this phase, we had a Daddy Son Day. Chilkoot wanted to go to the same pool I took Chilkat previously — so, we went out for donuts, drove 45 minutes to a park near the pool until lunch time, had lunch, and then went to the pool. They have a big windy water slide that goes in and out of the building, and Chilkoot was super excited to go on it. Then we splashed at the bottom and he got water in his nose and on his face and he wanted to go home RIGHT NOW. I told him we couldn’t, and explained that next time he could plug his nose (he thought this was novel), and that he could just wipe water off his face. He refused to go down the slide again, but we proceed to play in the water for a long time after. Then we went to the Cinebarre to watch Captain Underpants.

On this same day, Chilkat and KrisDi had Mommy Daughter Day. They too started it off with some donuts. Then they went to the Family Fun Center and spent a bunch of money doing Family Fun Things.

Chilkat finished Kindergarten. She and her class had an end of year performance (a bunch of songs with a class doing a dance for each song), which was cute. She won an award, too, basically just for being awesome.

We went camping with the Popes at La Wis Wis. It was a really nice camping ground and it was cool to camp with our friends. We have another camping trip scheduled for next month.

KrisDi had her birthday. She’s 29, of course. Chilkoot got to stay home with her that day, and he was really set on making her a cake (but was a little sad that he didn’t know how to do it by himself). So, they did it together, and they made a cake in the shape of a polar bear’s face.

In preparation for Father’s Day, the kids prepared beautiful birdhouses for me. Chilkat’s is in the shape of a rocket ship, and Chilkoot’s in the shape of a pirate ship. They’re painted beautifully.

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I’m devastated that I’ve missed a movie called “Captain Underpants.” Devastated, I tell you. 😉

I also took Chilkat to see Captain Underpants at Cinebarre that day prior to Family Fun Center. She enjoyed it.

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