Birthday Parties!

Birthday Parties!

Both of Chilkoot’s birthday parties.

He had one at home (for people we want to invite to our house, like friends and relatives), and one at Pump It Up (which included classmates). His theme this year was camping.

So, KrisDi of course made three cakes. Because why not three cakes? What four year old doesn’t need three cakes? To be fair…they were delicious and astonishingly cute.

KrisDi says she enjoyed the theme. Everything turned out well, KrisDi had a near-infinite number of “little touches” that she liked, and it seemed like people really liked it.

Our friends from Oregon came up and stayed with us for the weekend (KrisDi’s parents went down to stay with her older brother in the meantime).

It was really cute when Chilkoot was opening up his presents, and he stumbled upon what he apparently considered to be the perfect line — for every present, no matter what it was, “I’ve wanted this my whole life! It’s my dream come true! Thank you very much!”

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I’m afraid the boy’s going to grow up to be a politician. That would be shameful! 😉

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