2017 July Part II

July Part II

The town I work in held an informal photo contest: Take pictures at local parks, post them on our Facebook page, and whichever photo gets the most “likes” will win a prize (a night in some fancy local hotel or paddle boarding lessons or something). KrisDi of course was right on it, and anyone reading this was probably assaulted to go like our photos — we won, thanks!

My older brother and his family (Auntie J, Big Cousin J [16], and Little Cousin J [5]) were moving to Guam. You may not have heard of it, but it’s a smallish island in the South Pacific that may or may not capsize if everyone on the island moves to one side. But, they stopped out here for a while to ship their car before getting on a plane to Japan and then Guam. It was a great opportunity to spend time with them, and a great opportunity for them to visit Seattle area stuff.

First, they stayed with Mom for a little while. Then, they came down to us. The first night, we didn’t do much (besides drink and hang out).

BCJ was celebrating her 16th birthday while out here — I have to admit, I felt bad for her. Moving away from her hometown and all her friends, celebrating her 16th birthday with an aunt and uncle she barely knows and three kids 6 or younger…). KrisDi made BCJ a birthday cake. She requested “confetti cake with fondant”.

We took them downtown and saw the Seattle Aquarium (where our new camera performed awesomely in dim lighting), and visited Johnny Rockets (chain restaurant that BCJ really loves). Then the NW clan had to head up to piano lessons for our kids, and the Guam clan headed down to the Ferris Wheel. That night, we drank and hung out.

We took the kids to the Cheesecake Factory (BCJ’s request) and Enchanted Village. The smaller kids loved it, and BCJ tolerated it. That night, we drank and hung out.

While they were visiting, Chilkat finally lost her first tooth. We had reached an agreement with her: Each night, each parent can try one time. After several failed attempts, it finally came out for me — and Chilkat immediately said, dripping with cynicism, “It didn’t come out, did it.” Then I showed her the tooth and she nearly freaked out. She got $5 from the tooth fairy. We’ve named the new incoming tooth “Onesy”.

As an extension to Chilkoot’s birthday proceedings, we also took the large group of us to Snoqualmie for Thomas the Train, which was hot and crowded. Elder Brother seemed unsure whether he should be impressed at our fortitude or unimpressed with our inability to deny our children when he discovered that this wasn’t the first time we did it. That night, we drank and hung out. It’s notable that lunch that day at Snoqualmie Brewery was the only brewery we took them to.

Through most of the visit, the three little kids slept together in sleeping bags at the foot of our bed. They started out sleeping on our air mattress, until they destroyed it with jumping.

More in the next post…there were SO MANY pictures. 2600+ pictures, nearly 16 gigabytes. With our recent purchase of new camera, our two old DSLRs, and Elder Brother’s DSLR…that’s a lot of cameras. At one point, we had all three small children wandering around with a DSLR each, taking tons of photos. It seems excessive, but it was cute, and DSLRs take nice pictures, even for small children.

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Man, you guys drink a lot. Sounds as though you had fun, though.

While they were here, I took them down to the ferry terminal, where a few guys had crab pots out. One guy had just pulled one in and had four or five crabs in it–one legal–so I asked him if he’d tell the kids about them. He was really sweet–told them all about how it worked, how to tell a boy crab from a girl crab, showed them how they hang onto things with their claws. LCJ was fascinated; BCJ I think was kind of interested, but not fascinated. I felt really bad for her birthday issues, too, poor sweetie.

Best photo: You and your brother on the Wild Waves ride. Hah!

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