November Part I

It was a busier than usual month.

Mom turned 65. She came down to stay with us. KrisDi made her a very tasty cake with lots of apples. We took her to Disney on Ice (do you think that was a treat for her, or a treat for the kids?), and I got her new headphones (to replace the ones that croaked on her way down) and new wiper blades. I asked the poor girl behind the counter at the auto parts store if she could gift wrap them, but they were fresh out of wrapping paper.

We got some snow. Not a lot. Enough that the kids could scrape enough together from the grass or from vehicles to make snowballs (and consequently very small snowmen).

Chilkat got a party with the Seahawks “Blitz” mascot as a reward for selling stuff for her school fundraiser.

KrisDi let me go drink bourbon barrel aged beers with Mr. JJ. We drank a lot of bourbon barrel aged beers.

Chilkoot got a haircut. It looks much less wild now. Still curly, though — not as short as last time. And hasn’t fulfilled KrisDi’s fear that if we cut off the curls, they won’t grow back. Continuing the beauty theme, KrisDi also took the kids for mani/pedis. Apparently they got themselves locked into the bathroom (the kids, not my wife). They couldn’t operate the round, smooth door handle after they got their hands wet, and then they started to panic — which is hilarious if you ignore how they felt about it.

While they were getting their nails done, I had the onerous chore of going to the beer store and picking up one six pack of every Washington IPA that I love to send with KrisDi on her girls’ weekend trip to Philadelphia. Her friends (or their spouses) requested them. KrisDi also dragged out a ton of old kids’ clothes (~1% of the total mass) to give them, and I used some of them as packing material for beer.

Chilkat insisted on making a cake based on a recipe from an Amelia Bedelia book — and then no one ate any of it and it got thrown away. Well, Chilkat had one bite — she said it tasted “very complex.”

Chilkat got sick and had to stay home with me. Saturday night, she puked and had a fever (she made it to the sink! It’s an improvement). All Sunday, she was somewhat lethargic with little appetite and a fever ranging between 100 and 102. She went to bed with a fever. When we checked her temperature in the morning before she woke up (non-contact thermometer), she still showed a fever. When she actually woke up, no more fever — but by that time, we’d already called organizations and made plans for me to stay home with her and Chilkoot. She knows how to operate the thermometer, and was sobbing because it was showing a green light (indicating no fever), but we weren’t letting her go to school. We almost changed plans, but then she coughed a couple times and almost cried because it hurt her throat too much. So, we stayed home and lounged around and watched videos and did some chalk drawings on the driveway and whatnot.

As an alcohol experiment — when I went to Japan the last time, I picked up a bottle of Green Tea Matcha Kahlua. I used it to make a White Russian. Maybe I should call it a Green Russian? Anyway, it wasn’t bad. Regular White Russian is better.

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The bathroom incident is, indeed, hoot-worthy. If you ignore the panic. 😉

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