Conversations with kids

While enjoying pho for dinner the other day (26 November), we were talking about chopsticks, and how when we first got Chilkat hers, she was very little (like 1-2 years old) but she was immediately able to start picking up popcorn and eating with them. We were then telling her that her destiny was using chopsticks, and that if she had a cutie mark, it would be chopsticks. She found this immensely amusing.

Chilkoot then said his cutie mark would be ‘not cleaning up’ — because he’s great at not cleaning up. He said this while pho dripped down his face and onto his shirt.

¬†On the drive home from this memorable meal, for no reason that we know of, Chilkoot said, “Thank you for not listening to me.”

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Hmmm…. was that possibly incipient snarcasm (sic)?

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