November Part II

KrisDi left for Philadelphia to hang out with internet friends (luckily they were not murderers. She left late on Thursday the 16th and came back late on Sunday the 19th.

I was alone with the kids. Also notable: the kids were alone with me.

Friday was a relatively normal day. School, day care, work, dinner, bed.

Saturday we visited Mom (which I think she posted about, too). We went for a long walk to the park (~2.25 miles roundtrip to Lake Padden). When we got there, Chilkat needed to pee but the bathroom was closed. The kids played for a while anyway, and eventually we made it back to Mom’s where there was not a lot of drama around who had to use the restroom first.

In a relatively odd tradition, since KrisDi was gone, we had a Trucknic. I also successfully got Chilkat to her one and only planned activity, Faith Formation.

It was surprisingly uneventful, and we all survived. From what I understand, KrisDi’s visit to Philadelphia mostly consisted of drinking, eating, and being silly and/or weird.

We’re finding Chilkoot can and will draw actual things now. People, family, house, whatnot. He’s also started coloring within the lines. I think there has been little doubt about his physical and mental capability to do these things — just a lack of drive to pay attention long enough to do it. So, it’s nice to see.

We had Thanksgiving at our house — KrisDi’s brothers, plus the False Alarms. All the usual stuff, just a crowd and a ton of food. Delicious and photogenic.

The Popes and we (that doesn’t seem right, Grammar Nazis) held a nice little Scotch and Pizza night. I’m still delighted we started doing these.

Chilkat wrote several stories at school, including “My Terrible Day.”

When I was sick I had to stay home because mom did not want me to get othr kids sick. I was sick because a fever. But I did not have to go to the Docder. I staed in the famly room all day. Chilkoot and dad staid home with me. I relly wonted to go to shool.

I think I’ll be able to include it later, but she and her friend Lori decided to co-write a book — Chilkat did the illustrations, and Lori did the writing (I think Chilkat got to do the word bubbles, too). It’s 20 pages long, and about a crazy cat or something similar.

The Phoenices arrived for an approximately annual visit, but did not complete their visit by the end of November. KrisDi and I took some time off, and we hung out at houses for the most part. Chilkat still had to go to school on weekdays. Chilkoot consequently got to spend a day chilling without his sister, which I think is always a nice change for him.

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You mean ChilkOOT is drawing actual things now, right? Since you said “he” farther on in the sentence? And “The Popes and we … held a nice…” is correct. “Popes and we” is the subject, so it takes the nominative “we,” not the objective “us.” If you’d used the latter, I’d’ve had to kill you.

Yup! Updated.

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