December Part I

December 2017, Part IDecember 2017, Part I

The Phoenices visit continued. For the most part it was hanging around the house(s) and drinking while Morphic did not drink, because he only visits when he plans to get sick and not have any fun. The three adult males offered to let the three adult females go out for the day, entrusting the lives and welfare of our four children with us. We finished three bottles of whiskey. Morphic took the most glorious pictures with the empty bottles, but literally whatever dripped into his mouth during the photos is the sum total of what he drank.

We also took a ride on the local Christmas boat. We found out at breakfast that morning that Sharky had an ear infection (she and her parents were fairly sure about it over the course of a miserable night). It was cheesy, but fun. They had a little craft/coloring area for the kids, and two full bars for the grownups.

I had a good time. I think the Phoenices did, too. I think the Popes did, too. But I don’t think the Phoenices will move out here.

The Pope and I also took our eldest daughters to the Snowflake ball. I wore my classiest duds — french cuffs and bottle opener cufflinks. We had dinner at Five Guys. We ran into Chilkoot’s best friend from day care at the dance, who was incredibly delighted to see her best friend’s older sister, and wanted to tag along with everything she did. The two of them accidentally started a conga line — A wanted to show Chilkat something, and to make sure they didn’t get separated in the crowd, Chilkat held onto A’s shoulders. Then someone grabbed hers, and another hers, and so on, until a conga line spontaneously had formed. Aside from consuming sugar and running pell mell through crowds, we spent most of our evening playing hide and seek and/or chasing ballons.

KrisDi and Mrs. Pope ran a 5K together — this is exciting, because KrisDi sort of randomly decided to start running for exercise in a couch-to-5K type of program. She shattered her own goal for 5K time on race day, and got 7th in her category.

You shouldn’t be surprised, we got a Christmas tree. It’s a little later than usual, and definitely more rushed than usual. We went to the local produce shop-like-thing and bought one instead of going to a tree farm and cutting one. In part, this was to save my should, neck, and back the hassle of lying on the ground and sawing. This year’s tree I think is the biggest one we’ve ever had — it exceeded our headroom by several inches, and as I write this, our tree’s angel and jammed against the ceiling.

I helped the kids make a gingerbread train from a kit. Chilkoot got sick of it quickly and went to go watch a video instead. Chilkat and I had fun with it, though.

KrisDi’s work had a Christmas party. She won a Ring doorbell, which I thought was pretty gimmicky until we discovered it’s actually useful. (1) We have a video of someone we think was prowling for packages at our doorstep. He left quickly — I think when he noticed the doorbell + camera. (2) KrisDi was able to tell the postman, who needed a signature to drop off a package, that she would be home in a few minutes. The postman was able to respond that he’d come back before he left the neighborhood. (3) A package was dropped at our door shortly after we left the house for the day — Ring notified us of the motion at our front door, we saw the package drop off, and I called my neighbor and asked him to pick it up and hold onto it until we got home.

We went down to Chehalis again for the Polar Express train ride on an antique coal fired steam train. We stopped at Dystopian State brewing for a take-in lunch (Lunchables for the kids and pizza from nearby Puget Sound Pizza). The train ride was the train ride. Kids loved it, although Chilkoot decided this year that he’s afraid of Santa. We ate Sonic for dinner on the way home — first time for the kids, and the first time in a long time for me.

Chilkat’s drew a remarkable picture of me. The kids sort of spontaneously had a spa day while I was at work and they were home with KrisDi: Chilkat painted Chilkoot’s toes (foam toe spacers and hair dryer to dry the polish and everything). Afterward, they didn’t want to quit — “What else do you do at a spa?”

“Hmm…you could give me a massage with music?”

And…because I wanted to be able to use it when we visited Mom for Grandma Christmas, KrisDi let me open my primary Christmas present early: a Sigma 150-600mm lens. It’s pretty cool. It’s also huge and heavy and hard to wield. I’ve been having fun playing with it. I’m sure I’ll post pictures taken with it, but here’s a picture of it.

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That’s a great shot of you and Chilkoot. 😉 I’m not too sure about the portrait… “Dad = beer” may not be the best-ever automatic association! 😉

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