December Part II

We went up to Bellingham on the 23rd for Grandma Christmas. The kids were not happy with Mom’s regular Christmas tree, they wanted the foamboard tree they made together a couple years ago. The kids got delightful presents. Chilkoot would only let Mom look at the pictures on the outside of his Play Do Ice Cream set — what kind of a weird four year old doesn’t want to immediately rip open presents? We busted out Mom’s old flute (which apparently is now harder for Mom to toot) — but the kids didn’t particularly care about it.

As I mentioned in the previous post, KrisDi had already let me open my Christmas present, so that I could take it to Mom’s and take pictures of the wilderness behind her house. Chilkoot also got it into his head that we needed to walk to the park again, just like our last visit — even though it was like 30 degrees and he didn’t have gloves. It’s roughly 1.1 miles from Mom’ to the park — we made it, despite numerous prompts, “If you’re getting cold now, we should go back.” He’s very stubborn. But, he made it.

Christmas Eve was the big family thing at E Dubs’ house. It was what you would expect — a ton of food (a significant amount of it Polish), a ton of presents for the kids, a non-trivial quantity of beer, and lots of noise. KrisDi also invited her co-worker to come, since she didn’t have anyone to spend the holiday with this year.

Christmas Day was the small family thing at our house. KrisDi and the kids left cookies and milk and a note for Santa (and carrots for the reindeer) by the fireplace. Kids got a ton more presents. Les and D joined us a little later in the day. We actually got snow — maybe 3-4 inches or so — so the kids got to go outside and make snow blocks and tiny snow men and throw snow balls (they assaulted the truck when Les and D arrived from Gig Harbor).

I don’t remember which day this was — but KrisDi actually got rid of a truckload of things. Mostly toys, but also some luggage and and other random stuff. Not packing densely or anything, it was pretty much one whole truck bed. And still not enough — probably a nearly equivalent amount of stuff entered our household as the result of Christmas. My dream is to someday not have things “organized” in piles — to be able to get to any given thing without having to dig more than one thing out of the way. Some day…

Most people are aware that I like beer. Fewer people are aware that I’m moderately active on — mostly I review beers that I drink when I’m in a situation where I can sit down and pay attention to it. But, sometimes I look at the forums. As it turns out, someone was organizing a bottle share for Seattle area BAs, and Les was available to watch the kids for us. So we met up with a group of strangers and shared beer with them. It was fun — most of the beers were very good (a very few of them were bad). We went to Pam’s Kitchen and had Trinidadian for dinner. We also went to Bottleworks and looked at beer. It was a fun night.

The next day, Mr. JJ and his son came down to our house for a bourbon barrel beer tasting. With just the four of us drinking, we went through two rounds of five beers. The kids decided that all of the beers I had staged for this event were theirs — and that they were going to sell them to us. They built a little store around my cooler, and Chilkat initially set the price at $1 per bottle, which is grossly undervalued. She eventually jacked it up to $20 (on average, probably a decent profit margin), and made an adorable sign illustrating the concept of paying $20 for a bottle of beer. It was a good time.

The next day, our friends from Oregon came up to stay for the weekend. Their daughter is older than Chilkoot and younger than Chilkat. It’s fun to hang out with them.

The next day was New Year’s Eve. We hosted a party, with the Popes (4), Chilkat’s friend’s family (4), our Oregon friends (3), the False Alarms (4), and us (4). It was a lot of fun. The Popes and Chilkat’s friend’s family left ~10pm, after the kids did their toast. Then we put the kids to bed, and the remainder of the adults stayed up until 3 joking and talking and drinking and playing Monikers. At some point, someone proposed a Long Island Iced Tea, with a recipe similar to the following: About six different liquors and some Coke. I made something that met that description, and we dubbed it the North Dakota Iced Tea. G False Alarm drank it very slowly.

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I still haven’t gotten to see Zack’s present. I think it was just cardboard inside; no toy. 😉

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