From: 1st Grade Teacher
Date: January 26, 2018 at 2:49:48 PM
To: KrisDi
Subject: Chilkat School Pride Award


I am writing this e-mail to inform you that Chilkat is our class School Rocket Award winner for the month of January!  Chilkat is an excellent example of the School Way –Being Safe, Being Respectful, and Being Responsible—every day. Chilkat is a delight to have in class because she consistently strives to do her best work, she listens carefully and  quickly follow directions, and she is kind to all at work and at play. Chilkat was recognized today for being an outstanding School Rocket! Her picture is now hanging in the front hallway and she enjoyed lunch on the stage with Mrs. Principal. Thank you for being a model School Rocket Student, Chilkat!


1st Grade Teacher

Posted by snaotheus


This is your first official notice that your children behave better for other people than they do for you. It’s a universal truth. 😉

I already said congratulations, but congratulations again anyway. Good job, Chilkat! Good job, parents!

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