February Part I

February, Part I

February…feels like a long time ago, but it’s really just barely less than a month ago, I guess (I’m writing this on the evening of March 31st).

The month started off pretty slow. We hosted a Super Bowl party. Chilkoot had his kindergarten tour (he decided he needed to wear a tie). We had a Daddy Daughter Day + Valentine’s Dance and a Mommy Son Day. Chilkat seems to have decided she likes root beer floats. For the 100th day of school, Chilkat’s school dressed up as 100 year old people (we went so far as to buy a real wooden cane and cut it down to Chilkat’s size). We had Valentine’s day and the associated lasagna (home made noodles, ricotta, mozzarella, sausage, and sauce). Chilkoot gave me stroopwafels.

Things of course started getting truly busy in preparation for Chilkat’s birthday party. She wanted a Magic School Bus themed party, so she got it to the nines, naturally. Lots of people, lots of food (I think 73 individual dishes), lots of drinks, lots of presents. Incidentally, we are now hitting the age of drop-off parties — at least one kid was dropped off by parents who left. One of them thought to leave a cell phone number. Frightening times. It’s enough to make you think that some parents think these kids should be allowed outside of the house without constant supervision at some point in their lives.

I can’t believe Chilkat is 7 now.

The day after the party, we flew to California for our string of high-end kid activities for Chilkat’s “mid-winter break” (for those of us my age and older, interpret this as “we invented an excuse to dismiss school for an extra week in February and we call it mid-winter break”). We hopped through San Francisco (picking up Nana and Papa on the way). Rented a mini van (with some drama, since our rental company didn’t actually have the van we reserved). Went to an AirBnB place that was big and empty (it’s strange to see full sized domiciles that are fully furnished and so clearly not lived in). We went to a nearby In-n-Out for take-out dinner. While KrisDi and Big D waited in the surprisingly long line, I walked until I found a random liquor store and (1) Was too stupid to read the year in the date on bottles of beer and consequently bought 1+ year old IPAs, and (2) stumbled across Founders CBS, a beer I have been half-assed looking for/whole-assed hoping for since roughly six years ago (in a random liquor store walking distance from a random In-n-Out…life is weird).

The next day, we started our “mid-winter break” activities in earnest by going to Universal Studios. The crowds were medium sized (compared to Disney Land last year). Chilkat and Chilkoot both got magic wands in Harry Potter World. We spent a little time in The Simpsons world (and I got a beer at a Duff-themed bar). The studio tour was cheesy but neat.

KrisDi and I had previously decided that the MegaLens is useless if I don’t actually take it with us when we leave the house, despite the ass pain caused by taking it out of the house. So we brought it along. And I was amused in my fruitless attempts to take pictures of my family on roller coasters — even from afar, it’s too zoomful (I just made that word up and I like it). I’m very sure the lens is more capable than the photographer in this case. My highlight of the day I think was when we were waiting for the Waterworld show, and music was playing, and Chilkat noticed his shadow, and started to dance with it.

Edit: I forgot to mention that it was relatively cold. It rained on us a little, and it was chilly and quite breezy. Les, despite his Chicago conditioning, found himself shivering. Also, KrisDi got stung by a bee in Simpsons land.

In other news — I updated the tool that I use to create the photo albums (jAlbum) and the “skin” that I use (previous Turtle, now Tiger) in the hopes of being able to make albums that look better on mobile devices. After enough fiddling around, I’m somewhat satisfied with the results. Plus now I can upload videos without external hosting. I’m not sure that I couldn’t do that before, but I’m sure I didn’t know how to do that before.

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