February Part II

February Part II: Knott’s Berry Farm and Sea World

You shouldn’t be surprised that we took a lot of pictures in a small number of days. So, this is just for two days.

After Universal Studios, we moved to a hotel that was walking distance to Knott’s Berry Farm. Knott’s Berry Farm was the best place we visited for rides, and the crowds were non-existent. Chilkoot and I rode the same ride six times in a row. One time the operator let us stay on the ride, because there was no one waiting.

Chilkat discovered that she really likes the faster and more exciting rides, now that she’s over 48″ tall and she can ride more of them. She developed a disdain for the kid rides (which was something of an act because she still likes them, especially when she rides with Chilkoot). But, it did cause some strife, because Chilkoot couldn’t ride all the rides that she could, and we ended up splitting up rather than making Chilkoot wait outside a ride for Chilkat to finish.

We continued to struggle with practical application for the MegaLens.

After the park, we walked back to the hotel, and then drove to a small local Mexican restaurant, which was quite good. I bought a beer at the liquor store near the hotel to drink in the evening. In the morning we got up early and drove down to Sea World. The dolphin and orca shows were good opportunities for the MegaLens.

There were rides, and more animal displays, and whatnot. I don’t think anything particularly notable happened here. It rained a bit. It was very sunny during the aforementioned dolphin and orca shows. Crowds were small. The beer selection was surprisingly good (but I didn’t have any, because there definitely wasn’t anything worth theme park beer prices). “We saw a bunch of stuff” is probably the best summary of Sea World — so go look at the pictures.

We went and had dinner at Ballast Point (KrisDi spilled an entire barrel aged stout of some sort on Big D). We bought a few bottles to take home. Then we went home for the night.

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I’m so glad you guys are able to take these kinds of trips. In spite of the frenetics and exhaustions, I’m sure they’re a delight. 😉


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