February Part III

The rest of our vacation, and the rest of February.

After Sea World, we went to dinner at Ballast Point (KrisDi spilled 7 out of 8 ounces of bourbon barrel aged stout on her mother) and then we checked into the Lego Land Hotel (after GPS + road closure routing excitement). The hotel was fine. It’s geared toward children (surprise!). We stayed in a castle themed room. There were big heavy sliding doors on the spaces in our room — except the kids’ room. And they didn’t close well, so there was a good one inch gap to peer into/out of the bathroom. Location was kind of out in the middle of nowhere. The breakfast was definitely better than your average hotel breakfast. There were lots of nice touches (for kids) — free (read “included”) small Lego set after a small scavenger hunt every day, gigantic tub-o-Legos to play with in the lobby, sensors in the bathrooms that trigger recordings that talk to you and tell you jokes, wacky elevators, a corner that acts as a whoopee cushion if you walk in it, etc.

Lego Land was Lego Land. Lots of Lego sculptures, some rides (mostly pretty tame). I was surprised how interested the kids were in the mini cities. I was surprised how much Lego Land expanded their Star Wars themed stuff. We went to a brewery/bar/restaurant name Urge that night for dinner. Their beer was decent. They had a good taplist. The had a White Russians menu — a whole page just of variations on the White Russian.

The next morning we ate at the hotel again, then went to the San Diego Zoo. It’s a super nice zoo. Several elephants, a really big aviary, pandas. It’s also a really big zoo. I think we walked over 7 miles inside the zoo. This is where I really exercised the MegaLens (it was still too powerful in many cases). But I had fun with it. Lunch at the zoo, then dinner at Stone in Escondido afterwards. We swam in the hotel pool. After the kids went to bed, KrisDi and I went beer shopping. We drank a Rodenbach Alexander in the room when we got back.

One of the two nights, I don’t remember which, our key cards to get into the room stopped working and the replacements they gave us at the front desk also didn’t work. So, they concluded the battery in the reader in the door was dead; they needed the “master key” — a facilities guy with a crowbar and a wire on a stick. Lift up the door with the crowbar, slide the wire under the door and along the jamb, and voila! Door open, guests’ sense of security obliterated.

The next day of course we checked out, returned the rental car, flew home, etc. On the flight home, Chilkat’s tray table latch thing was missing — the airline’s “fix” was to tape it shut and stick an authorization sticker of some sort to it. Chilkat was upset, Chilkoot was gloating.

Nearly 3,700 pictures taken (not all kept), over 20gb of pictures/videos.

The rest of the month was pretty tame. But KrisDi wore mismatched shoes to work one day, which was pretty amusing.

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