March, Part Deux

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So much belatedness…I’ll be brief.

My friend left my work, and he brought in a going away cake that I thought was funny. We’ve had a bunch of other people leave. I’m hiring again now, which is part of why this is so belated.

Chilkoot had his kindergarten aptitude test. He felt the need to dress up in a suit for it. People thought it was adorable (shock!). He went in, answered their questions, came out five minutes later, and said, “That’s it?”

We went to Medford for our friends’ daughter’s 5th birthday. It was unicorn themed. It was a lot of fun. But Medford is far, far away — we left the house at like 3:30 AM and made it past Portland by like 6:30 AM, which was nice, but I was very tired. When I felt I was at too high a risk of nodding off while driving, I switched with KrisDi, who then got the joy of driving through the snow. The kids were pretty good about it though — part of the reason for leaving so early was to try to make sure they actually slept part of the way, which worked out fine. Chilkat has been reading more and more — she read a bunch during the drive home. I think she was reading to her brother.

I got a dedicated work laptop (I’ve been using my personal laptop for work a ton for many years now). Unfortunately, one of the first things I did with it was put it on top of KrisDi’s car after piano lessons, and forget about it after a series of stupid distractions like “I need my blanket from your car!” and “Where are my shoes? Oh they’re in my shirt!” Etc. I realized it after KrisDi drove away, when I got in my car and didn’t see it. I called her as quickly as I could and said, “Pull over and stop as quickly as you can, as gently as you can,” or something to that effect. Unfortunately, it was too late — ol’ lappy dropped almost six feet to the pavement from a moving vehicle and sat in traffic for a couple minutes until I ran out into the road to get it. End result: Mostly cosmetic damage. Deep cosmetic damage. Also, damage to my pride, having to admit it to my boss.

We made Easter Eggs¬†using a new technique the day before Easter. This was also supposed to be Mommy/Daughter and Daddy/Son day — but Chilkoot started showing a fever, so I wouldn’t take him swimming and skating like we planned. We were both sad. More on that in the next post.

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I love the going-away cake. That’s perfect.

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