April Part II

KrisDi got the kids some cookies for Easter from another online mom that are a sort of built in, edible watercolor sort of deal. You get a paint brush wet, dab it on some colored ovals, and then paint that color on the cookie. They finally got to it, and thought it was pretty neat. They nibbled on the cookies, but didn’t finish them.

We finished Chilkat’s pinewood car. After a couple coats of paint, it was too heavy, so we sanded a bunch off the bottom. We nailed the wheels on, and had a hell of a time trying to get the ‘axles’ to align. We also went to the race — Chilkat finished 10th overall out of ~65, she won 2/4 of her heats. I think she had a good time.

KrisDi found a house we wanted. Like, really wanted. Enough to contact a realtor, get home loan qualification letters, and make two offers. KrisDi has been continually window shopping for homes, but we’re kind of in a good situation. There are some sub-optimal things about our house (shitty yard, tiny garage), but there’s nothing wrong with it. We don’t want to leave our school district, because it’s good and Chilkat’s doing well, and we don’t want to change that under her, and we want Chilkoot to have the same opportunity. So, we’re really only interested in a serious upgrade in the same school district. KrisDi found a beautiful house, ~40% larger than ours, on a lot ~15x larger than ours, in the same school district. It’s a beautiful, beautiful home. We were able to offer significantly over asking, but someone else offered the same without contingency, so our offer was rejected. It’s a shame. It was an interesting experience. Our neighbor across the street recently sold their house $20k over asking three days after listing, so we have no real concerns that we would have trouble selling our existing home. Just unfortunate. I would love to be living there right now.

The garage fridge started misbehaving again — fridge was hovering around 50 degrees, freezer was not cold — so I started working on it again. I got a couple wireless hygrometers to try to see what was actually happening, defrosted again, replaced the defrost system thermostat, replaced the temperature control thermostat…fridge is fine now, temperature swings still seem very large, but I’m not confident it’s going to stay OK.

KrisDi and Chilkoot wanted to go to a dance, but there’s not many mommy-son dances compared to the number of daddy-daughter dances. However, KrisDi found a superhero themed one, so KrisDi dressed up as Wonder Woman and Chilkoot as Spider Man. I think they had a good time.


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I’m still sorry about the house. 🙁

One of the sorrows of your childhoods for me was that there was no mommy-son stuff *ever.* Nor were there any parent-child events of any kind, unless we made them up. I hope I spent enough time with each of you when you were little. I kind of doubt it.

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