June Part II

KrisDi’s actual birthday was pretty low key. I gave her two tickets to a Pietasters show on Saturday, August 18th…on a river cruise…in New York City. I have to be at work the Friday before and the Monday after, so it’s going to be a bit of an insane trip. T Dubs will watch the kids for the weekend, we’ll fly out on the redeye on Friday, arrive Saturday morning, probably eat and nap and check in at the hotel, then go to the show, sleep late, and then have lunch and fly home. She seems excited, but I was legitimately concerned she’d be upset about it. We’re spending a lot of money to go to a $40 show.

The day after was Father’s Day, and round two of the Washington Brewers’ Festival. Mom and the kids came with us this time, and KrisDi ran a 5K that as associated with it, as a way of getting into the festival 30 minutes early. It was hot, and it made for an unpleasant run for her. We met up with T-Bone, and with Mr. JJ. P and T Dubs joined us (they both ran the 5K, too). Overall, it was a good time. The kids again decided to wear their German regalia — lederhosen and dirndl.

Chilkat finished 1st Grade. She cried that night because her teacher wasn’t going to be her teacher anymore, but she’s gotten over it since then.

Chilkoot had his preschool (Pre K) graduation. Not really a lot to say about it…a bunch of kids in caps and gowns, singing songs and doing choreographed dances. They were cute, and really only got a little out of hand a couple times.

The next day we went camping. It was an exciting trip. We went to a place called Penrose Point. The False Alarms arrived Friday, we arrived Saturday, they left Sunday, and we left Monday. Of course we did all the standard stuff — campfires, s’mores, chocolate eyes, etc. We went hiking, we walked along the beach, we tried to use our telescope (all we could do was look at houses across Carr Inlet, maybe two miles away).

The False Alarms brought a kayak, and G took all the kids out for short little rides in the bay. While wading, Chilkoot encountered an underwater tree and scratched the living hell out of his leg. He sobbed and required bandaids; we cleaned the False Alarms’ car out of bandaids, and told him he was going to be more bandaid than boy. I think we put at least eleven on him.

The beaches are frequently used for catching oysters, although it was the wrong season while we were there. But, there were tons of shells and crabs and sand dollars and whatnot all over them, which made for many exciting discoveries while we walked around. We even saw a bald eagle hanging around, ignoring the crows that were trying to chase it off. We also saw a slug, strangely doing a tightrope act on a spider web.

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My goodness, busy time! It didn’t quite soak in that you had all that stuff going on on the sides of the brewers’ fest. Camping trip sounds like a really good time! Chilkat looks immensely more confident than she did on the first day of first grade. Wow.

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