July, Part I

I had guests in from my parent company for meetings over the week of the fourth of July. I took them to a brewery, and one of them split his head open on reentering my truck. Not serious, but bloody (scalp wounds). Got gauze from the brewery, and a bunch of paper towels. He used the paper towels to tie the gauze on the top of his head, and more paper towels to fashion something similar to a bandanna (this garnered some attention).

Independence Day occurred. My Japanese guests went to a Mariners game (they got free American flag cowboy hats, and not-free ballpark beers). We let the kids stay up late to try and see fireworks for the first time. They were exhausted (like a two minute dropoff to sleep when they finally went to bed). They got to see a tiny bit, and after we exhausted our supply of pop-its, we went to a neighbor’s, and the kids got sparklers for the first time.

Over the course of the day, KrisDi made ribs for dinner (surprisingly, so-so) and a pair of tarts for me to bring to my meetings. On the 5th, I went to more meetings and dinner with my guests, and KrisDi took the kids to the Family Fun Center.

The following weekend was rather busy. We went to a Polish festival on Saturday. It was busy, the food was good, but KrisDi could make any of it better (or P Dubs, in the case of poppy seed cake). The kids got their faces painted, and then we went and bought an expensive cooktop for a reasonable price, a new fridge for the garage, and a new dishwasher to replace the one that I expect to die soon. I spent the weekend removing old appliances and installing new ones.

Of course, Chilkat turned five this week. We had two birthday parties last weekend. KrisDi went overboard (oh my…such a surprise). She took the Thursday and Friday before as vacation days to prepare. For the most part, both of them went pretty well, except Chilkoot had a couple absolute meltdowns at his second one (at Pump It Up). He wanted to race Nana through an obstacle course first, but Chilkat got that honor. Consequently, Chilkoot screamed on the floor. I tried to reason with him (eyeroll). Basically, “So…it’s now impossible for you to do this first. Now, do you want to race Nana? Do something else fun? Or keep rolling around on the floor screaming.” Rolling around screaming on the floor it is.

I tapped out. Rather than creating a screaming spectacle in public, I told KrisDi that she could take over or I could take Chilkoot out of his own party. Later he also freaked out because his sister took off one of her layers of shirts (down to just a t-shirt). He didn’t wear layers, but he wanted to wear a t-shirt, too. Neglectfully, we had not brought one for him, so back on the floor screaming again it was. Of the ~40 minutes available to actually play on the pump it up stuff, he spent about 20 screaming instead of having fun. *shrug* Five year olds.

And finally…some media. First, a video. The Watermelons, Chilkat and Chilkoot’s new band, decided to “cover” (i.e. “lip sync”) the song Drinking the Night Away by the Mad Caddies.

And a story written by Chilkat. “The Weird, Sad Goldfish”

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Wow. The Sunday party sounds like utter overstimulation collapse. Poor Chilkoot!

Love the video! Zack’s microphone is amusing and I like that Delilah uses all kinds of surfaces for percussion. It’s hard to hear the actual song in the background, but this wasn’t about production values, was it? 😉 And of course I haz copy of the story. My grandchildren are so clever.

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