August, Part I

KrisDi and Chilkoot got haircuts. Both of them were cute before, and were still cute after. Chilkoot’s hair is a bit more manageable now. KrisDi and I had a chance to go to the Berliner Pub, a local German place. Their schnitzel was really good, but their schweinhaxe was disappointing. KrisDi went to Olympia to meet her internet friend for lunch and to hang out. I got Dad some some sweet socks for his birthday, and I got myself a matching pair.

KrisDi and I got to go see Weezer and the Pixies in White Center. We went to dinner at Geaux brewing’s new location, had a couple beers, filled a growler, and drank it in the parking lot outside the show. Once we got in, we paid $22 for a can of Sierra Nevada BFD ($2.29 retail). Both the Pixies and Weezer were cool. Weezer was more of a stage act, with set and costume changes and everything. It was a nice evening.

KrisDi went on a trip for work and left me with the kids. She ate barbecue and drank beer in Virginia, while I worked and watched kids. I took the kids to Chace’s Pancake Corral for breakfast one of the days, which was nice. On her way back, after she landed, she sat in the plane for an extra 1.5 hours or so due to the suicidal maniac that stole a plane.

The family’s big excitement for the first half of August was our camping trip to Steamboat Rock State Park. We learned on our drive out there that the park was under a burn ban, so the firewood and charcoal we packed for amusement and cooking were useless. We stopped at a hardware store on the way out and bought a little propane grill and some propane. When we got to the campsite, we had to set up our tent in a pretty stiff breeze, while smoke from nearby wildfires built up around us and KrisDi’s iPhone lit up with “emergency evacuation” notices. Camp hosts told us the fire was on the other side of the water, and if we really needed to leave, park rangers would come tell us. On the bright side, the smoke created pretty sunrises and provided a nice campfire smell since we weren’t allowed to actually burn anything.

This was our third annual attempt to watch the Perseid meteor shower. We finally succeeded — the kids each saw one or two meteors; the adults each saw 6-10. We also got to swim and play, and adopt Mr. Rocky, a rock I found underwater that Chilkat befriended and named. I refused to carry Mr. Rocky back to the campsite (very upsetting to Chilkat). Later, Chilkat convinced Chilkoot to help her bring it back — between the two of them, they rolled this ~30 pound rock ~0.5 miles (including up a sandy hill) back to the campsite. I agreed to take it home (it’s in our front yard now). I’m not terribly pleased with keeping the rock, but I’m proud of the kids for working together and persevering.

We had some camp food experiments that we had planned for the camp fire but had to figure out how to implement on a small grill instead. French toast (a whole loaf of bread with french toast liquid dumped on it, wrapped in tin foil, and put over heat), and grilled cheese / reuben sandwiches in sandwich presses.

Overall, it was a good camping trip. Overall, it was an exceptionally busy month.

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