September 2018, Part I

I’m not really sure why I like the wilted flower photo above.

On the first day of September, I returned from 2017’s first trip to Japan. Then we went to Wild Waves and did all the normal Wild Waves stuff; rides and overpriced garbage and whatnot. The kids had fun, and they bickered, and I moped and grumped about and probably ruined everyone’s day a little bit. This was the last weekend before school.

So school started. Chilkat’s now a second grader, and Chilkoot is now a kindergartner. We no longer have a day care bill, just a before-and-after-school care bill (substantially lower than day care). Chilkat is still an excellent student. Chilkoot seems to be doing very well, although I think he’s suffering from the cessation of afternoon naps.

We took the kids to the Puyallup Fair. We even paid godawful prices (actual money) for the kids to ride really boring rides. We saw animals and ate various unhealthy foodstuffs and wandered about.

After getting the Megalens last year and realizing that high quality lenses have a significant impact on photography, but also recognizing that a lens that can only shoot photos from a kilometer away is a bit unwieldy for daily usage, I wanted a high quality day-to-day kind of lens. Planning ahead for a trip to Guam, I wanted it in September. KrisDi got me a Sigma 24-70mm f2.8, which is pretty darn cool. It’s my Christmas present, but it seems to have arrived early. I like it a lot. Although, I have learned that high quality lenses do not improve the quality of the photographer.

Our friend Mr O from Medford is a truck driver; lately, his company has been sending him up near my work, where he then has to spend the night alone and drive home the next day. Now that the kids are in school and I don’t have anyone close to me at work, I can, if I choose, not leave work immediately at 4 PM and drive directly home. Consequently, I can do evening things, like go out to dinner with friends. So I took Mr O to a beer place one night, which was nice. I also drove down to Seattle and met up with another friend for dinner, which was also nice. Grownup activities are fun.

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It’s amazing what a little adult company will do for your mental state, isn’t it? Just think: Thirteen more years to freedom!

… Oh … and BTW, then you will miss them horribly. It’s part of the contract.

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