September 2018, Part II

Cousins A & E Dubs had a birthday party. We went to it. Gifts, cake, running around, chaos, even a little beer. A’s theme was star wars, and E’s was…pink and colorful stuff?

KrisDi signed up for the “Summer’s End 5K”, and both the kids signed up for an associated kids’ 2K. The kids’ run was first. Chilkoot had been training with his mom beforehand — he’d go and run with her when she ran in the evenings or on the weekends. He did great — he ran the whole way. Chilkat’s strategy was to not run at all beforehand — to save her energy. She was by far the very last person done. I think she was lapped by a two year old. She whined and complained almost the whole way. She wouldn’t have finished if I hadn’t insisted (and walked with her the entire last lap). Chilkoot ran ~10:15 mile — personally, I think that’s pretty damn good for a five year old. KrisDi didn’t quite make the same speed (but she ran 2.5 times as far).

I had a business trip out to Phoenix. This is my once a year trip that is usually in July, but the company we visit didn’t exactly get their act together and consequently it was delayed a couple months. Anyway, the main interesting non-work-related part is that it rained pretty significantly. I walked around the giant hotel trying to get interesting pictures of rainy / wet cacti. I got desert mud on my shoes and pants.

Chilkat’s friend L had her 8th birthday party. It was Harry Potter themed. Costumes, decorations, snacks, the whole deal. It was fun to hang around with them in their own digs.

On the 27th, KrisDi took the kids on a plane to California for the weekend (which included another 5K for her), and on the 28th, I got on a plane to Japan. At least when I was leaving, a large typhoon was predicted to run over my airport in Japan within an hour of my plane landing there.

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Nice desert shots–I particularly like the mimosa (the one at the top of the text), the small agave, and the prickly pear. The bird nest on the saguaro is cool, too. And the kid shots, of course! And the bee.

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