October 2018, Part II

We went to Bob’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin farm to buy pumpkins. Crowd was bigger than ever before. We brought Mom along. I waited 45 minutes for donuts. Everything was expensive. It was fine. I played with the camera, and got a couple pictures of an apple being fired out of the apple cannon.

We painted pumpkins. Chilkat painted Harry Potter, and Chilkoot painted Hedwig, and KrisDi painted Hermione, and I painted Ron Weasley. Can you guess what theme it was? My work had a jack-o-lantern contest; I waffled about for a bit before deciding to make a floating ghost pumpkin. Chilkoot helped me make a stand for the actual contest. For display at home, I hung it from the patio ceiling. The carving itself probably took 30 minutes, building the stand probably took an hour. Figuring out how to hang the pumpkin and implementing the idea probably took another 30 minutes.

KrisDi had a girls’ weekend in Hood River with three of her best friends from high school / college (celebrating ~40th birthday for everyone). They drank and ate and hiked. I wasn’t there, so I couldn’t tell you much about it. I was home with the kids.

The Popes’ eldest, Popita, had her 6th birthday party at Pump It Up. KrisDi and Chilkat left it early to go to another kids birthday party at a farm, with horses and cider making.

And of course Halloween. The kids decided to dress as Apple Bear. They actually enjoyed trick or treating this year (last year, they complained almost immediately that they wanted to go home) . There was a lull in the rain for almost the whole time we were out.

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Those apple-cannon shots are so cool.

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