November Part I

Mom came down to our house to visit for her birthday and to enjoy birthday presents (tickets to go to two shows with us, described below). KrisDi also made her a chocolate cake saturated in caramel.

The first show we took her to was Cirque du Soleil: Volta. As you would probably expect, there were lots of amazing feats performed by people who have spent an incredible amount of time perfecting completely useless skills. Chilkat, in her typical upbeat fashion, declared at one point, “Why are you torturing me?! I love this so much I want it to never end, but I know that it will!” Chilkoot, in utter awe, declared several time, “Awesome!” For whatever reason, Chilkoot and I dressed as twins for this show. Prior to the show, we took Mom to La Isla, a fantastic Puerto Rican restaurant that scared us with their sign declaring permanent closure the following day. Asking into it, they’re closing that location permanently, and reopening in a new location in a couple months. We’ll go.

The next day, we went to the next show (which is probably more for the kids that for Mom): Disney on Ice. I don’t have much to say about it. I was reading the Lies of Locke Lamora.

KrisDi and I took a vacation day while the kids were at school. We went out to breakfast (Porkchop & Co, excellent), then we went to Chuck’s for beer (fantastic), then we went to a Honduran restaurant (La Cabaña, quite good), then we went to a Scandinavian bakery (Byen Bakeri, good but definitely not cheap), then Urban Family for sours (they have the bell curve of beers…most are OK, some are bad, and some are good). We were going to go to Fremont’s White Heron Project, but we were so damn full we just went home.

Chilkoot went to a science-themed birthday party for one of his classmates. What does he remember about it? “Making that slime, and getting the Pokemon toy for Delilah from one of the cupcakes, and that’s all I can remember.”

Chilkoot got a haircut. You can see the before and after pictures in the album linked above. Chilkoot looks really upset in the “before” picture, but I don’t know why.

We had family night for before/after school care — food and a dance party, mostly. We won an award for the best pajamas — we all wore matching Christmas pajamas. Our award was a Huskies blanket, even though they’re the rivals of the only school either of us has attended in Washington (WSU Cougars). We saw the other award winner with a Cougars blanket, wearing Huskies pajamas…she wanted to switch, and we were fine with switching, but red is her son’s favorite color, and he was having none of it.

We enrolled Chilkoot in a Karate class a couple weeks ago. They had their first competition last weekend, and I took lots of photos and KrisDi took a couple videos (below). It was cute, and Chilkoot enjoyed winning medals. Chilkoot’s the one in the white helmet.

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Thanks again for the birthday joy. And Turkey Day joy. Both were fun. I love the videos. That’s trickier than I expected, the fastest-punch thing; they really have to listen and focus. Chilkoot has perfected the “I won’t smile because this is serious” face essential for sports-related photos. 😉

I love you guys. You’re all so cute. 😀

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