November 2018, Part II

The kids are starting to get excited about Christmas already. Chilkat wrote a series of letters arguing, essentially, that they needed to open the Christmas presents early, or they would explode. The first was one was “signed” by the mailman. We haven’t let them open any presents, and they haven’t exploded…yet.

Chilkat and Chilkoot put on a fashion show of sorts, with a medley of Thanksgiving themed costumes created by Chilkoot with construction paper.

I dressed Chilkoot in my old sweater, gave him my old blanket, had him hold my old teddy bear, and suck on his first two fingers to pose for pictures as me.

Thanksgiving. KrisDi made most of the usual stuff (she cut out a few things, but still made enough food to feed the full complement of guests about six times over). Turkey turned out extremely well; everything was very tasty. KrisDi’s parents came, Mom came, P-Dubs came, E-Dubs + family came, we ate a lot, and we got tired.

Then our Medford friends came to visit. We really didn’t do a whole lot, aside from eat, drink, and shoot the breeze. It was fun. They brought excellent beers up from their area, we sent down excellent beers from our area; we went to Chuck’s Hop Shop and we went back to the Central American restaurant we visited on our parents day recently.

The Sunday after Thanksgiving, our friends went home, and I had three guests arrive from Japan. I took them to a Cuban restaurant for dinner, while KrisDi went down to Tacoma to hang out with the False Alarms while the father took the two eldest to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra. She says it was, “Good. Loud, because when you scream it sounds like you’re whispering.” Chilkoot hung around and played Uno with Bella.

My Japanese guests came in one wave of three, but are departing in two waves. Two of them left on Thursday after three days of meetings. The third one is leaving on Wednesday this week. Meetings have been good, basically, and I think we’ve been able to take them to some ne experiences. I took them out for American breakfast, where between the four of us, we split two breakfasts and a cinnamon roll between three people, and it was too much food.

We had my company party at McMenamin’s Schoolhouse. It was fun. We didn’t mingle a lot, but we spent most of the evening chattering with people I don’t usually spend a lot of time talking to. The food was fine, and the beer was pretty good.

The fire department came through our neighborhood with Santa. I think they were collecting donations or something, but the kids were delighted.

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Love Chilkoot’s domino theater! What a good job!

P.S. Be strong. Don’t let them open anything!

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