January 2019 Part I

Well, I’ve already talked about how my new year started. I’ll talk in more detail about the continuing Back Saga in a separate post, but I got another lumbar MRI and a cortisone shot. I mentioned previously a lying down workstation — I used a Bluetooth split keyboard, a Bluetooth trackball, and the stand from my floating jackolantern so I could lie down on my back, with my feet up, my hands on either side of my hips, and a computer screen directly in front of my face as I look straight up. I started using a cane around the office, and one of my team members gave me a sweet-ass upgrade.

KrisDi started to prep for Chilkat’s birthday party. This year, she turns 8 and chose Harry Potter as her theme. The picture above was one taken in preparation for making invitations. She made a bunch of unfinished wands for the kids to paint or color during the actual party. I helped by suggesting using a pencil sharpener to start rounding the tips.

We finished Chilkoot’s pinewood derby car. He decided it needed to be painted like flames, and that it should named Daddy.

The pinewood derby itself was odd. It was a much smaller crowd than the Girl Scouts’ version with Chilkat last year — but it was very disorganized. They didn’t even get started until about an hour late because they didn’t have the track set up. Many of the cars were more fancily made (I have the impression the dads “helped” a lot). Chilkoot didn’t win anything, and mostly just ran around not paying attention.

Chilkoot’s front two teeth have been very loose, so much so that her left front tooth could be described as dangling. But, she completely freaks out if we even mention the tooth, acting as if we’re going to smash her over the head and pull it out with pliers. We let it go until she had her dentist visit, where she acted like a total idiot. Chilkoot was even infected by her shitty behavior. The dentist said the tissue is inflamed and that she thinks Chilkat avoiding the tooth during brushing was starting to cause problems. Chilkat has a cavity, and has to go back to get it fixed. The dentist said she could “extract” the teeth at ~$250 a pop. Total bullshit for something a fumbled toothpick could handle, so we told the girl we’re going to do it whether she likes it or not. Part of our job as parents is to help her take care of herself, and there’s no guarantee she’s going to like everything we need to do to achieve that.

For the most part, it’s been a quiet month while I potter about the house ineffectually, make KrisDi do all the chores, and try to figure out my stupid worthless back.

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I really like that photo. Wish I wasn’t going to miss the magical party!

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