Such a long time

I have a really original excuse: I’ve been busy. I taught a week long class. Then I celebrated Thanksgiving. Then I taught a week long class in China.

So what has been going on since November 13th?

Chilkat’s 9 months old (9.5 now, actually). She’s been getting much wordier. She knows the meaning of the word “duck”: Fuzzy magnetic creature on the fridge. She can stand, and does it for fairly long periods of time as long as she doesn’t notice she’s not leaning on anything. She still hates having her nose wiped. Fourth tooth out, fifth tooth nearly out. Still missing the right front top tooth. Belay my last…I wrote that sentence 15 minutes ago, and KrisDi just noticed that the front right top tooth is through the gums. No wonder she’s been so cranky. She’s been cutting three teeth simultaneously.

She does not like peas (although she did like them for the first taste). Huge fan of meatloaf. Likes pears in yogurt. Does not like plain cranberries. Likes turkey. Thumbs up for Cheerios and eggs (separately).

She has a pretty definite sense of humor, now. Things on people’s heads…totally hilarious. Removing and inserting Chilkat pictures in envelopes…raucously amusing. Putting her down when you’ve been carrying her for an hour and you have to pee…not funny. Not funny at all. Blowing raspberries gets a laugh. Crawling into her bouncy seat the wrong way, giggleworthy. Making KrisDi say “Ouch?” Neverendingly entertaining.

Thanksgiving was delicious. KrisDi cooked the bird with a bunch of salt pork stacked on top of it. We had a relatively small group of people come over. I didn’t get to eat a lot of left overs because I went to China. I did take a sandwich on the plane with me. But it didn’t even make it to LAX.

KrisDi’s parents came out while I was in China last week, which was very kind of them. I’m sure they made KrisDi’s life easier. Thank you, Les & D. They did a good job of not noticing Chilkat’s cranky times. (Or at least not complaining very much about them)

I’ll put up pictures and stories about China (as well as pictures of November food) soon. Hopefully later this week. For now, I’ll just play catch up.

We’ve been playing with our camera a lot.

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Yay for new teeth! Yay for turkey! Yay for bright shiny Chinese clothing!

You guys are getting some really nice shots, in addition to the always-perfect ones of your daughter. 🙂

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