The love of a mother runs deep

Chilkat has been spiking a fever the past two nights. Poor thing you all say, which is true. I feel so bad for her, but how about redirecting a smidgen of that pity our way. We have been dealing with an extremely cranky child and haven’t gotten any sleep either.

So, in a last ditch effort to try and get some much needed rest we brought her into our bed. She squirmed and squirmed and writhed and wiggled trying to find a comfy position. Finally, she was still! She had found her perfect spot. Great! Except for one little problem.

That glorious spot she had ended up in consisted of her being draped across my body with her cheek pressed up against the side of my cheek. Since she was sick, she was sleeping with her little mouth open and drooling. A lot. It was flowing continuously down her and onto me, right past my mouth. But I didn’t dare move her for fear that she wouldn’t go back to sleep.

So there I lay, with a hot baby pressed up against my cheek and face full of slobber. I thought maybe I’ll get some rest? Or more realistically, maybe tomorrow.


I always feel sorrier for the parents of sick babies than for the babies. The babies get well quickly and bounce back instantly, while the parents will a) take approximately 60% longer to recover than the number of days the baby was sick, and b) get sick themselves. Furthering b), I’m sure she just wanted to share. 😉

In this particular case, I feel way more sorry for the parents.

And I feel pretty sorry for the sick baby. Her poor little fingers were hot to the touch last night!

I want to subtitle this “The drool of a daughter runs swift”

LOL. It’s amazing how much heat can radiate off a baby’s body when she’s fevered up. I quite like the subtitle.


Hope you all get rest soon.

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