Just as I was falling asleep last night, I dreamt I was in KrisDi’s old apartment with all of her stuff moved out, standing around with someone. I don’t know who it was. But anyway, we were talking, and then the whole building began to shake, and then it began to topple over sideway. I said something along the lines of “That’s not very good,” and looked around wondering where the safest place in the apartment was. Then I woke up, very nervous, thinking my house was falling over.

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Last night, I had a dream I wasn’t in. This happens to me every so often. It’s kind of like watching a movie in my sleep, only it makes no sense and sometimes I wake up screaming.

Marlon Wayan and his wife (whether it was really supposed to be him and his wife or not, I have no idea) were riding along in a truck with their newborn kid. Marlon was on the passenger side, and the wife was on the driver’s side, but the steering wheel was on the passenger side, so maybe they were in Europe. Anyway, Mrs. Wayan was feeding her newborn, which would have been normal enough if she hadn’t been doing it with an oscilloscope test lead. Marlon started yelling at her for doing it wrong, and took the baby and the test lead (the pickup had no trouble going on without anyone steering) and proceeded to do something (the specifics of which I cannot recall) which resulted in milk actually coming out of the test lead and feeding the baby.

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Last year’s Halloween pics. You know, the Smurfs. You might remember them from somewhere. Comment on this if you want to make a request. Or email me or call me, since if you’re here, you probably know how to contact me.

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Busy day

KrisDi had to leave for a work trip at 4 AM this morning, so of course I was up. And of course I played around with this thing (editing my last post, adding some old pictures, adding some pictures of my Stupid project, modifying the picture index). Which was fun.

Yesterday, I never showered or dressed. I wore pajamas all day, and started drinking beer around 4 PM. KrisDi actually had to dress so she could go somewhere for a little while. I went with her in pajamas. We started watching Firefly and got through the first DVD. I didn’t think it was as good as many friends seem to think it was. It had a few really funny parts, though, so I’ll keep watching them.

My roommate, whom I’ve already decided to call Oleo, gave me a cool present when he came back from the trip. I also wanted to link to this site, which shows you how to make a hawaiian shirt out of a dollar bill. I was going to add my own picture to it, so you could actually see how to make the sleeves. I also managed to make one out of a 1000 yen bill while I was in Japan.

It’s 3 PM now, and I’m still in my pajamas. It rocks.

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Stupid and Unskilled (New edit)

I’ve had an interesting few days, I suppose. I brought my car, Jeep, in for a brake examination. The brakes are in bad shape. I swear there’s something hydraulically wrong with it, because when I press on the brakes, half the time the pedal goes to the floor without much braking effect. The dealer said there’s nothing wrong with the brakes except that they hadn’t been lubricated (yes, there are moving parts in the brake system that require lubrication, they weren’t oiling the brake pads or anything), but that my tires were badly worn, I needed to spend $1500 on the steering system, $500 on the suspension system, and $100 for an alignment (plus whatever new tires cost). I said, “That’s wonderful. I’ll take my car back now.” My tires appear fine (they have plenty of tread, although I’ll admit it’s possible for them to be worn on the inside track [although closer inspection makes this appear unlikely, too]). My brakes are still the suck. The odds I’ll pay $2000 for repairs on a car that’s not worth $2000 before or after the repairs are approximately one in a kajillion. So I’ll drive it slowly into the ground, leaving plenty of space between me and the car in front of me. When I was driving it away from the dealer, the “Check Engine” light came on, and I almost crashed because the brake pedal was on the floor and Jeep wasn’t slowing down very much. Oh! And another update! I got a $60 ticket because I haven’t renewed my registration. I’ve already paid for it, but stupid California law requires a smog check before they’ll send me the stickers. So I have to get that done.

I watched Deuce Bigelow 2 yesterday. That was a waste of time. Luckily it didn’t cost me any money. I watched The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy tonight. It wasn’t a waste, but it sure was as much of a disappointment as another screen adaptation of it, and less true to the book (which wasn’t necessarily entirely true to the original radio show).

I’ve also taken up Photoshopping. Not really, but it was something fun to do for part of an evening. Sorry Andi.

There was other stuff I was going to say, but beer and memory have tabled that motion. I’ll come back and add links and pictures of my poor decrepit Jeep, so you can look at them sadly and say, “Aw, that poor thing.” Oh, one of the things I was going to say is that I saw my other roommate for the first time in six weeks today.

Now that I’m editing this to add links to Jeep, I remember what those other things were. One thing is a description of how stupid I am. USA Today Sudoku puzzles come in five flavors of difficulty, one to five stars. Five stars is the hardest. One through three is easy for me, four stars is hard but I can apparently do them, and the last time I tried to solve a five star puzzle I got one number into it before getting stuck. I was stuck there for about an hour. I got two more numbers with KrisDi’s help. KrisDi was able to solve it in about an hour. Our other roommate, whom we’ll call Oleo, solved it in about 30-45 minutes. So I’m stupid, and they’re not.

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