January Part II

January Part II

M False Alarm birthday party at Pump It Up. We went down to Tacoma. Generally, nothing too unexpected. Kids jumped and ran, lots of noise was made. You’ll see some pictures of the agility course. All the kids got better at it than they were last year. M had a first loose tooth, which was super loose, but which apparently she wouldn’t pull out and she wouldn’t let her parents pull out (or they weren’t willing to pull out). So, KrisDi offered, and M was all like, “Yeah, sure, whatevs.” Plunk! Gone. I think the parents were more shocked than she was.

Chilkat was signed up for a Computer Science class. I don’t know much about what hse did or did not learn in it, but it was one hour before school for three Tuesdays in a row. She told me one day that it was “The best day ever” because she got to wear her astronaut clothes (not costume, just astronomy themed stuff), because she got to eat ham and cheese for lunch (or something equally banal), and because she got to go to her CS class. She said she likes using computers when it’s easy.

Disney started a new show called the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Racers or something like that. We took the kids to the premier at the theater. They loved it. I endured it.

Lots of random stuff:

  • We had pizza with Popes. We drank a little of my interesting new whiskey. The Pope brought some Polish beer from Poland. Some of it was OK.
  • Chilkat taught Chilkoot how to write a letter D with chalk on the driveway, and then he wrote D after D after D.
  • Chilkoot dressed up as Chilkat. I don’t really know why. I just showed up when Chilkoot was strutting around with her coat and hat and backpack.
  • I took the kids for donut breakfasts — once together, once just Chilkoot.
  • Chilkoot got a sliver in his hand, and only let one of the Day Care teachers take it out (the lunch lady). He said she’s the only one who is ever allowed to take out slivers for him. So, she better stay in our life.
  • We took a day and visited a brewery, and a Cuban restaurant. Both were good.

Chilkoot is reckless and doesn’t listen. He’s such a smart kid, but he just doesn’t pay attention we tell him to do something or not to do something. I have to yell and scream at him for him to get anything out of it, which results in crying on his part and anger on mine. Not great. He’s also starting to get angry without knowing how to deal with it, so we’re trying to teach him to breathe and think when he gets upset.

Chilkat, in comparison, is cautious, usually listens well, but she is so fucking bossy and dramatic. Plus, she gives up easily when she doesn’t get her way.

So, they’re both interesting and cool, and frustrating in their own ways. Fifteen years…

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Northwood and I agreed to a bet by text message yesterday:

  • If the new president is impeached in under six months, we will both take shots of peach schnapps.
  • If the new president is impeached after six months, but before two years, Northwood owes me a beer.
  • If the new president is impeached after two years, but before his four year term, I owe Northwood a beer.
  • If the new president is not impeached in his four year term, we will pitch in to buy our father (who voted for the president) a keg of beer.
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Photo Data

If you’re wondering how I do this, I don’t actually keep track of this data — I wrote a program to count pictures with our names in them, and write to a CSV. Then I make charts in Excel.  If you’re wondering why I do this…I’m not really sure. I’m just nerdy like that.

This first one’s no surprise — we take lots of pictures of our kids, and not nearly as many of us. However, you can visibly see Chilkoot’s count flattening a little bit in the last several months.

Photo count by date (starting around when Chilkat was born)

Photo count by date (starting around when Chilkat was born)

This by-age comparison shows how many pictures we took of Chilkat versus Chilkoot at the same. This is subject to time-based biases — we bought a fancy new camera after Chilkat was about 8 months old and started taking more pictures — but we had that camera during Chilkoot’s whole lifetime so far. You can see Chilkat has a sizeable lead. This might be due to (1) We’ve recently stopped taking as many pictures, and (2) Chilkoot has recently stopped cooperating with pictures as much (he’s currently that guy that yells at the paparrazzi and shoves his hand in their cameras).

Photo Count by Age (in years)

Photo Count by Age (in years)

To check hypothesis (1) above, I did a really (really) rough chart of the average number of pictures taken per day for the last two years. They’re pretty rough, with gigantic spikes (that probably coincide with birthdays and holidays and weddings). The trendlines of the two show that yes, we’re taking significantly fewer pictures of both kids, but Chilkat’s rate is reducing less quickly than Chilkoot’s.

Average Photos Per Day

Average Photos Per Day

I guess we’re going to need to start sneaking pictures of the little turd. I already started taking pictures of him in his sleep when he doesn’t wake up when I turn on the lights.

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April 2016

April 2016

I took the kids down to Bumfuck, WA (aka Matlock) for a friend’s birthday party. KrisDi stayed home(ish) and hung out with the Weesh. The kids were pretty good, the birthday party was good. They painted stuff, and got a lot of attention for being cute, etc, etc, etc. It was nice.

The Weesh visited KrisDi. They went out and looked at tulips, and went to a winery, and generally caroused while I was dutifully caring for our children in Bumfuck, WA. This seems like a super long time ago. While she was here, we also went to the Seattle area and drank beer and walked around and ate stuff. Overall, fun. It’s nice to see Weesh sometimes.

I ripped up all our old mulch and weed paper, and put new stuff down. It was a lot of work, but probably less than the original work of ripping out weeds and putting down everything the first time.

Around my birthday, we went down to Marymoor Park to meet T-Bone for a picnic lunch. We (illegally) drank beer, and shivered a little, and grilled some stuff, and watched the kids (ineptly) play hide and seek. At one point, Chilkoot “hid behind a tree”, except that he was facing the tree, and his back was facing us.

I went to Japan for my regular spring meeting. I took an employee (his first trip to Japan). Due to high winds, we couldn’t land at Narita. We circled for several hours, and then landed at Haneda (another international airport that is very significantly closer to my hotel than Narita). They wouldn’t let us off the plane. We sat there for a couple hours, refueled, and flew in a 787 from one Tokyo airport to the other (see thumbnail above).  Six extra hours on the plane — ~16.5 total. By the time we landed, many other international flights were also landing at the same time, leading to a 2.5+ hour wait in immigration (about 5x normal). We got through around 12:30ish AM, but buses and trains had already stopped running. After much confusion, we realized that the line for taxis was many hours long, so we settled in at the airport for the night. We had dinner at a convenience store. We got to our hotel at 9:30 AM (after a true Tokyo rush-hour train ride, include unintentional ejection of my employee by the flow of people at a stop). Changed, cleaned up, and met our colleagues for lunch and finished the day of meetings (scheduled to start at 9 AM). By the time I went to bed, I had gotten about two hours of broken sleep on airplanes and airport floors over the course of 48 hours. I never slept so well on my first night in Japan.

After I got back, weather was nice enough to justify hanging out in the back yard. We actually lit our fire pit, maybe the second time ever, and the kids roasted marshmallows. It was nice.


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March Part I


I had my shortest trip to Japan ever. I worked two days, which means I spent more time on planes than in the office. My flight home departed near midnight the second day. It was a brutal trip; I realized when I was going to bed at home on Wednesday night that I’d gotten a total of about 10 hours of sleep since the day I left, on Sunday.

The kids desperately needed to have a picnic, so we let them take their quesadillas into the driveway to eat. It’s not often that it’s dry this time of year. Then, one of the kids tracked dog shit from the grass (thanks, neighbors!) into the driveway, and we had to get out the hose to spray it down. This of course led to kids spraying each other with a hose and then eating soggy quesadillas.

KrisDi painted our bedroom. Now all four walls are a lighter color.

We took the kids to see Zootopia. Chilkoot got bored of it about 20 minutes from the end, so we wandered around the lobby area. He found some discarded 3D glasses frames and donned them nonchalantly while pretend-driving in a racing arcade game.

I turned 35. Beer, cards, shirt, and over a pound of hops. This last was a mystery to me. I thought Northwood and Dad had lost their minds a little bit — what the hell am I going to do with a pound of cascade hops (for the record, 5oz is enough for 5 gallons of IPA). I’m not going to start brewing any time soon in my current situation. I tried making tea (it was OK), I tried dry hopping a beer with a coffee filter (flavor wasn’t bad, but beer was flat), I tried dry hopping a chardonnay (meh). Now I have a Randall (apparently a slightly delayed present, which drastically alleviated my confusion about the hops), which I’ll try this weekend.


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