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June Part II

KrisDi’s actual birthday was pretty low key. I gave her two tickets to a Pietasters show on Saturday, August 18th…on a river cruise…in New York City. I have to be at work the Friday before and the Monday after, so it’s going to be a bit of an insane trip. T Dubs will watch the kids for the weekend, we’ll fly out on the redeye on Friday, arrive Saturday morning, probably eat and nap and check in at the hotel, then go to the show, sleep late, and then have lunch and fly home. She seems excited, but I was legitimately concerned she’d be upset about it. We’re spending a lot of money to go to a $40 show.

The day after was Father’s Day, and round two of the Washington Brewers’ Festival. Mom and the kids came with us this time, and KrisDi ran a 5K that as associated with it, as a way of getting into the festival 30 minutes early. It was hot, and it made for an unpleasant run for her. We met up with T-Bone, and with Mr. JJ. P and T Dubs joined us (they both ran the 5K, too). Overall, it was a good time. The kids again decided to wear their German regalia — lederhosen and dirndl.

Chilkat finished 1st Grade. She cried that night because her teacher wasn’t going to be her teacher anymore, but she’s gotten over it since then.

Chilkoot had his preschool (Pre K) graduation. Not really a lot to say about it…a bunch of kids in caps and gowns, singing songs and doing choreographed dances. They were cute, and really only got a little out of hand a couple times.

The next day we went camping. It was an exciting trip. We went to a place called Penrose Point. The False Alarms arrived Friday, we arrived Saturday, they left Sunday, and we left Monday. Of course we did all the standard stuff — campfires, s’mores, chocolate eyes, etc. We went hiking, we walked along the beach, we tried to use our telescope (all we could do was look at houses across Carr Inlet, maybe two miles away).

The False Alarms brought a kayak, and G took all the kids out for short little rides in the bay. While wading, Chilkoot encountered an underwater tree and scratched the living hell out of his leg. He sobbed and required bandaids; we cleaned the False Alarms’ car out of bandaids, and told him he was going to be more bandaid than boy. I think we put at least eleven on him.

The beaches are frequently used for catching oysters, although it was the wrong season while we were there. But, there were tons of shells and crabs and sand dollars and whatnot all over them, which made for many exciting discoveries while we walked around. We even saw a bald eagle hanging around, ignoring the crows that were trying to chase it off. We also saw a slug, strangely doing a tightrope act on a spider web.

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June Part I

Chilkoot had school photos. He dressed up nice for photos, and they put him in a cap and gown.

We started KrisDi’s 40th birthday celebrations. I organized a brunch cruise, with about 20 people attending (see above). We cruised around Lake Washington, ate and drank. We had the cake I made her — ugly but delicious. The next weekend, A False Alarm, Pixel Chick, and Mrs Pope took her out to an improv show, dinner, and drinks. They started out with a shot, and visited the Gum Wall (what the heck is the Gum Wall?).

Chilkat had her Girl Scout bridging ceremony — she went from a “Daisy” to a “Brownie”. Chilkoot decided to wear his lederhosen to school for culture day.

Chilkat and Chilkoot finally expressed enough interest in my old robots for me to do something about it. I ordered a new Arduino Mega, dug out Kiki, cleared out space on my desk, and started working on it. I had to cut off the old control board (replaced with the Arduino powered by a cell phone charging battery) and remove the old cobbled-together motor battery (replaced with a giant lead-acid UPS battery). I was able to dig up the old project report that Ska Yo Yo and I wrote and figure out the motor controller boards pinout to connect them to the new power source and the new controller pins. We got Kiki moving again, but not very well –one wheel moves faster than the other, so she has a tendency to list off to the side.

KrisDi chaperoned Chilkat’s Alki Beach field trip. They saw lots of creatures from various habitats. KrisDi was duped into studying a ~80 slide presentation so she could name the creatures for the children (Alki Beach?)

For the first time (at least since kids), we decided to go to the Washington Brewers’ Festival’s “adult’s only” night. Mom was kind (and brave) enough to watch the kids to allow this. It was disorienting to have both hands free and no one screaming at me. We used Uber on the way out and Lyft on the way back. I got to try my first glitter beer. Someone saw me drinking it and asked if you have to drink it with your pinky up — I said that’s not fancy enough, you need to put three fingers up! And then I demonstrated. He asked me to pose for a photo in the sunlight to accentuate the glitter, and pose I did…I wish I had a copy of that picture.

Finally…Moonface selfies…because?

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May 2018

Man — it has been a long time since I actually posted anything.

Mother’s Day came and went. KrisDi got breakfast in bed, little sculptures from Chilkat, and a blue ring with a red heart from Chilkoot. Chilkoot painted a silver ring blue with nail polish to achieve this. We also did a color run 5K (where they throw colored chalk powder at you so you come out colorful and filthy). Congratulations, Mom, on your first 5K!

We “ran” with the Popes. We separated into two groups: Those who could move sufficiently well to run a little bit (KrisDi, T, Chilkat, and Chilkoot), and those who could not (Pope with a severed achilles tendon; his young daughters; Mrs Pope to herd the three of them, Mom because she’s old, and myself with a “disc issue”). The slow group was almost exactly half as fast as the fast group. Chilkat took a faceplant almost immediately, and despite initial freak-out, survived and finished the 5K. Then we went to dinner at Flying Pie and had terrible service but got a free calzone.

We had our 9th anniversary. I got KrisDi a nice Waterford vase and a flower arrangement based on her bouquet at our wedding. KrisDi got me a Softopper (totally her idea — “Hon, this is the kind of top I’m thinking about for the truck because I can install it and remove easily without help.” “Happy anniversary!” “I hope you were serious because I just bought it.”)

The O family from Oregon visited us; Chilkat and Chilkoot played in a piano recital. They were cute. They were also nervous.

We finally cashed in on the free hotel night KrisDi won in a local community photo contest (we have incredibly cute children and a nice camera). P Dubs and T Dubs watched the kids while we stayed at the Woodmark, wandered around getting food and beer all over the area. It was nice.

I’m sure I missed something. But, I can live with that.

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April Part II

KrisDi got the kids some cookies for Easter from another online mom that are a sort of built in, edible watercolor sort of deal. You get a paint brush wet, dab it on some colored ovals, and then paint that color on the cookie. They finally got to it, and thought it was pretty neat. They nibbled on the cookies, but didn’t finish them.

We finished Chilkat’s pinewood car. After a couple coats of paint, it was too heavy, so we sanded a bunch off the bottom. We nailed the wheels on, and had a hell of a time trying to get the ‘axles’ to align. We also went to the race — Chilkat finished 10th overall out of ~65, she won 2/4 of her heats. I think she had a good time.

KrisDi found a house we wanted. Like, really wanted. Enough to contact a realtor, get home loan qualification letters, and make two offers. KrisDi has been continually window shopping for homes, but we’re kind of in a good situation. There are some sub-optimal things about our house (shitty yard, tiny garage), but there’s nothing wrong with it. We don’t want to leave our school district, because it’s good and Chilkat’s doing well, and we don’t want to change that under her, and we want Chilkoot to have the same opportunity. So, we’re really only interested in a serious upgrade in the same school district. KrisDi found a beautiful house, ~40% larger than ours, on a lot ~15x larger than ours, in the same school district. It’s a beautiful, beautiful home. We were able to offer significantly over asking, but someone else offered the same without contingency, so our offer was rejected. It’s a shame. It was an interesting experience. Our neighbor across the street recently sold their house $20k over asking three days after listing, so we have no real concerns that we would have trouble selling our existing home. Just unfortunate. I would love to be living there right now.

The garage fridge started misbehaving again — fridge was hovering around 50 degrees, freezer was not cold — so I started working on it again. I got a couple wireless hygrometers to try to see what was actually happening, defrosted again, replaced the defrost system thermostat, replaced the temperature control thermostat…fridge is fine now, temperature swings still seem very large, but I’m not confident it’s going to stay OK.

KrisDi and Chilkoot wanted to go to a dance, but there’s not many mommy-son dances compared to the number of daddy-daughter dances. However, KrisDi found a superhero themed one, so KrisDi dressed up as Wonder Woman and Chilkoot as Spider Man. I think they had a good time.


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April Part I

So, per my brief and vague allusion in my previous post, Chilkoot got Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease. He started a fever the Friday before Easter, missed out on Daddy Son day on Saturday, missed out on Easter on Sunday (we didn’t want to infect the cousins with whatever he had — we didn’t find out until the next day that it was HFM). He started showing sores on Sunday, I think. Doctor on Monday. Last day of fever Tuesday. He only got a few sores on the outside of his mouth, one on his hand, and none on his feet — but the inside of his mouth was so ripped up he wouldn’t eat solid food for four days. One day, I think, Chilkoot consumed a total of two spoonfuls of yogurt, a pinch of bread, and half an Otter Pop. It was hard to get him to drink water. Poor kid. Anyway, I missed 2.5 days of work, KrisDi missed 2.5 days of work. Luckily, no one else got it from him. He was so good-natured about it. “Chilkoot, wash your hands!” “OK. I have hand foot mouth.” It was at least another week before he could handle a toothbrush in his mouth, and another week before flossing was OK.

Aside from that, I think KrisDi and Chilkat had a good Easter. I wasn’t there. I was with a sick kid. I think that was the day he threw up on the couch.

During Chilkoot’s recovery, we had a family long weekend in Portland. This was sort of a “We gave you kids a week at god damn theme parks, let us have some fucking good beer and good food” sort of thing. We dragged the kids to lots of breweries (Culmination, Coalition, Cascade, Hair of the Dog, Base Camp, Modern Times) and lots of restaurants (Stammtische [mediocre German regional dishes], Jam on Hawthorne [excellent breakfast], Screen Door [excellent breakfast], Blue Dot Donuts [excellent], Voodoo Donuts [novelties; taste ok], Marukin [OK ramen], Fire on the Mountain wings [good wings],  Salt & Straw [excellent ice cream], Chicagoland [good deep dish pizza]). We made a deal with the kids — we’ll buy you a new toy…if you get rid of ten others when we get home! Woo!

Chilkat started using her Magic School Bus science kit that she got for her birthday. I got her a silly joke book since she can read well enough to enjoy it. For a while, she gave us stand-up routines read directly out of the book, which was pretty funny.

Northwood came up here on a work quest to find a vendor to replace esoteric fan blades. His timing was perfect for helping with Chilkat’s Girl Scouts pinewood derby car — so our poor little girl had a metrologist, an aerospace engineer, and an engineering manager at her disposal. We did an OK job of letting her contribute. It’s green, like she wanted — it has the shape that she wanted — it has the samoa sticker she wanted. It has the profile / cross-section that we nudged her toward. It has the weighting we dictated. She helped with all the steps. It was fun to see Northwood. No one got seriously hurt.

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