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Things I found that are temporarily amusing.


This is the coolest movie idea ever. Bruce Campbell as Bruce Campbell, mistaken for Bruce Campbell’s character Ash, so the real Bruce Campbell (as played by Bruce Campbell) has to fight real monsters. Bruce Campbell.

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Check it out. I love the hair! What a goober. How did he get to be the face of T13? And when did it stop being Triangle 13? Did Joey really post that like he had something to do with it? I liked Tom’s rant on there (if you follow the comments link, I think he’s the first one on there).

I found this doing some random Google Image Searches.

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My first “meme”

My computer geek score is greater than 90% of all people in the world! How do you compare? Click here to find out!

If you do it, tell me what your score is. I scored higher than I thought I would (but I knew I was pretty geeky).

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Things snaotheus isn’t allowed to play with

Phoenix will certainly appreciate this. For the rest of you, since I know you guys, you’ll probably appreciate something or other on the rest of the site. And you must check this out.

Also, my lasagna recipe is up now. Forgive my lame-ass web authoring skills.

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Razor blades and disposals

So, I had a bad dream last night. I dreamt that not only did KrisDi and I had a kid, but it was small enough that it went down the drain in the sink, and I couldn’t get it out. I don’t remember for sure if the disposal was on or not, but if it wasn’t, it was about to be turned on. I also recently remembered part of a disturbing dream I had some time ago: jamming razor blades between my teeth. *shiver*

I got back from a trip with my boss on Saturday. On Friday night, I got totally drunk with my boss (well, I got drunk and my boss was there — he only had two beers). The other guy I was traveling with was drinking, too. Which was fun. I got back to the hotel, and figured I should take the time to sober up before going to bed so I wasn’t hung over the next day. So, I decided to play Baldur’s Gate (which I recently purchased at a Fry’s and have been re-obsessed with since), and then realized I should pack for my flight when my alarm went off at 4:45 AM and I was still playing.

The trip itself was no fun, either. Everyone thinks I’m young. My boss’s boss’s boss thinks I look to young to drink. So did all the servers at all the restaurants we visited. I got up to begin one of my presentations (totalling about an hour and fifteen minutes when the three were added together), and (according to my boss), he leaned over to my boss and said, “Is he even old enough to drink?” Apparently meetings and presentations (two things to which I am unaccustomed) make me smarter, though. I finished Tuesday through Friday’s Sudokus and crossword puzzles without a major problem (except I got one letter wrong on Wednesday’s crossword).

Andi just showed me the fat guy singing a Romanian pop song on the internet. It was funny. But I couldn’t take it the third time around. I’ve been overloaded.

Tomorrow KrisDi and I are going up to visit Mom. It’s going to be fun. Or at least relaxing. I’ll have fun either way. KrisDi might get a bit bored, which is unfortunate. But she’ll like Ma’s dog Blue.

Anyway, I can’t think of any pictures to upload. Later I’ll talk about the book I read (first book in the Earthsea series, A Wizard of Earthsea). But not right now. I’m going to go drink more beer and think about the lovely dinner I’m about to eat.

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