Halloween And Suchnot

We celebrated False Alarm G’s birthday. He turned 41. He said he wanted a Star Wars cake, and KrisDi delivered magnificently with the largest and most involved cake she’s ever made. In fact, three separate cakes stacked on top of each other. G was awed — literally speechless and drop-jawed. We lit candles, sang and blew them out, savored wonderful cakes, took a shot of Guamanian rum, and headed out for drinking and pool (G’s requested birthday activities). KrisDi and the kids stayed home with A and the kids.

G and I ate at a place that might have been named “Food and Liquor”, then pool and beer at Beveridge Place Pub, then pool and cocktails at Temple Billiards (we defaulted back to beer after G was nearly annihilated by a Dapper Dan), then pizza and beer at Holy Mountain, then we tried to go to Flatstick Pub for beer and mini golf, only to be shocked by a two hour wait. We had beer and went home.

While we were out, Chilkat and M drew a jail with a bunch of “HBs” to symbolize Chilkat spending her birthday in jail. I’m not sure why, but it was very cute.

The next morning, after G was finally coaxed into dragging his hungover corpus off the couch, we went to Bob’s Pumpkin Farm and Corn Maze with the False Alarms. My favorite part of the day was the kids’ corn “maze” — it was not a maze, just a path through a corn field. They had posted a page or so of a story about a square pumpkin (celebrating diversity) at every turn or so, and Chilkat breezed through reading all of them with almost no problems. She’s a good little reader.

That afternoon, we went to Popita’s birthday party at a local Y. Kids ran and played, we hung a pinata (in the process of doing so, I think I may have permanently hid a bottle of water in their ceiling). I also delivered the Pope’s presents — a bottle of whiskey from Guam, and a bottle of whiskey from Japan.

The next day, we had Daddy Son Day and┬áMommy Daughter Day. Chilkoot and I went to a park, then went swimming, then had a “trucknic” lunch for him at a QFC, then went to a brewery for my lunch, then we went to Chuck E Cheese, then we went home — Chilkoot fell asleep on the way, and then he slept on me while I napped on the couch. It was great.

We had a family night at Chilkat’s school. We picked and carved a pumpkin. Well, we picked, and I carved. Apparently Chilkat had a bottle of paint explode on her in an activity while I was busy carving a pumpkin.

KrisDi hired a photographer to do a quick 30 minute photo shoot. She decided to use it to get holiday pictures for holiday cards. So, we all dressed up and trooped out to a tree farm and preened in front of a camera. Our kids are cute.

We spent the afternoon and evening with T Dog brewing beer. Some other friends came along. It was the first time we’ve participated in a brewing activity for about four years…the last time T Dog brewed.

Halloween, of course. Chilkoot and I were gnomes (people guessed Santa, Elf, Wizard…). Chilkoot got to wear his costume with me at my work. Chilkat was Alex from Minecraft, and she asked KrisDi to be a Creeper. We trick or treated around the neighborhood. We hit maybe twelve houses before the kids got sick of it. Then KrisDi and I sat on couches while the kids answered the door for trick or treaters. Chilkat loved the opportunity to boss people around. “Only take TWO pieces! NOT a handful!”

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Happy Halloween!

First picture in the series is still with goop for my costume in my beard.

Funny thing about this…KrisDi might be mad at me when she wakes up.

She pretty much knew I was going to shave off the beard and have a smooth face for a little while. But, I was going to do a normal haircut with a #2 on a clipper for the scalp…unfortunately, during this haircut, I removed the #2 thing from the clipper to brush out hair, and then unthinkingly re-applied the unadorned clipper directly to my head (and then gasped, and then giggled).

At that point, I figured it didn’t make sense to have a #2 clipper cut with a roughly two square inch section of bare scalp on the side of my head. So…that should be fixed in a month or so.

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October, Part I (sans Asia)

General silliness. Chilkat decided to put her own makeup on, and did a much better job than I would have expected. She also decorated her little brother in a similar fashion. They played dress up in Mommy’s clothes.

We took the ferry out to Port Townsend for the Kinetic Skulpture Race, where my coworker’s family had three separate entries. We saw the street portion (brake check) and water portion this time. Not fast paced, but amusing, exciting, and interesting. Les came with us as well — his first experience of this illustrious event.

As a side note, the kids were playing with their Elmos on the ferry, and a one year old became fascinated, and they turned it into something like a puppet show for the kid, to the great amusement of the child in question and the grandparents and parents of said child.

While I was gallivanting, KrisDi and Les took the kids to Salmon Days. If KrisDi wants to say anything special about it, she’ll have to do so. KrisDi also chopped her hair even shorter (still looks good).

Chilkoot got his flu shot (I think he was pretty good about it). And, KrisDi took the kids to Build a Bear (again).

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