Blast from the Past

Arbitrarily decided to go back and upload pictures from March 2009.


  1. There are no pictures of kids.
  2. We looked so young.
  3. Our living room looks much more spacious without all of the extra crap.
  4. We apparently spent all of our time at Brouwer’s (I think we have pictures from three separate days).
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July Part II

The kids got Harry Potter pajamas. I’m not sure how necessary this was, but it happened and they like it.

We had a very busy day. Chilkat’s classmate / our neighbor R had his birthday party at Lake Sammamish in the morning. We swam in the lake, ate their food (including spam sushi, which was surprisingly tasty), walked around, got too much sun, etc. Then we drove straight to Tacoma for B False Alarm’s fifth birthday at Pump It Up. Then we went to Ruston and played in their fountain for a while, then straight home and to bed.

I worked on the new stove again, and I thought I tore my meniscus. I was lying on the floor on my left side, I stuck my right leg straight out, lifted up on my right foot and left hand, which was intended to be followed with bringing my left foot under my hip or thereabouts and coming to a standing position. Instead, there was an uncomfortable and unusual pop in my right (I have a variety of normal knee pops that are well known to me). Afterward, it hurt to put weight on my knee and it hurt more to take weight off my knee, and most forms of knee motion were uncomfortable or painful. Over the next few days, it wavered between hurting a lot and not hurting much at all. I got an MRI the next week, showing no damage. This didn’t make my knee stop hurting. About four weeks of limping later, it seemed to be fine.

We went to two of the White Sox games while they were in town (both of the games they lost). The first one was sans kids, which was nice. We drank beer and watched a game without being constantly annoyed by the kids. Plus there was fireworks afterward (not figurative). The second game was with the kids, and with E and A Dubs, and Big D. Chilkoot dragged me all around the park. “What’s that, Dad? Bum knee? Let’s exercise it on every god damn stair in the stadium!” Chilkat got a little science lesson — we sat down in the shade, and she was too cold (that’s why she’s wearing the four hats above). I showed her where on the field the edge of the shadow was, and told her the sunlight would move toward us, and when it got to us, she’d be nice and warm. So, she was marking positions and checking time against the earth’s rotation waiting for the sun to warm her up. After the game, Chilkoot got to run the bases, and I got to use my gigantic lens to take some cool pictures.

KrisDi got a sous vide device. Right now, we can’t remember exactly what it was, but it was probably a pork loin. It was delicious. Not sure how often she’ll use it, though.

For Chilkoot’s actual birthday, KrisDi took the day off and she and Big D took the kids to the zoo and to Gene Coulon Park. At the zoo, they picked up a big stuffed snake, which they then used to “scare” people by having it “hide” places where it would surprise people. “Hey Dad, go look by the couch…for no reason at all…” “Oh golly! A snake!” “HA HA HA HA”

Edit: Forgot to mention KrisDi’s and my work both had company picnics on the same day, basically back to back, with the same theme — luau. So KrisDi and the kids got dressed in themey clothes and went to hers, and then came up to mine. Did a little hula, ate some kahlua pork, played in the water. It was pretty amusing.

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Alien Abductions

This is disjointed, but it’s what I remember.

KrisDi and I were in the house that we lived in (but it’s not our actual real-life house). The kids weren’t there because they had been abducted by aliens. KrisDi and I were kind of in shock. Alien “invasion” was all over the news all over the world (I think they even had the classic saucer-with-a-dome-on-top spaceships), and we weren’t the only ones whose kids had been stolen. I don’t know the exact means, location, or timing of their abduction — their absence was just a precondition of the dream.

One of the aliens came to talk to us. It was a remarkably peaceful conversation. It was tall (maybe 8 feet), somewhat squid-like except that it walked on land on its tentacles and didn’t appear to be sticky or slimy or anything like that, primarily dark gray. The tentacles it walked on made up about 5-6 feet of its height.

The aliens had only recently learned human language, so this was one of the first times they actually communicated with us. We asked it if it had taken our children, and it said yes. We asked if we would ever see them again, and it told us no. KrisDi sobbed, I was filled with a strange combination of grief, anger, and terrible fascination. I might also have been sobbing while talking calmly to the alien, in the way you can simultaneously do two mutually exclusive things in a dream. There was some other discussion to the effect of “Are they OK, where are you taking them…” etc with no answers that I particularly remember.

Then there was a major shift in the dream, and now some people and I were in some kind of underground structure, under the impression we were escaping from the aliens. We made it into a kind of open room near an exit, and there was an alien there (now it looked mostly like a big, strong human male — except for being a dark gray and having some kind of unusual collar that may or may not have been part of its body). It was acting peaceably, and saying something along the lines of “We mean you no harm”, but I felt the need to attack it anyway.

I grabbed it by the throat and tried to strangle it, but it was a bit like trying to strangle a tree. It seemed perplexed by my aggression and defended itself by pushing me away with its tentacles (which were also simultaneously human-shaped arms), coating me in some kind of a slimy material that was poisonous, sedative, corrosive, or something similar.

The other humans and I got out of the door and into an open area. I never actually saw these other humans — I just knew they were there.

The area reminded me a little bit of a 50s-era public pool in California. There was a bunch of tile and it had a kind of Mexican vibe to the decor and architecture. Somehow we knew a bomb was going to go off, and we went into some nearby buildings for protection. I went to try to wash off the slime, and had to go through three or four doors in the bathroom to get to an area with a sink, whereupon a found an old man in a Hawaiian shirt and shorts, pulling up his long, black socks, and looking very puzzled at my appearance.

Then I woke up.

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