Merry Christmas, Happy New Year

Since the 22nd of December last year? First post of 2012!

Chilkat remains a very mobile baby. She still demands that we walk her around on our fingers, although she can walk now. We have a video of her doing it — essentially, Christmas day was the first time. She’d taken isolated steps prior, but on Christmas day, she took up to ten steps at a time about a dozen different times. And then she decided she didn’t want to do it any more, so she hasn’t really done it since then. Yesterday, the false alarm family came to visit. Their daughter, M, who is three weeks older than Chilkat, walks pretty well, and nearly inspired Chilkat to follow along behind her.

She has pretty good dexterity. She likes turning lights on and off. She can throw things. She “steers” us when we’re holding her. She’ll point in the direction of where she wants to go. She kind of knows her way around the house. She knows she can reach the power button on the TV in the guest room, so she likes to go in there. She knows that if I’m upstairs with her, KrisDi is usually in the bathroom, so she’ll go look there. She loves the half bath downstairs and will steer us there (or walk us there) quite frequently.

She’s communicating better and better — she says “all done” and tugs on her bib when she’s done eating. She also babbles way more with a greater variety of noises. She seems to understand that “ow” is associated with bumping your head, and “uh oh” is associated with dropping things on the floor where she can’t reach it. She seems to get the waving goodbye idea. In fact, when the false alarm family was leaving after a visit one day, she waved and said “Bye!” Which was adorable, and we all stopped and were waving and laughing and saying “Bye!” and whatnot…and then Chilkat pointed at the door and yelled “Out!”

She likes raw onions, but not apples. Obviously my daughter, right?  Right now she’s eating an entire piece of bread. I think she’s trying to jam the whole thing in at once. Sometimes she likes to make her food dance.

We had a nice family holiday thing on Christmas Eve. P Dubs, E Dubs and Pixel Chick, Les and D, and Mom came down for Polish dinner and present exchange. Chilkat, as you might guess, got a buttload of toys (like a walker thing and a circus tent) and clothes. I got some clothes, some tools, some whiskey stones. KrisDi got some earrings, a necklace, and a mini double dip crock pot. We got a couple light scoops and a fancy flash for our camera. We also got several Baby’s First Christmas ornaments and Chilkat coffee mugs. Pretty good haul, overall.

Christmas was mild, except for the exciting walking experience described above. We lounged around and ate leftovers and watched a little football. The rest of the break was pretty similar, really.

New Year’s Eve, we went to Dr. K’s place. Chilkat stayed up late. Our parentalness was snootily disdained by someone who thought it was inappropriate for a baby Chilkat’s age to be up that late (Guess what! She frequently keeps us up that late!). We brought a ridiculous plethora of desserts, including toffee, peanut butter cup cookies, caramel pecan apple cheesecake pie, and Mom’s caramel (which is ridiculously good), plus a bunch of beer. It was fun.

New Year’s Day was of course exhausted. Plus, Chilkat took a faceplant into the coffee table, resulting in her first genuine self-inflicted injury (which traumatized KrisDi far more than it traumatized Chilkat). Since then, she’s been staying up late, might have a cold, might have an ear infection. No fever last night, though, which is nice.

We’ve gone back to work and day care (as appropriate). Chilkat’s nearing one year of age, of course, which means moving to the next room at day care. KrisDi and I are doing our “smaller portions and fewer desserts” diet again, and suffering through the “portions that are much smaller than appetites” phase.



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So, today is my first day off for Christmas vacation. The in-laws arrived last night, and are buzzing around the house sweeping and scrubbing and hiding things from the regular occupants. This is very kind of them, since I’m sitting on my ass playing with photos and posting on my lame-o blog or manhandling my beautiful daughter.

Chilkat has survived her first ear infection. I hope she gets no more. She just finished her amoxicillin (aka “pink crack”) yesterday.

She’s 10 months old now. She free stands, although somewhat reluctantly. She still hasn’t really tried stepping forward at all. She’ll walk while only holding on to something with one hand (usually her left). She likes to be pushed or pulled around in a box (and once she gave cookie monster a ride, too). She throws temper tantrums, complete with kicking feet. It’s cute and annoying at the same time. She babbles a lot, and sometimes quite loudly. She’s mostly figured out how to get down off the couch without going face first. She loves to play rodeo with me — I put her on my shoulders and and buck around. She grabs onto my hair for dear life and squeals with delight.

She’s becoming more focused and determined. I was holding her the other day, and she pissed off and wanted something but I wasn’t paying much attention to her. She grabbed my face and turned it in the direction of the fridge and pointed at the duck, and then she was satisfied.

Christmas is around the corner. Tree is up, lit, decorated, and surrounded by presents. Stocking are on the mantle. We have a couple wreaths hanging around. That’s the extent of our holiday-ness. We didn’t light the tree.

Anyway, I’m sure I’m missing lots of stuff, but I’m quitting and showing you pictures. We’ve been screwing around with the camera a lot, and we have more non-Chilkat pictures than usual. Here you go.

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Such a long time

I have a really original excuse: I’ve been busy. I taught a week long class. Then I celebrated Thanksgiving. Then I taught a week long class in China.

So what has been going on since November 13th?

Chilkat’s 9 months old (9.5 now, actually). She’s been getting much wordier. She knows the meaning of the word “duck”: Fuzzy magnetic creature on the fridge. She can stand, and does it for fairly long periods of time as long as she doesn’t notice she’s not leaning on anything. She still hates having her nose wiped. Fourth tooth out, fifth tooth nearly out. Still missing the right front top tooth. Belay my last…I wrote that sentence 15 minutes ago, and KrisDi just noticed that the front right top tooth is through the gums. No wonder she’s been so cranky. She’s been cutting three teeth simultaneously.

She does not like peas (although she did like them for the first taste). Huge fan of meatloaf. Likes pears in yogurt. Does not like plain cranberries. Likes turkey. Thumbs up for Cheerios and eggs (separately).

She has a pretty definite sense of humor, now. Things on people’s heads…totally hilarious. Removing and inserting Chilkat pictures in envelopes…raucously amusing. Putting her down when you’ve been carrying her for an hour and you have to pee…not funny. Not funny at all. Blowing raspberries gets a laugh. Crawling into her bouncy seat the wrong way, giggleworthy. Making KrisDi say “Ouch?” Neverendingly entertaining.

Thanksgiving was delicious. KrisDi cooked the bird with a bunch of salt pork stacked on top of it. We had a relatively small group of people come over. I didn’t get to eat a lot of left overs because I went to China. I did take a sandwich on the plane with me. But it didn’t even make it to LAX.

KrisDi’s parents came out while I was in China last week, which was very kind of them. I’m sure they made KrisDi’s life easier. Thank you, Les & D. They did a good job of not noticing Chilkat’s cranky times. (Or at least not complaining very much about them)

I’ll put up pictures and stories about China (as well as pictures of November food) soon. Hopefully later this week. For now, I’ll just play catch up.

We’ve been playing with our camera a lot.

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Nearly Nine Months Now

KrisDi taught me the difference between consonance and assonance, and that alliteration is a special case.

Halloween came and went. Chilkat was a zebra at day care until she filled her costume with shit. We washed it when she came home and made her wear it again later. We also put her in the Bender costume Mom provided. She’s more mobile, she loves jumping on the couches, and sometimes she’ll sit. She’s interested in books.

We replaced KrisDi’s Canon SD1200IS with a Canon EOS 50D. This is a little like having your Chevy Malibu stolen and replacing it with a Mercedes. We don’t have a damn clue what we’re doing with it, but we’re having fun. It takes nice pictures. We got it used on Ebay.

We visited Mom for her birthday. It was nice.

Since Chilkat figured out how to go up stairs unassisted, we found her halfway up when we weren’t paying close enough attention. Now I understand the “We turned away for an instant!” phenomenon. Now we also have a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs.

She’s talking more with a wider variety of consonants and vowels. She has much better balance. We’ve seen her stand unassisted and go from that position to a sitting position in a controlled manner. She grew her third tooth — not one of the top front teeth, as convention would lead to to believe, but one to the right of those, which is a little odd. She loves persimmons. She does not like potatoes (except French fries).

I gave a one week training course last week on the new version of our software to fourteen sales/support/application engineers last week. It was fun, interesting, and exhausting. They generally like what we’re giving them. I’m getting a promotion. I’ll be Senior System Engineer shortly. I’ll be going to Souzhou, China for a week to give a different group of people the same training.

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Drunk on Baby Kisses

Chilkat suddenly decided to start being affectionate to her father. Which is pretty awesome. She has this cute and effective method of kissing: Open mouth, press against target’s face. Continue until affection has been expressed (usually this is indicated by significant runnels of drool). It’s charming.

She’s a very accomplished crawler. Today she learned the letter F and she taught herself to go up stairs. KrisDi caught her on the second step. So, that’s fun. She stands against things whenever she wants, and is starting to be pretty stable. She is convinced that she knows how to get down off the couch: Head first (KrisDi is trying to convince her that feet first is a viable option). She loves to be swung in a blanket. She also enjoys being body slammed. She dances a bit, wiggling her butt around wildly. She continues to chew on everything, especially furniture and electronics. Sometimes she’ll carry her sock around in her mouth. She found her tongue two Wednesdays ago in the afternoon at day care and promptly started twisting and contorting it crazily, and the next day she started rolling R’s. Then she started making “la la la” sounds by merely adding vocals to her tongue calisthenics.

She now seems to say Mama and Dada (and Up) at meaningful times. She also will occasionally mimic us, and has started clapping and high fiving (without great accuracy, I’ll admit). She’s a total narcissist…she’s been trying to make out with herself in the mirror lately.

Sunday, she invented a walker out of a cardboard box that she knocked onto the floor. She was just scooting around the floor.

We’ve started giving her food off our plates as appropriate: French fries, Cajun french fries (with some of the Cajun licked off), pho noodles (she loved them, and quickly learned to slurp them), saffron rice, steamed rice at dim sum, a little pasta. We even gave her a little taste of 5 star (out of 4) curry. It was pretty hilarious to see her eyes get all big, and then her mouth open slowly, and then yell “aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!” I can’t really describe it the right way in text. The description sounds like she was tortured, but she didn’t cry about it or anything, and she went back for a second taste. She just seemed surprised. I wish we had a video.

On Sunday, KrisDi misplaced her camera, which is sad because she really liked that one. Luckily we had just cleaned out the memory, so we lost only a few pictures from the day of. Today, we successfully watched two movies on completely opposite ends of the spectrum: American Gangster and Toy Story 3. Now we’re watching the second episode of Mad Men.

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