Greetings, from parenthood

So what’s new?

Chilkat’s a fairly accomplished crawler. She’s not fast, but she moves (much like The Beast). She likes french fries. She didn’t like pumpkin very much until curry was added. She likes pulling DVDs off shelves. She makes a particular face when she’s up to mischief. She has mostly figured out “high five”. She’s very good at pulling herself into a standing position (we did some work in the direction of baby-safing the living room today). She loves being the center of attention — when KrisDi took her to church this morning, she was staring around at all the people until someone looked at her, and then she would beam back at them. She likes cinnamon. She likes mint leaves. She likes basil, too. Last couple days she’s been sleeping a LOT.

Aside from that…we’re new parents. We don’t really have anything else going on. We had a nice dinner at E and Pixel Chick’s. We went to visit some other friends who recently had a baby and provided them with dinner. Chilkat was interested in their cats, and stole the poor kid’s socks. Very strangely, it turns out that this new father is the Pope’s neighbor’s office neighbor.

Anyway, here’s some pictures.

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Negligent Parenting

Last night, we had a weird schedule and ended up having a very late dinner that delayed Chilkat’s meal, too. So she was cranky. We let her play with a spoon like we normally do. She chewed on it and threw it like she normally does. She ended up with a red smear on her shirt we couldn’t explain.

This morning, she was biting KrisDi during her meal, which is abnormal and upsetting to everyone involved.

When KrisDi handed her to me for a time out, I noticed gigantic gashes in the roof of her mouth and we were immediately filled with concern and remembered the previous night’s upset behavior, spoon-mouth violence, and unexplained red smear.

We decided there was nothing we could really do, and it didn’t seem to be bothering her very much. When KrisDi tried feeding her again, more biting…and then KrisDi decided it looked like there was something in her mouth.

It was a chunk of paperboard from the coaster she had attempted to devour after snatching it from the coffee table this morning. No gashes. After removal, she ate fine.

That is all.

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Shot in the leg

It’s Saturday. It’s been a pretty quiet Saturday. Aside from Chilkat’s wailing. She’s been a little cranky today. Probably because she won’t take any god damn naps. “Go to bed, Mommy wants a bath!”

She can crawl now. She doesn’t do it terribly often, but she did it maybe three times as much today as she did yesterday. She prefers to army crawl (she really prefers to walk, but that requires parental intervention), but she drags her left leg along behind her as though she’s been shot. She has stood unassisted for very short durations a few times. Her balance is clearly improving, but she forgets to hold on to things for stability. She’ll be leaning stably against a parent or some other furniture, and then just turn around. And fall.

She babbles more. She still strongly prefers her mom. She’s been getting two food meals a day. Today she had green beans for the first time. She wasn’t a big fan of apples, although she liked them when combined with carrots or cinnamon (or both). Today she pooped on the carpet and my shirt. I think we have it on video. Well, the carpet part. “What is that on her leg?” “That’s poop!” The shirt part came when I was changing her diaper.

No new teeth to report.

We visited Mom and Grandma in Bellingham, which was nice but rather rushed. We came back for Aquanetta’s birthday party and enjoyed hot pot for the first time (it’s awesome!). Chilkat nearly dumped a bowl of soup on my lap, but I swiftly (and suavely) dodged her attack.

We met new people (the Popes’ neighbors), who have a son close to Chilkat’s age who is over 20 pounds. He looks like a bowling ball. They were cool people. That guy actually has heard of my company! At Aquanetta’s birthday soup thing, there was another girl about Chilkat’s age who weighed 13 pounds or so. Tiny!

So, I can’t think of much else to say. White Sox suck. Bears looked good the first game and bad the second game. We’ll be hanging out at a bar again tomorrow to see how they perform.

Here are some pictures. By the way, expect more random stuff as KrisDi experiments with photography.

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So far this month

Chilkat still (surprisingly) can’t crawl, but she’s definitely mobile (though slow). She’s still more interested in walking. She starts crying when KrisDi starts to put her down, rather than after she’s been down long enough to realize that she’s not being held anymore. She goes from lying to sitting and back all the time. She exhibits poor judgement about what sorts of things are stable enough for her to use as a support for standing. She can do pushups.

She talks a lot now. She’s probably still suffering from teething. She claws us viciously (she just tried to scalp me). She even tried to bite KrisDi’s lip off. She continues to be exhausting. Today and yesterday, it has seemed like she actually waves to people.

We visited Les and D in Chicago for a long weekend. Chilkat met KrisDi’s uncles and aunts and cousins and friends. We ate a lot. I gained five pounds. We may have also drunk some beer, and visited Three Floyds Brewing.

Duffy’s in Utica tricked me. They had a tap handle for Bell’s Hopslam, an Imperial IPA I really want to try. I asked the waitress if it was really Hopslam, and how long it had been on tap, because I didn’t think it was the right time of year for it. She told me yes, it’s Hopslam, and they just tapped it a few days prior. So I ordered one. And it wasn’t even slightly hoppy. Instead, it was Bell’s Oberon, a wheat ale. Which is a huge letdown when you’re expecting a really good Imperial IPA.

We visited Starved Rock State Park and took hundreds of pictures.

We had T-Bone, Aquanetta, Brewer John and his girlfriend (whom I don’t know what to call on here) over for dinner and beer last Saturday. T-Bone provided rockfish and halibut he caught in Alaska, and pheasant he shot in North Dakota. He also did all the grillwork. KrisDi made sides and desserts. All of it was delicious. We of course had an interesting array of beers on hand. Including a surprisingly unsuccessful beer experiment. Some people might call it a spectacular failure: I bought two 1-liter swingtop bottles of Howe Sound‘s oatmeal stout. I opened one, dumped in one diced habanero, and resealed it. Then I waited a month. Then, last Saturday, I opened it, and half a liter of extremely spicy beer spewed all over our guests, our walls, our ceiling, Chilkat’s high chair and yours truly. Luckily, our friends are all good-natured, and they laughed (at me) and helped me clean it up.

Sunday morning we met with A, G, and M at a sports bar to watch the Bears game. So sad: An excuse to drink beer on a Sunday morning. I was definitely the only guy there with a baby strapped to me, swaying back and forth with my beer.

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Tooth #2 (bottom front left) came through the skin three days after Tooth #1.

Chilkat has feasted upon pears (most recently), bananas before that (including one handed to her so she could stick it in her mouth like all handholdable items), and the sweet potato previously mentioned. She likes the bananas and pears.

More stuff has gone on, but this is a super quick post so that I can put up the gallery of August food which is about ten days overdue.

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