I don’t feel like going through pictures today, or talking about big events.

I want to remember Chilkat being cranky, and eventually falling asleep on my shoulder, snuffling on my neck, getting snot all over me, and steaming up a spot on my shirt until I felt drenched.

I want to remember Chilkat being inconsolable by any means except handing her to her mom, and then quieting on contact.

I want to remember the look on Chilkat’s face the first time she felt grass on her feet. She lit up like heaven.

I want to remember how I felt the first time Chilkat smiled at something I did (rather than just randomly smiling). I want to find more ways to make her smile.

I want to remember the half-panic when I wake up in the middle of the night to absolute silence (is she OK?).

I want to remember the amazing blue eyes she has right now. I wonder if they’ll stay this color.

I ought to remember how poorly I handle frustration, especially under sleep deprivation, and how frustrating a screaming child can be.

I want to know what it feels like to feel like a good parent.

I want to know what fascinates Chilkat about the side of the pack-n-play.

I want to remember the naps in front of baseball games.

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Routine Delta

Chilkat goes to daycare on Monday.

That means she won’t get constant attention from her mom all day.

It also means I don’t have the morning “put down” — I’ll get up, get ready for work, feed her, and put her in the car seat instead of putting her to bed. This will save me some time in my morning routine. She’ll start learning Butch Walker, Radiohead, Beulah, Cake…and the terrible things I say to and about other drivers. God damn Seattle drivers.

KrisDi will also have to go to work, but it looks like she’ll be able to spend Fridays at home — every other one as an off day, the other ones as “work from home” days, which is great.

For the last two weeks or so, Chilkat’s been primarily nursing, eating from bottles secondarily.

Last Friday, Chilkat discovered her tongue. She moves it around, sticks it out, pulls in it, licks things. She’s grabbing things more now. Yesterday when we went out for pho, she held onto a chopstick and waved it around until she hit herself in the head and KrisDi took it away. Yesterday, she might have let one a single solitary giggle for the first time. Today she might have let out two.

We took her to two White Sox at Mariners games last weekend (we won both!). She was surprisingly good — she didn’t fuss much, KrisDi fed her under the Hooter Hider, and no big issues. It was a lot of fun. I actually got a little sunburnt on Sunday.

Mother’s Day was pretty low key. Chilkat and I got KrisDi a laptop (which covers Mother’s Day, anniversary, and birthday for both of us) to replace the one that was cheap six years ago and has recently started shutting itself down randomly while in use. I could probably get it going reliably again, but I felt it wasn’t a worthwhile effort to try and get a few more months out of it. She likes Windows 7’s “sticky note” functionality. I think she likes the present. It’s something she typically uses every day. We also went out for breakfast, where the waitress fell in love with Chilkat and kept coming back to ogle and poke and compliment (and fill my coffee mug). She says Chilkat looks like the Gerber baby (not the first time we’ve heard that).

We had a baby shower at my work today. They gave Chilkat a tasty cake, a stuffed white bear, an Amazon gift card, and a half hour of crowd admiration. This is what she loves.

Speaking of which, Chilkat is a narcissist. There has been a couple occasions now when she started crying, and calmed down when we put her in front of a screensaver playing pictures of her, and then started cooing and smiling at the pictures.

Speaking of cooing, she “talks” a lot now. Especially in the car. It’s pretty cute when she’s not angry.

Today, not so many pictures. I was very selective. You should be proud of me:

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Chilkat still loves her owls. She also loves Sue (she likes to hug and kiss her). She’ll occasionally tolerate Apple Bear. Her third favorite thing (behind Mom and milk) appears to be ‘flying’.

She’s been ‘talking’ a lot more lately. She’s moan and coo and squeal without actually crying, which is pretty cool. KrisDi thinks she’s trying to say “owl.” She’s starting to grab things. She continues to try to stand, and seems to be getting better at balancing (as in, wobbling less dramatically), although she still can’t reliably roll over. She still tries to crawl by pushing her face across the carpet.

She still won’t take a pacifier, but she will suck endlessly on a parent’s finger. We haven’t tried giving her a strangers finger. We’ve considered buying a mannequin hand, and we’ve considered having a silicone cast of a finger made, but we haven’t gone that far yet.

Easter happened. It was relatively quiet and relaxing, very tasty. P Dubs baked the whole day so I could take a couple loaves of Poppyseed Cake to work for our “International Potluck”. I also made Les fly in six dozen pierogi, which I buttered and fried up on a griddle at work right before the pot luck started. That makes a good entry for the company recipe book:

  1. Buy some pierogi in Chicago
  2. Fly it home
  3. Butter it and put it on a griddle
  4. Eat

Chilkat got her two month immunizations yesterday, so she was a little crankier than normal, and a little tired, and her thighs looked a bit swollen. But overall, she seems like she’s in a pretty good mood. The bandaids on her thighs look ridiculous.

She weighed in at 11lb 2.5oz, 23 1/2 inches, 15 inch head circumference. Which I think makes her a little above average in height, a little below average in height (I think she’s in the 5th percentile for her weight to height ratio — she’s very tall and skinny, apparently). Her head circumference is something like the 10th percentile. I’m sure KrisDi will correct me, since I’m just pulling this up from memory.

Here’s the most exciting thing: Basically, she’s slept through the last four nights. Last Tuesday night (April 26) was the first time she ever slept a solid eight hours. I didn’t capitalize on it — I stayed up a little later watching the exciting but disappointing end of game 7 of the Canucks-Blackhawks series, and I woke up at four expecting her to be hungry, but she was just sleeping noisily.

Mom’s here now soaking up baby time with Chilkat. We just ate cheap tacos. She says “Hi” to all my readers out there (so she’s talking to herself).

And here are the pictures:

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Still a baby

Man, it seems like both a long time and a blink of an eye since the last post.

I guess not a whole lot has changed. We routinely let Chilkat sleep until she’s hungry at night, but that doesn’t help KrisDi’s sleep schedule at all, and it doesn’t always help mine. We got air conditioning installed, which was expensive, and (because we paid for it) will probably not be necessary at all this year. Or we’ll be out of town when it’s necessary.

Today, Chilkat started grabbing things more. A few days ago, she started trying to stand. Of course, she has no capability to balance herself (so I act as a stabilizer), but she clearly has the strength. Holding her head up and looking around is the norm now. She smiles more, which is really cute.

We introduced her to her great grandmother yesterday. She cried whenever GG-ma tried to hold her, which made GG-ma feel bad — although I think she felt better when the little brat screamed in her parents’ faces, too. Slightly insultingly, I haven’t seen my grandma that awake and interested for that long in a long time. Unfortunately, she has a big gruesome gash on her head from a recent fall. We got some nice pictures, though.

Dzia Dzia (Polish Grandpa) came to visit. His childcare method: If baby makes a noise, stick a bottle in its mouth. It’s effective, I suppose. While he was in town, we left Chilkat in his care so we could go to T-Bone’s place for a little get together. While he was watching her, Chilkat went nuclear (which is not terribly uncommon, but it’s the first time he’s seen it): Screaming until she turns bright red, screaming until there is absolutely zero air left in her lungs. He doesn’t call her a little angel as often any more. He knows what she’s made of.

She’s got a nice little baby mullet going. The hair along the crown of her head has mostly fallen off or something, and the hair on the top of her head is definitely not keeping up with the hair on the back of her head. So, she has a little mullet going.

She’s eight weeks  old today. I occasionally call her “daddy’s little dermatologist”, because she seem intent on ripping the mole off my throat with he diabolically sharp little fingernails.

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It doesn’t stop

Christ, how long does it take a baby to learn how to take care of itself? How long is farting a sob-worthy ordeal? When do parents stop praising their children for burping during meals? When do strangers stop thinking your child is so cute they have to talk to you about it? When does it become weird to openly discuss your child’s micturition and defecation habits? When will Chilkat become interested in something besides ceiling fans, owls, and tormenting her parents?

She had her doctor’s appointment a while ago, and she was 9 pounds 3 ounces. I think she’s over ten pounds now. We had a baptismal prep class this weekend. KrisDi drank her first beer since she found out she was pregnant. Chilkat holds up her head most of the time when burping, but still isn’t a big fan of tummy time. Chilkat has turned six weeks old.

I’ve been back at work for three weeks now, and you can tell by the reduced post frequency that I have less free time. So expect even less in six weeks when KrisDi goes back to work.

KrisDi’s cooked a few times now (there’s a link to photos below). Most notably, ribs and pizza (not the same day).

Baseball has started. The White Sox ruined their perfect season today, and their record is now 2-1.

Anyway, I’m tired and I want to try to get some work done in the yard this afternoon, and it’s about time for lunch, so I’m totally half-assing this today. Enjoy the pictures.

And of course, several buttloads of photos.

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