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War Against Boredom

Apparently I’m killing time by multi-tasking. I’m drinking beer, listening to my iPod (which, as Wilmy and I discovered, has some remarkable properties when written as “iPOd!”), posting on here, and balancing/trimming/repairing old scanned photos. Which is why I have two more years of old pictures up (1986 and 1987).

I also checked out of my “hotel” early. Man this place is weird. I’ve mentioned before that it’s just a company who has about half the apartments in a complex, and then rents them out like hotel rooms, mostly to contractors who will be staying for months on end. The office (equivalent of the front desk, I suppose) is just another apartment, with office furniture in all the rooms. So I’m in there, waiting for a copy of my receipt, while some guy (an employee, I think) was sitting wearing nothing but swimming trunks and a towel, writing email via Yahoo!. He apparently wasn’t a well-trained typist; he’d sit up very straight and hunt-and-peck about enough keys for a single word, then slump back for a little while and breath heavily, then sit up very straight and painfully input another word. Repeat for the entire time I’m in the office.

While I’m watching this old balding man prove his technoferiority, another probable employee comes panting in. This is the other weird part: She just goes into the kitchen to grab something from the fridge and have a drink of water. Very strange.

But anyway, I don’t have to work tomorrow, and Monday’s a holiday, so I’m going to help KrisDi’s brother move in, and introduce her family to my mom (and vice versa). Mom’s also going to bring me a replacement pen for the one I lost (brushed steel Parker 25 — I’ll put up pictures when I get it).

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Minosaur? Dinotaur?

First, my dream:

I had a very strange dream last night. I was with a very large group of people or creatures, and all of us were captured (prisoner-of-war style). We were imprisoned in a huge hall (the sort of place I imagine Valhalla to be), poorly lit by torches and constructed out of ginormous wooden beams. Somehow I made my way up into the rafters, where I went undetected for what was probably supposed to be months.

The guy running the place was gigantic and evil (of course). At times it seemed like he was a dinosaur. Sometimes he seemed like a minotaur. I think he was just supposed to be a freakishly big and scary human. He never really did anything, though.

At some point, either some of the prisoners converted to his side, or some assistant guards moved in, because toward the front of the hall, some nice roomy beds were put in. Big Scary Boss Man demanded the largest and most comfortable for himself for the night (for whatever reason, he didn’t want to go back to wherever he usually slept), but the occupant (who reminded me of a wild boar) was having none of it. After some wheedling (apparently Big Scary Boss Man’s authority was questionable), Boss Man sort of got his way. Boar Guard Dude moved over to the edge of the bed to make room.

I was hiding up in the rafters (very tense and scary, crawling around barefoot up there) right above the bed at the time of this argument. I sneezed or scuffed something, and so they were both looking for me straight above them for a little while. I froze up and remained unnoticed.

Shortly afterward, I somehow helped a large number of people/creatures escape. We regrouped outside, and apparently that was enough to give us the advantage. We returned to the hall and basically overran it. I don’t remember any violence, we just went up and kicked the doors in, stormed in, and there was no issue. Then I woke up.

Second, a review:

I also read 2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke. You know, I think he might have gained his reputation as a legendary writer by writing exceedingly well. I never knew how closely linked the development of the movie and the book were. If you had trouble understanding the movie (I did), but you really wanted to understand it, read the book. It actually explains what’s going on.

Third, pictures:

Check these out. Some of them are just freakin awesome. I like drooly Northwood and this ball pit.

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Update (16 May 2006)

Jon saw an article in the local paper about a curling open house in a nearby town, so KrisDi and I went on our way to LA to see The Black Rider. We spent four hours learning how. Obviously, it bruised up KrisDi’s knee, so it’s a pretty rough sport.

First, they teach you the position to slide off the blocks by making you lean on a broom. Then they make you slide around with two stones. Then they make you do it with only a broom. Then with a broom and a stone. Then they teach you to let go of the stone at some point. Then we got to learn to sweep for a moving stone. Finally, you trying to hit a target. But we never went full court. The farthest we threw it was about halfway. Now I want to find out how much it would cost to rent a rink closer to home so I can start up a league here.

I didn’t enjoy The Black Rider as much as I hoped I would. I liked the music, and I liked some of the stuff about it, but the intermission was very poorly placed (there was only 30 minutes of musical left afterward, and no dialogue), and symbolism and just plain weirdness was apparently supposed to convey more story than I was able to pick up. So, the creative side of my brain has died.

What else? Crazy dude from work (no longer there, he got a new job) is getting married. He met the girl online in January, and she (and her two kids [each from different fathers]) moved in with him last month, and they’re getting married on July 1st. I considered him an acquaintance, but apparently he’s a good acquaintance or something, because I’m a groomsman. *shrug* This should be interesting. Since he’s a work person, he’s under the impression that KrisDi and I are ‘just roommates’ or something (although he probably suspects otherwise). So I want Phoenix and his wife to come out, so I can introduce him as KrisDi’s husband of three or four years, so Crazy Work Dude can say, “Umm….Phoenix….I think there might be something going on behind your back here,” since keeping private things private is pretty foreign to him. Then we can have a huge staged fight. That would be awesome.

————————————– 14 May 2006 ————————————–
Yesterday, KrisDi and I went curling. Here are some pictures. Here’s a bunch of videos. I’ll add more to this post later.

KrisDi: One (8 mb), two (30 mb), three (17 mb), four (8 mb), five (18 mb), six (10 mb)
snaotheus: One (12 mb), two (14 mb), three (16 mb), four (14 mb), five (19 mb), six (11 mb), seven (22 mb), eight (11 mb)

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We got the keys to the house today. Speaking of which, here are a bunch of pictures of the house. They’re pretty boring. But the house is new and shiny and clean, since no one has lived there before. We started moving our stuff in (man do we have a lot of stuff). It also has nothing living in the back yard. There’s no grass back there. But anyway, we started that. We also bought a dryer today (got a deal on it, too), but now we need to con someone into helping us move it to the new house.

Also, we made a duct-tape dummy of KrisDi. I’m going to mail it to Mom, who I assume will stuff it with something so she can use it as a model on which she can knit a sweater that will, supposedly, fit KrisDi. So that’s the plan. And that’s the update. Later folks.

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Let’s see, where to begin?

A while ago (just before notification that we were moving out), I agreed to help Alibyte, an Australian Word Racer friend of mine. Her friend was ordering a fancy candle from Holland House Candles. Since they live in Australia, shipping would have been $150. So, they had it shipped to me and I shipped it to them for $45 or so. Anu (Alibyte’s friend) was nice enough to send a box of truffles as thanks, but they didn’t arrive in great condition. Apparently the shipping company blatantly ignored the “Keep out of direct heat” warnings on the box. KrisDi and I scraped up a bit of chocolate and then gave up. It was nice of her to send them, though.

I actually went to church this Easter. It wasn’t too horribly bad. I spent most of my time making faces at the little girl sitting in front of me. Either she was making faces at me first, or she was teething. Either way, I started making faces back, and eventually learned that she’s currently unable to wink, despite her best efforts, and also is rather unskilled at fluttering her eyelids.

Housing…we found a nearby one at an acceptable price (more than it’s worth, but nearby and easy and available and nice, and actually big enough). But the owner doesn’t want to rent to us because we don’t want to live there forever and ever. We looked at two other houses, one for $2000 and one for $1900, within a block of each other and *exactly* the same floor plan (too small). A last one, a little older, for $2000 and farther out than we really want to live, is big enough. That’s currently our best bet, if you ask me. I’m sick of this. I just want to sign a friggin lease and move. I’m totally short term anyway. I’m ready to move out of this state. August 11 is the day I start looking for a new job. Speaking of which, I’m going to have to hire my mother to professionalize my resume.

— The rest of this is about the video game, so it probably doesn’t interest most of you —

I broke down and bought the expensive-ass (~$300) video card so I could play Oblivion. That’s what I’ve been spending most of my time on since (aside from looking for houses, but I think the scale is tipping toward Oblivion anyhow). The video card turned out to be a trial. I learned when I opened my computer that my northbridge processor cooling fan had died, and initially I couldn’t physically insert the video card into its slot because the RAM retaining clip things interfered. I replaced the fan with a pretty blue passive cooling device (i.e. heatsink — one of these without a fan), and eventually got the card to fit.

Oh my, that game is pretty. I’m probably not seriously taxing my system, running pretty much at the defaults (1024×768), but it’s so pretty. Character generation is not a matter of choosing a face and a hair style. Appearance is defined by a large set of variables, which are changed through slide bars. These variables include things like forehead height, heaviness of jaw, thinness of lip, width of nose bridge, space between eyes, wideness of eyes, these sorts of things. So you can sit there and slide a bar back and forth as your character morphs from purse-mouthed to pouty and wide- to beady-eyed. It’s freakin’ neat. And that’s just character generation.

As you walk through the fields, the wind blows the grass and trees. You can pick up and toss objects. If you bump into something (like a broom), it’ll fall down, and stay down until someone picks it up. When you shoot your enemies with arrows, the arrows visibly stick out of them. When you walk through a fire (or get shot with fire magic), you burst into flame. When it rains, you can see the ripples on the surface of standing water. When you strike your enemy with a strong blow, he is physically knocked back (or sideways, or down). If you trick an enemy into a trap that was set for you, it will spring on him. Just all kinds of coolness. Just thought I’d share that.

Unfortunately, the game tends to be a bit crashy. Of course, this is just like Morrowind and Daggerfall. Just save a lot and it’s not so bad. It can be pretty frustrating, though.

Anyway, I uploaded some screenshots. Not all the screenshots I took worked (I don’t know why, but I think the naming scheme isn’t perfect, and some got over-written), but here’s where they start. They’re all explained (sort of) in the captions.

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