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Trip to Mom’s

We’re back from Mom’s. We took lots of pictures, and I had lots of fun. KrisDi claims she had fun. She might have been completely high on a cocktail of milk stout (see also), benadryl, and Allegra. Believe it or not, KrisDi managed to be allergic to all three of the cats at Mom’s and all the hair and dander. She toughed it out, though. Here she is climbing trees.

I gotta admit, though, she’s one hell of a shopper. I flew for free on miles earned from work, she flew for about $200 on a discounted ticket, and she got a rental car for $84 ($15 might come off of it soon after some phone calls). The hotel front desk person was a little shocked when our daily rate came up as $1.00 ($1.10 with tax). For our four day stay, we paid $4.40 for hotel. It would be cheaper to live in the hotel at that rate than to live at home. WAY cheaper.

Mom likes her camera (after all, she picked it out), and took a bunch of pictures with it (some of them are posted here [you can tell them apart from mine because they display composition and balance and a noticeable absence of a four-second shutterlag]). Grandma was delighted with our visit, frequently introducing us to strangers as her “precious grandson” and his “precious girlfriend.” Well, that’s how it was at first. By the end of the visit, it was “my grandson and his precious girlfriend.” I don’t know how she did it, but KrisDi usurped my “favorite” status, hard-earned over the course of 24 years through hand-made leather earrings and other well-constructed gifts, in a weekend.

I’m not entirely sure how this might be related to my displaced “favorite” standing, but Grandma showed me her undies. She fell down a week or so ago, and bruised herself up something fierce. Mom told her to lift her dress up to her knees so I could see the contusions, and Grandma complied by pulling it up to her waist. I nearly choked, and Mom started laughing and told her I probably didn’t want to see that. So, very deliberately and quite seriously, Grandma said, “You can look at my underwear, snaotheus.” Well, not snaotheus. But you know what I mean. Mom blames it on the double-dose of Percocet. Grandma was high as a kite!

We saw the salmon run and the seals waiting for the tired salmon to swim into their mouths (and the penned-up salmon at the fishery), went and saw a bunch of neat stuff at a paleontology or anthropology (some -ology or other referring to the study of weird peoples and the collection of their odd little hand-made artifacts) museum. KrisDi tried to feed one of the statues some kabanosy (thin, dry-ish kind of kielbasa) because it was begging. I was a little surprised it didn’t follow us home. We went five pin bowling (here‘s what it is). KrisDi emasculated me, winning 157 to 77 in the first game, 105 to 99 in the second game. We also spent a night playing Feds ‘n Heads (see). And that was pretty much our trip, besides a mad dash through the airport after our two-hour cushion was eaten by an interstate accident that halted traffic, giving Mom a good reason to send us on a fifty-mile detour (that got us 20 miles closer to our destination) in an attempt to keep us from going home.

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Trogdor the Burninator, amongst other things

I’ve finally taken a long enough break from reading my current book to update, add pictures, and carve a pumpkin.

So, here are the requested “snaotheus messing himself up while futilely attempting to cook dinner” pics for GirlAndi, as well as our evening project, and even more pics. You might as well look through the index of all the pics I put up today.

Obviously we spent a lot of time making the pumpkin resemble Trogdor the Burninator. It was only $11 for the whole project. $10 for the pumpkin, $1 for four little votive candles. We just now realized that we forgot the spinedies on Trogdor’s back (after watching the SBEMAIL again), so we might have to modify it later.

Kittilix (Mrs. Morphic Phoenix, for those of you keeping track) just had surgery, and apparently had three little bits removed from her back. And I can’t help wondering, what kind of soup could you make with those bits? Perhaps I’m just hungry, but who knows. Hopefully she’ll recover quickly and completely. If not, perhaps we can turn her into the bionic woman, and give her super powers, like the ability to cook spaghetti without getting all over two thirds of the kitchen.

Ma’s birthday’s coming up. My brothers and KrisDi and I ganged together to take a dent out of the camera she wanted. That should please her.

I guess that’s it for today. I’m sure there was more, but I don’t remember any of it right now.

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Back again

I’m finally back. That trip sucked. Berthing is always crappy underway, especially when you’re not high enough rank to get a stateroom. I was in the same berthing as 149 other people. The guy bunking below me snored loudly enough that I could feel my rack shaking. And I was underway only three full days (four nights). Oleo’ll have to stay out for like 10 days or something starting next week. Over his birthday, which really sucks. The sailors weren’t particularly well educated either, as you can see from one of the pictures I took.

My flight back was particularly bad. There was a baby seated in the row to my left, and a baby seated directly in front of that baby. After they closed the door to the plane, the stewardesses decided they needed another baby closer to me, and offered two parents and their baby the row directly behind me. After we took off, I found out that there was yet another one a few rows behind me, out of sight. To make matters even better, there were only two people in my set of three seats. I was in the aisle seat, and some mushroom-shaped old lady was in the middle seat, and no one was in the window seat. The mushroom lady apparently thought I was cute enough that she decided to wait for half the flight to move into the window seat, crowding right up next to me while the children took turns screaming. Once she finally decided to move, the children took up a chorus screaming “We want snaotheus to feed us to dingos!” If there had been any dingos on the flight, I might have done just that. Ugh.

When I got back to the house, finally, KrisDi had made me some wonderful Knoephla Soup and a loaf of bread. I was quite happy. Then we watched the White Sox win the first game of their first World Series since 1959. Now I’m watching them play their second game, but they’re losing (even though they have the bases loaded right now). I notice a distinct lack of Red Sox in the world series, Morphic Phoenix.

Right before the game, KrisDi and I decided to play a drinking game. Watch the Big Lebowski, and drink every time someone says “dude”. Konerko just got a grand slam home run to take the lead by two! Awesome! Tonight we’re having wings for dinner.

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Deja Vu

Sound familiar, my Brethren of the Swine? Ignorant overreactions to harmlessness? Never in this country. *sigh* Oh well. That’s what happens, I guess.

I’m in the hotel now, wasting time. I’m watching the Astros/Cardinals game, impressed at the fact that Roger Clemens is still a dominant pitcher. The man’s ancient by professional athlete standards! I guess Nolan Ryan was, too. The White Sox won last night, which delights KrisDi and now me, since I think I’m a fan now. I stayed up late to watch the whole game.

In my boredom, I photographed a sponge I found in my luggage. I picked it up in a hotel in Japan. Check out how much it grew when I took it out of the package! Ridiculous amusement. But I had nothing better to do. I also found myself working just to do something. That’s when I started watching Bubba Ho-tep.

I don’t remember what else I was going to say, so I’ll go back to doing whatever it was I was doing before. Hmm. Wish me luck.

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Toys and a haircut

I’ve had lots of fun recently. My roommates Oleo and MeiMei went to Cake with me, where Oleo and I proceeded to get completely drunk. MeiMei spilled beer on me, and we head butted each other (she was pretending to hit on me by putting her head on my shoulder, and when I tried to do the same thing, she was doing it again, and we smacked skulls rather violently). Oleo managed to set her (against her will) on my shoulders. Which was also fun.

I got my toys. I don’t think I remembered to mention the 20″ flat panel monitor I ordered, but that’s here too. I used my new camera to take a picture of it, and my desk in its old CRT-laden configuration. I gotta say though, 20″ is a monstrosity.

I got MeiMei to cut my hair last night, and she was so nervous she couldn’t stand up for the whole time. Plus we didn’t get started until after dark, so we were trying to do it by our outside motion-activated light (so if she stayed still and tried to concentrate on something, the light would turn out). At more than one point she fell, laughing hysterically, into fetal position. Oleo didn’t help anything, of course. He just came by to harrass MeiMei and make her feel self conscious. I told MeiMei the reason I wanted her to cut my hair is so she couldn’t make fun of me for my haircut.

Today I have to go back out to the east coast. This will be an unpleasant trip. For at least three days, I’ll be out on the water where I will have no internets to keep me occupied. Just books. At least it’ll be a relatively short trip. And when I get back, KrisDi should be back too.

Dakashy has put a bunch of pictures of her ferret up. In that first one, the poor thing looks deceased. The rest of them aren’t depressing, though. 🙂

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