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November Part II: Visitors, Other Visitors, and Turkeys

At the end of last month, two of KrisDi’s internet mom-board friends came over with their families for dinner (she made deep dish pizza). Each couple has one kid, in the vicinity of our kids’ ages. One couple made a ~2 hour drive to get here, and they stayed over night. We actually put both kids in Chilkoot’s bed and let the guests use Chilkat’s room. It worked out OK. We had a good time. I think they did, too.

For Thanksgiving, we had the Phoenixes come in from OK. They rented a car and stayed at a hotel, but one night, we actually still had the kids sleep in the same bed so only one parent had to be involved in bed time, allowing the other (me) to actually hang out with them. We were hosting an unusually large group (12 adults + 6 children), so KrisDi made a 4 pound beef roast in addition to the 20 pound turkey. There were not a lot of leftovers. KrisDi had also made a 20 pound turkey for her work Thanksgiving the Tuesday prior. On Saturday, we went to the Popes’ for their Thanksgiving dinner — so at that point, I had exposure to three different 20 pound turkeys, and hadn’t had a single turkey sandwich yet. It was terrible.

The Phoenixes’ visit was nice — short, not intense. We went to the zoo, and we looked at Christmas lights, and we ate, and drank, and lounged around.

Aside from that, I ordered a laptop, which I’m excited about, but I don’t have any idea when it will actually arrive. There was some several day delay in assembling the thing and getting it shipped, and now that it has finally shipped, UPS isn’t updating status at all. This PC should be a slight CPU performance increase (i7 instead of i5), a GPU performance decrease (the new PC uses Intel onboard graphics instead of a separate GPU, but I don’t game at all, so I’m not sure how it will impact me in day-to-day life), a significant hard drive performance increase but capacity decrease (512gb SSD instead of current 1tb standard drive), massive form factor improvement (I think the new laptop is something like 60% lighter than my current one, and 75% thinner), huge screen resolution increase (3200×1800 versus 1920×1080), and the new PC has a touch screen and is convertible to a tablet format. It’s the Yoga 900. I really wanted the Microsoft Surface Book, largely due to the 1tb drive (but also due to some other cool but not critical factors), but I couldn’t stomach the price tag for what I wanted.

The Rest of November 2015

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November part I: More Cake, Cards, and a Christening

We visited Mom for her birthday and gave her a cake which KrisDi invented and I thought was delicious, even though it was chocolate. The kids repeated their performance as Hansel and Gretel to amuse her. We tried to teach her dog Spike that we’re friendly people who are unlikely to steal or murder her home, her food, or her Mom.

We also staged a couple photo shoots for our (KrisDi’s) yearly Christmas cards. This, of course, is KrisDi’s ideas. The kids were slightly cooperative, even. For the ones of us standing in the woods with the “Happy Holidays” stringer, we had the camera on a tripod, pointing at us, with a timer shooting a picture every five seconds, which we did until we felt that the kids’ cooperation was deteriorating.

We also went down to Gig Harbor for my new niece’s christening. I guess I’ll be calling her V Dubs. She’s cute, and still in the quiet uneventful phase of infanthood (which is not so bad). In general, not much to say about it. I failed to help Pixel Chick’s sister with her trig homework. Fucking trig identities blow, man.

This weekend, KrisDi’s internet friends are coming to our house to eat our food and drink our booze, and we’ll also head down to Gig Harbor so KrisDi and Pixel can take the girls out for some crafty thing while E Dubs, A Dubs, Chilkoot, and I apparently stick around their house.

Chilkat’s been relatively well-behaved lately. Chilkoot’s been a bit of a monster. He was removed from a restaurant at dinner today because of repeated ignored commands to sit his ass down in the god damn chair and eat his god damn quesadilla. He also has a nasty sounding cough. His coughing actually woke me up a couple times during the night Wednesday night. Not last night, though, as my muscle-relaxant-enhanced sleep was too powerful for such puny meddling.

Speaking of which, I had a new back spasmy problem yesterday! After putting kids in the car after day care, as I was getting into the driver’s seat, my mid back (right below the shoulder blades) just exploded with pain and seized up, leading to an uncomfortable drive home and evening. It’s feeling better today, so hopefully it will be mostly gone tomorrow.

November 1-17

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Food Pictures!

September Food


October Food

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