More Photos

Five separate photo updates:

January 28th. Me playing a theramin, and Grandma launching Jell-O at Mom.

February 12th. There’s only one picture here. My friend/co-worker Jon got a magic bean thing for Christmas. He thought he would have enough time to grow it in February, so he started doing so. However, he got stuck on an unexpected trip, so he was faced with a dilemma. He packed up his little beansprout in a little box full of packing peanuts and carried it all the way to Norfolk, where he grew it in the hotel room. As you can see here, in the terminal at LAX, he was pretty excited about it.

March 1st. A whole bunch of pictures KrisDi took while underway.

March 4th. My birthday celebration with Mom and Grandma. No food flinging this time, but some weird faces. And some plant-growing device I built for Mom.

March 10th. My birthday celebration at home. We went to a Dave and Buster’s, where I hit something with a hammer, demonstrated my general incompetence, was perplexed by a simple toy, and made an ass of myself using a paddle with a ball tied to it (boy, you’d be surprised how many BDSM links you’ll find if you do some Google searches for “paddle with a ball tied to it toy“).

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Video Goodness

These are videos KrisDi took while underway. They’re large *.AVI files. Hopefully you won’t have a problem viewing them. Hopefully you know how to download them.

1. Blast wall raising (~16 mb). This thing raises behind planes that are taking off to improve their thrust, I guess.
2. Jet Landing (~40 mb). Just what it sounds like.
3. Another jet landing (~19 mb). Just what it sounds like.
4. A jet landing with burners on (~19 mb). This one looks cool because it’s shooting fire out its ass end.
5. A jet almost taking off (~66 mb). KrisDi didn’t get the whole video because her memory card filled up.
6. Prop plane landing (~28 mb). Just what it sounds like.
7. Prop plane taking off (~58 mb). Just what it sounds like.
8. Prop plane touch-n-go (~15 mb). A ‘touch-n-go’ is when the plane basically lands, but doesn’t come to a stop, and just takes off again. Just like in this video.
9. Pushback (~26 mb). Apparently this plane got caught on the ‘wire’ that it was supposed to catch, and had to be pushed back by the crew so they could extract it.
10. Unrep (~31 mb). Underway Replenishment: A supply ship pulls up alongside another ship, and they run hoses and whatnot across to move fuel and other supplies.

As a note, I posted this around 8:45 PST, but it will probably be around two hours before all the files are available.

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Finally home!

Yeah, so obviously I’m back home. Huzzah. I like being home. It’s nicer than being at work. I was all pumped about seeing KrisDi again (she was scheduled to come back around 2 AM Monday), but now her flights are getting delayed all over, and I don’t know where she is or when she’ll get here. I miss her. I’ve been looking forward to seeing her, and now I have to wait longer.

In other news of the bad, I had yet another stellar travel experience. My little plane neighbor was an old lady who came up to my chest. She snored a lot, which is annoying on its own. But lets take up the level of detail to snaotheus-patented ‘supa-fine’: her breath was physically nauseating. You might not expect me to notice her breath when my olfactory sensors are some significant distance above this putrid aromatic source, but there’s more to this story. She’s one of those ladies with a protrusive lower lip (such that she looks like she’s stubborn or pouty at all times, like this). This, combined with uber-snoriness, created something volcanic or geyser….ish…or something. Basically, when she fell asleep (which was often and quickly), her head drooped to the side, and with her protrusive lower lip, her vile breath shot itself directly at my head every breath. It was strong enough that I could smell it when she wasn’t aiming at me. I intentionally woke her up on at least two occasions, just in the hopes that she would point herself elsewhere. It was horrid.

But at least I made it home on time. KrisDi’s still dealing with delays. I’m just burning CDs and hoping she’ll call me soon to let me know if/when she’ll get here. On on!

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Visiting Mom

Very quick post to link to these pictures. I’ll beef up the post later. In the meantime, check out the pictures and read the captions.


All right, here’s the promised update. Some actual information on the pictures. These are from August 2004, or something like that. Northwood was back from Iraq for a week or something, and I managed to visit Mom at the same time. As you can see in the pictures, we did things like go-kart and golf. And teaching Grandma how to flip the bird. We also performed a flying cat experiment by repeatedly throwing the cat into the air and trying to photograph her with a severely shutterlagged digital camera. Due to the severe shutterlag, it took many tries to get the picture we were going for. We didn’t do it often enough to get a nice centered shot, but you can still see the results.

Unfortunately, we were unable to photographically document all of the days hijinks (that’s a funny word because there’s three dotted letters in a row). We very nearly rolled that golf cart on multiple occasions. It also had a lot more power than you would have guessed, since we were able to drive it up some stairs. It was certainly a bumpy ride, though, since it knocked my phone and camera right out, causing them to bounce roughly on the ground. It probably contributed to the untimely death of my camera. It was a fun trip.

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My plans for the day have been spoiled. I took actual vacation time so I wouldn’t have to work. Last night, Mom and I decided our plans for the day were to sleep late. In violation of both of those things, Ted called me at 7:30 with a work question. Not that this is particularly early, but much earlier than anything I would really consider late.

He interrupted a dream. Not a very coherent dream. I’ll tell you what I remember of it.

Mom and I were flying passenger planes. You know, the big airliner type. Mom, of course, was befuddled on how to do the simplest things (like turning or descending), and got exasperated. So I explained to her that it worked best if you did both at the same time. I proceeded to bank and turn to the left, descending quickly, which felt remarkably like falling.

Somehow, we landed. That’s the extent of Mom’s presence in the dream. I vaguely remember getting out of the airport the back way or something, and then kind of skulking around whatever suburb I was in (at least it seemed suburb-ish).

Eventually, I ran into KrisDi, or who should have been KrisDi, except she didn’t really trust me or seem like she knew me that well. That might have been because I might have broken into her house. I’m not sure. She was in the house with her parents and brothers and a plane. Apparently the airline had an adopt-a-plane program, where a family would take the plane home and take care of it. At KrisDi’s place, the plane had a giant climate-controlled wood-floored well-lit hangar with windows all around. They didn’t have a jumbo jet or anything, just one of the little puddle jumpers that seat 40 or 50, but it seemed exceedingly pleased with its surroundings.

There was some sort of conversation between me and KrisDi, but I don’t remember what it was any more. I blame Ted for rudely waking me at an inopportune time.

In other news, I watched a bunch of Oblivion videos. Oblivion is supposed to come out in a few weeks, unless they push back the release date again. I’ve already got wood in anticipation.

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